Charity and Philanthropy For Dummies

Charity and Philanthropy For Dummies

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von: Karl T. Muth, Michael T. S. Lindenmayer, John Kluge

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Verlag: Wiley
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 09.01.2014
ISBN/EAN: 9781119943945
Sprache: englisch
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<b>The easy way to make a difference</b> <p>Despite tough economic times, rates of donations are on the rise. If you want to make a difference but don't know where to start, you need <i>Charity & Philanthropy For Dummies.</i></p> <p>This is your one-stop, no-nonsense guide to charitable activities. Inside you'll find lots of strategies for philanthropic work such as volunteering your time, raising funds, donating your own cash or expertise, impact investing, and social entrepreneurship. You'll also find lots of case studies from charities big and small to show you what works and what doesn't.</p> <ul> <li>Help with selecting where to donate or invest</li> <li>Ideas for how you can make a difference without having pots of money</li> <li>Advice on socially responsible and impact investing</li> <li>Techniques for reaching out to others to help your cause - from a local to a global level</li> </ul> <p>You don't need deep pockets to make a difference—you need <i>Charity & Philanthropy For Dummies.</i></p>
<p>Introduction 1<br /> <b>Part I: Getting Started with Charity & Philanthropy 5</b></p> <p>Chapter 1: Introducing Philanthropy: Your Passport to Helping Others 7</p> <p>Chapter 2: Working out Why and How You Want To Give 21</p> <p>Chapter 3: Figuring Out How and What You Can Give 33</p> <p>Chapter 4: Discovering and Implementing Your Philanthropic Passion 49<br /> <b>Part II: Knowing Where Your Money Goes: Which Sector Is For You? 71</b></p> <p>Chapter 5: Encouraging Education around the World 73</p> <p>Chapter 6: Surfing the Age Tidal Wave: Helping the Elderly 99</p> <p>Chapter 7: Nur turing the Planet’s Children 115</p> <p>Chapter 8: Getting Healthy Together: Philanthropy and Healthcare 131</p> <p>Chapter 9: Becoming Eco: Protecting the Planet 155</p> <p>Chapter 10: Venturing into Venture Philanthropy 175</p> <p>Chapter 11: Solving Problems through Innovation and Technology 197<br /> <b>Part III: Delivering on Your Good Intentions: Practical Ways to Get Involved 219</b></p> <p>Chapter 12: Donating Your Time to Help Out Others 221</p> <p>Chapter 13: Making Use of Your Specific Talents 237</p> <p>Chapter 14: Sharing Your Treasure 255</p> <p>Chapter 15: Making an Impact with Your Transactions 273</p> <p>Chapter 16: Investing Financially in a Brighter Tomorrow 299</p> <p>Chapter 17: Getting Strategic in Your Giving and Philanthropy 321<br /> <b>Part IV: The Part of Tens 339</b></p> <p>Chapter 18: Ten Compelling Reasons to Give 341</p> <p>Chapter 19: Ten Ideas for Telling Your Philanthropic Story 347</p> <p>Chapter 20: Ten Great Ways to Start Giving… Today 355<br /> Appendix: Where We’re Donating Our Resources and Why 361<br /> Index 365</p>
<p><b>Karl T. Muth</b> has donated more than 100 per cent of his salaried income each year for the past decade and is an expert on the financial and legal aspects of philanthropy.</p> <p><b>Michael T.S. Lindenmayer</b> founded Eirene; a social venture that focuses on solving issues that impact at least 1 billion people. <p><b>John Kluge</b> is Co-Founder of Toilet Hackers; a nonprofit organisation bringing improved sanitation and hygiene to the 2.5 billion people without a toilet in developing nations.
<p><b>You don’t need deep pockets to make a difference</b></p> <p> If you’d like to make a difference in the world but don’t think you have the means to do so, think again! This definitive guide to charity, philanthropy and giving shows you where to start, how to use your unique talents to effect change and what works and what doesn’t when it comes to charity and philanthropy. <ul><li><b><i>Introduction to giving – find out the who, what, where, when and why of charitable giving and philanthropy to get you started</li> <li>Why giving is good – discover how to be a giving superhero by identifying what you have to offer, your personal motivation for giving and more</li> <li>Know where your money goes – look into the wide array of charitable options and select the cause that’s right for you</li> <li>Delivering your good intentions – find out how donating time, money and talent can help you make the difference you never thought possible</li> <li>Practical ways to get involved – discover the likes of global citizen year, awareness campaigns and much more</b></i></li></ul> <p>Buying this book is philanthropy! The authors donate proceeds from every sale to charity. <p><b>Open the book and find:</b> <ul><li><b>What the spirit of giving and philanthropy is all about</li> <li>How to make a difference in the world</li> <li>The best way to give, no matter how big or small</li> <li>What you can give, whether time, money or talent</li> <li>Which sector is right for you</li> <li>How to use your unique talents to give more</li> <li>The best ways to be an eco-friendly giver</li> <li>How to invest in a better tomorrow</b></li></ul>

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