Coaching Baseball For Dummies

Coaching Baseball For Dummies

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von: Greg Bach

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If you are a baseball fan, then coaching youth baseball is one the most enjoyable and rewarding activities you"ll experience. But what if you"ve never coached before? Or you haven"t played the game in a while and have forgot some key points to the sport? No worries! Coaching Baseball for Dummies guides you through the rules of the game, explaining all the essential skills and the best ways to teach them to your players. Covering different age groups and great practice routines, this guide is all you need to have a fun-filled season. You"ll discover how to: Fulfill the role of being a coach and parent Develop a coaching philosophy Understand how your league works Evaluate your team Teach your players fundamentals Understand all kinds of children Create your practice plan Prepare for game day Overcome challenges and problems This plain-English guide also shows you how to run all kinds of drills, from hitting and pitching to fielding and base running. And when your team is tense or low on morale, it shows you how to relax your players and keep them focused on the game. There are also suggestions for making your season, and theirs, a memorable one. Coaching Baseball for Dummies shows you how much fun it can be to train kids to be athletes, have good sportsmanship, and work together as a team.
Introduction. Part I: Child"s Play: Beginning Your Coaching Career. Chapter 1: Teaching Baseball to Children. Chapter 2: Preparing for a Successful Season. Chapter 3: Covering the Baseball Basics. Chapter 4: Meet the Parents. Part II: Building Your Baseball Coaching Skills. Chapter 5: Evaluating Your Team. Chapter 6: Preparing for and Running a Great Practice. Chapter 7: Game Day. Chapter 8: Refining Your Coaching Strategies throughout the Season. Part III: Working on the Fundamentals of the Game. Chapter 9: Teaching Offensive Fundamentals. Chapter 10: Teaching Infield and Outfield Fundamentals. Chapter 11: Teaching Pitching and Catching Fundamentals. Chapter 12: Fundamental Drills for Beginners. Chapter 13: Taking Your Drills to the Next Level. Part IV: Playing Sound Situational Baseball. Chapter 14: Coaching Offense 101. Chapter 15: Coaching Defense 101. Part V: The Extra Innings. Chapter 16: Keeping Your Kids Healthy. Chapter 17: Overcoming Challenges That Every Coach Faces. Part VI: The Part of Tens. Chapter 18: Ten Pre-Game Tips to Relax Your Players and Keep Them Focused. Chapter 19: Ten Ways to Make the Season Memorable (In a Good Way). Chapter 20: Ten Fun Ways to End the Season on a High Note. Index.
The National Alliance For Youth Sports has been America"s leading advocate for positive and safe sports for children for the past 25 years. It serves volunteer coaches, parents with children involved in organized sports, game officials, youth sports administrators, league directors, and the youngsters who participate in organized sports. The Alliance"s programs are utilized in more than 3,000 communities nationwide by parks and recreation departments, Boys & Girls Clubs, Police Athletic Leagues, YMCAs/YWCAs, and various independent youth service groups, as well as on military installations worldwide. Greg Bach is the communications director for the National Alliance For Youth Sports, a position he has held since 1993. Before joining NAYS, he worked as the sports editor of the Huron Daily Tribune in Bad Axe, Michigan, where he captured numerous writing awards from the Associated Press, Michigan Press Association, and the Hearst Corporation. He has a journalism degree from Michigan State University, which he earned in 1989, and spends a lot of his free time during football and basketball season cheering for his beloved Spartans. He"s also the author of Coaching Soccer For Dummies and Coaching Football For Dummies.
Packed with batting, pitching, and fielding drills Get the score on coaching youth baseball Volunteering as a baseball coach can be a fun, rewarding experience. But what if you've never coached before? No worries! This friendly guide explains the rules of the game, giving you expert advice on teaching essential skills to different age groups, running great practices, and leading your team effectively during a game. Develop a coaching philosophy Teach baseball and softball fundamentals Encourage good sportsmanship Ensure safety on the field Communicate effectively with parents

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