Cancer Prevention and Screening

Cancer Prevention and Screening

Concepts, Principles and Controversies
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von: Rosalind A. Eeles, Christine D. Berg, Jeffrey S. Tobias

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Cancer Prevention and Screening offers physicians and all clinical healthcare professionals a comprehensive, useful source of the latest information on cancer screening and prevention with both a global and a multidisciplinary perspective. Includes background information on epidemiology, cancer prevention, and cancer screening, for quick reference  Offers the latest information for clinical application of the most recent techniques in prevention and screening of all major and many lesser cancer types  Emphasises the importance of multidisciplinary teamwork in cancer screening  Highlights frequent dilemmas and difficulties encountered during cancer screening  Provides clear-cut clinical strategies for optimal patient education, communication, and compliance with cancer prevention techniques
List of contributors vii Foreword xi Prologue xiii 1 Global perspectives surrounding cancer prevention and screening 1Peter David Sasieni and Donald Maxwell Parkin 2 Public health perspectives surrounding cancer prevention and screening: The Ontario edition 19Linda Rabeneck and Arlinda Ruco 3 Cancer screening: A general perspective 31Otis W. Brawley 4 The balance of cancer screening risks and benefits 41Julietta Patnick 5 Cancer screening issues in black and ethnic minority populations 51Otis W. Brawley 6 Public awareness of cancer screening 57Jane Wardle and Laura A.V. Marlow 7 Public understanding of cancer prevention 69Jessica Kirby and Sarah Woolnough 8 Cervical cancer screening: An exemplar of a population screening programme and cervical cancer prevention 81Albert Singer and Ashfaq Khan 9 Prevention of and screening for anal cancer 101Andrew E. Grulich Richard J. Hillman and Isobel M. Poynten 10 The prevention of breast cancer 111Anthony Howell Michelle N. Harvie Sacha J. Howell Louise S. Donnelly and D. Gareth Evans 11 Breast cancer: Population and targeted screening 129Fiona J. Gilbert Fleur Kilburn?Toppin Valerie D.V. Sankatsing and Harry J de Koning 12 Prostate cancer prevention 145Evan Kovac Andrew J. Stephenson Margaret G. House Eric A. Klein, and Howard L. Parnes 13 Population screening for prostate cancer 171Richard J. Bryant Monique J. Roobol and Freddie C. Hamdy 14 Colon cancer prevention 183John Burn and Harsh Sheth 15 Colon cancer screening 203David F. Ransohoff 16 Lung cancer prevention 217Jonathan M. Samet 17 Lung cancer screening 237Christine D. Berg Kwun M. Fong and Henry M. Marshall 18 Mesothelioma: Screening in the modern age 257Joanna Sesti Sabina Musovic Jessica S. Donington and Harvey I. Pass 19 Skin cancer prevention and screening 275Mark Elwood and Terry Slevin 20 Screening and prevention of oral cancer 295Apurva Garg Pankaj Chaturvedi and Rajiv Sarin 21 Oesophageal cancer 309Timothy J. Underwood 22 Hepatocellular carcinoma: Prevention and screening 317Aileen Marshall and Tim Meyer 23 Ovarian cancer prevention and screening 331Aleksandra Gentry?Maharaj Michelle Griffin and Usha Menon 24 Screening for testicular cancer 349Kevin Litchfield Clare Turnbull and Robert A. Huddart 25 Issues in paediatric cancers 361Jonah Himelfarb and David Malkin 26 Obesity and dietary approaches to cancer prevention 381Andrew G. Renehan 27 Risk profiling for cancer prevention and screening – lessons for the future 403Rosalind A. Eeles Paul Pharoah Alison Hall Susmita Chowdhury,and Hilary Burton 28 Cancer prevention and screening: Advances to carry forward 417Christine D. Berg Rosalind A. Eeles and Jeffrey S. Tobias Index 425
ROSALIND A. EELES, MA (Cantab), PhD, FRCP, FRCR, FMedSCI is Professor of Oncogenetics and Team Leader in Oncogenetics at The Institute of Cancer Research and an Honorary Consultant in Cancer Genetics and Clinical Oncology at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK CHRISTINE D. BERG, MD is Special Advisor to the Director, Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Maryland, USA JEFFREY S. TOBIAS, MA (Cantab), MD, FRCP, FRCR is Professor of Cancer Medicine at the Department of Oncology, University College London, and Honorary Consultant at University College Hospital Foundation Trust, London, UK
Cancer is an extremely important health problem across the globe, including in countries where it has historically not been considered a priority. Increased longevity of life, together with high tobacco use and the growing prevalence of obesity, have all contributed to rapidly rising cancer rates in many developing countries with scarce resources for treatment. Prevention, therefore, is essential. This comprehensive book offers researchers and clinicians an up-to-date guide to the latest techniques in the screening and prevention of all major – and some less common – types of cancer. With its multidisciplinary approach, the text offers a far-reaching discussion of the issues facing those working to prevent cancer today, and examines these matters not only from a clinical angle, but from dietary, demographic, and social perspectives also. Some chapters are devoted to the different screening methods relevant to specific cancers, while others outline clear-cut strategies for public education regarding preventative measures and choices. This insightful work: Includes background information on epidemiology, cancer prevention, and cancer screening Emphasizes the importance of multidisciplinary teamwork in cancer screening Highlights frequent dilemmas and difficulties encountered during cancer screening Has been assembled by an esteemed editorial board from the UK and USA Cancer Prevention & Screening is essential reading for oncology professionals of all kinds, as well as palliative care specialists, dietitians, physicians, and anyone involved with the fight against cancer.

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