Join Up for a Sustainable, Resilient, Prosperous World
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von: John Grant

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Veröffentl.: 18.02.2010
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John Grant is back! Bestselling author of Green Marketing Manifesto fame returns to get you involved in creating a sustainable future! In this book, green business guru John Grant shows how we, when we join forces through co-operative initiatives, can really make changes and work towards a better future. John uses cases and examples from around the world, from social networks to social ventures, Carrot Mobbing to the Carbon Disclosure Project, to show how a move to greater co-operation via what he calls Co-operative Networks can be a way forwards for all of us to increase the common well-being.  Arguing that a climate for change can be created by engaging rather than alienating people, John also demonstrates ways of ‘relocating dreams’ to allow us to reassess our desires and priorities. Whether you are a business leader, politician, armchair economist, environmentalist or general interest reader, the inspiration and ideas John Grant provides in Co-Opportunity encourages us all to think again about our individual behaviour and our actions – our ideas of what it is to be human - and to get co-creating to build a better world for all. Sit back and watch, or become part of this grass roots new movement.
Foreword. Introduction. PART 1: A CLIMATE FOR CHANGE? 1. Why don't we have a climate for change yet? 2. Organising for change: Obama and Transition Towns. 3. Putting organising for change into action. PART 2: RELOCATING THE DREAMS. 4. If not consumerism, then what . . . ? 5. Relocating the dreams: growing our own, Nokia. 6. Putting relocating the dreams into action. PART 3: CO-OPERATIVE RES PONSIBILITY. 7. The wall of irresponsibility. 8. Co-operative responsibility: the power of transparency. 9. Putting co-operative responsibility into action. PART 4: ECONOMIC RESILIENCE. 10. Why the economy works against sustainability. 11. Economic resilience: Grameen, CCA and co-operatives. 12. Putting economic resilience into action. PART 5: ABUNDANCE. 13. The difference between abundance and (financial) productivity. 14. Abundant systems; craft guilds and community currencies. 15. Putting abundant systems design into action. Postscript: a checklist for world builders. Acknowledgements. References. Index.
"'s important to view this book as a springboard for discussion...because this is still very much a frontline debate." (B2B Marketing, September 2010) "...the inspiration John Grant provides...encourages us all to think again about our individual behaviour and our actions." (, July 2010) "...highlights the challenges of sustainability and offers ideas on how to overcome..." (Global Innovation Report, 2010) "Overflowing with creative ideas and expositions of what is happening in culture and society...Grant's excitement is infectious." (Sublime, March 2010) "...the inspiration and ideas John Grant provides...encourages us all to think again about our individual behaviour and our actions..." (, March 2010) "...offers insight for brands seeking a socially responsible positioning or, beyond that, businesses looking for totally new models of operation..." (Admap, May 2010) "...a positive book, full of a wide range of inspiring ideas..." (Permaculture, Issue 64 - April 2010) "...we recommend Co-Opportunity as the book to pick up..." (, March 2010)
John Grant was one of the co-founders of St Luke's (the socially aware London ad agency) and is the author of 4 previous bestselling books on new frontiers in marketing, media and innovation. John's sustainable marketing and innovation clients include (the UK Government) ACTONCO2, Cisco, The Co-operative Bank, The Design Council, The Guardian, innocent drinks, IKEA, ING, i-Team (a local government initiative), O2, Philips, The Royal Mail, SSE, Unilever. John is a prolific international speaker, writer, blogger, commentator and is an associate of Forum for the Future, Demos and an Observer Ethical Awards judge.
"Co-opportunity is an idea whose time has come. It's not just up to business, it's not just up to government, it's not just up to people – it's up to all of us to find new ways of creating change together." —Jeff Swartz, CEO of Timberland "Climate change and peak oil mean that we’ll likely see more change in the next 20 years than the last 200. This book is a snapshot of the inspiring human creativity that is going into the start of the Great Transition." —Rob Hopkins, founder of Transition Towns "Whether it's on the internet or in your local community, creative co-operation is key to tackling many of the world’s social and environmental issues. That's why this book is so valuable, as a sourcebook for the growing movement of social entrepreneurs." —Premal Shah, co-founder and president of "Each chapter abounds with specific examples and case studies of people and organisations out there adding to today's extraordinarily innovative solutions agenda... John showcases that world with a lot of verve and empathy, drawing people in to his own excitement at what it means to work through "a village-scale democracy operating at the global level."" —Jonathan Porritt, founder director of Forum for the Future (from the Foreword)

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