Career Leap

Career Leap

How to Reinvent and Liberate Your Career
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von: Michelle Gibbings

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 14.02.2018
ISBN/EAN: 9780730352211
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Adapt you career to the shifting paradigm of work, employment and success The word “career” doesn’t mean what it used to. People entering the workforce today will have an estimated 17 employers and five careers in their lifetimes — and already many existing roles are being automated away, with many more to follow. No profession, industry or geography is immune, and employees need to change their idea of what it means to be employed. The rise of freelancing and the gig economy means flexibility and independence, but also less security — with trends showing it is the way of the future. You cannot future-proof your job, but you can future-proof your career. Career Leap shows you what you need to know, how you need to change and how you can prepare for the inevitable tides of change. This book sheds light on the choices you make, and the steps you can take to reignite, reshape and liberate your career. You’ll develop the confidence you need to take decisive action, sharpen your skills and become the agile, adaptive professional we will all need to be. The 10-step Career Reinvention Cycle helps you assess the status quo and determine where you need to go, and then gives you a solid framework for making a move when the time is right. Future-proof your career with the new laws for success Undertake a health check of your career and make deliberate career choices Design, build, and execute your influence and career strategy Be equipped to take control and leap ahead with your career. No matter your role, it is imperative that you make every day in your career count. Make the critical decisions, take clear actions and, above all, stay ahead of the pack. Career Leap gives you the insight, confidence and knowledge you need to move up as you leap forward.
Foreword xv About the author xvii Acknowledgements xix Preface xxi Leap online xxv Introduction xxvii Phase 1: ASSESS: Where are you in your career now? 1 1 Check: Are you future fit? 3 2 Realise: What is your potential? 15 Phase 2: ARCHITECT: Where do you want to be? 37 3 Explore: What are your options? 39 4 Choose: What will you progress? 57 5 Construct: What plan will you follow? 69 Phase 3: ACTIVATE: How will you get there? 85 6 Shape: What is your new career identity? 87 7 Influence: How will you enter the market? 101 8 Focus: How can you make each day matter? 117 Phase 4: ACCELERATE: How will you leap quickly and successfully? 133 9 Launch: How will you transition and land? 135 10 Advance: When will you celebrate and what will you do next? 151 A message from Michelle 159 Sources 161 Index 165
MICHELLE GIBBINGS is a career and change leadership expert and the author of Step Up: How to Build Your Influence at Work. She has a distinguished reputation across the Asia-Pacific region as a keynote speaker, adviser, facilitator and executive mentor for many leading-edge corporates and global organisations. Michelle's work is focused on getting employees and leaders fit for the future of work.
'Career Leap is a great leap forward for anyone navigating work in the 21st century!' —Bernard Salt, best-selling author of The Big Tilt Has your career path hit a dead end? Are you wondering how you'll get ahead? Gone are the days of slowly making your way up the corporate ladder to retirement. Now, with the rise of freelancing and the gig economy, the workplace is becoming more flexible and independent — which can leave hardworking people scrambling to find a way to stay relevant. Career Leap addresses your worries and gives you a way forward. Featuring success stories from people who have made their own career leaps, this book sheds light on what you can do to reignite, reshape and liberate your career. It offers a fool-proof plan for getting your career back on track — starting today. Chock-full of the techniques and practices needed to give you the confidence to change, it arms you with everything you need to make career leaps that count. This is your personal guidebook to gearing up for fast and frequent change. Learn how to: undertake a health check of your career and implement a career strategy let go of unhelpful expectations and fear of the unknown to remove career roadblocks stay alert to current employment trends to effectively plan your leap forward keep yourself challenged and equipped to future-proof your career. Admit it, you're ready to take the leap — and this book will show you how.

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