BuddyPress For Dummies

BuddyPress For Dummies

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von: Lisa Sabin-Wilson

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Verlag: For Dummies
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Veröffentl.: 28.01.2010
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Use BuddyPress to create the ultimate site experience BuddyPress is a suite of free WordPress plugins and themes, each adding a distinct new feature. It contains all the features you would expect from WordPress, but it aims to let members socially interact. With this fun and friendly guide, you'll learn how to customize BuddyPress so that it matches the style of your Web site. You'll walk through the necessary steps for modifying and customizing BuddyPress themes and you'll discover how to extend BuddyPress through the use of addons and plugins. With BuddyPress, you'll be well on your way to creating the ultimate user experience on your site. Shows you how to set up the WordPress foundation required to run BuddyPress Walks you through installing BuddyPress on a WordPress-powered site Explains the different BuddyPress components, including extended profiles, private messaging, friends, groups, the wire, activity streams, blog tracking, status updates, and more Details ways to troubleshoot BuddyPress once it is up and running Demonstrates how to extend BuddyPress through the use of addons and plugins Bring all your social community subscriptions together in BuddyPress!
Introduction. Part I: Introducing BuddyPress. Chapter 1: A New Friend Named BuddyPress. Chapter 2: Understanding WordPress Requirements. Chapter 3: Touring the WordPress Dashboard. Part II: Getting Up and Running with BuddyPress. Chapter 4: Setting Up Base Camp. Chapter 5: Confi guring BuddyPress. Part III: Understanding BuddyPress Features. Chapter 6: Exploring Your New Community. Chapter 7: Enabling Blogs. Chapter 8: Using the Groups Feature. Part IV: Customizing BuddyPress. Chapter 9: Default Theme and Widgets. Chapter 10: Finding and Installing Themes. Chapter 11: Understanding Themes and Templates. Chapter 12: Tweaking the Default Theme with CSS. Part V: Extending BuddyPress. Chapter 13: Getting Plugged In with Plugins. Chapter 14: Integrating Popular Social Media. Part VI: The Part of Tens. Chapter 15: Ten Useful BuddyPress Plugins. Chapter 16: Ten Free BuddyPress Themes. Chapter 17: Ten Real World Examples of BuddyPress. Appendix: Cutting Edge BuddyPress. Index.
Lisa Sabin-Wilson has been developing and designing with WordPress since 2002. She eagerly embraced BuddyPress as an additional tool for the clients of her blog design company, E.Webscapes Design Studio. Lisa is a regular speaker and panelist at blogging conferences, including SXSW and WordCamps.
Get your buddies together with BuddyPress and create your own social community Got a cause, a hobby, or some other obsession you can't wait to share with a like-minded community? BuddyPress is the buddy you need to get that community started. Here's how to get BuddyPress up and running on your WordPress Web site and use its free tools and themes to host a social network devoted to your pet projects, right on your site. Full court press — start by obtaining a Web hosting provider and installing WordPress, then install and configure BuddyPress It's your domain — register your domain name and use FTP to transfer necessary files Member options — explore BuddyPress features for creating profiles, avatars, and community friendships Growing with the group — integrate members' blogs, set up member groups, and add discussion forums with BuddyPress Custom Buddy — expand BuddyPress themes, personalize them with CSS, and learn how to create your own It's on the wire — promote community interaction through wire postings for individuals or groups Gather the gang — integrate Twitter®, Facebook®, Flickr®, YouTube®, and other social media into your community Go farther — discover third-party plugins that add more options Open the book and find: Cool things you can do with a BuddyPress site Requirements for a hosting environment Where to find and download free themes What you can do with widgets Ways for members to create and manage their own forums How member avatars are used Tips on using member group features Ten BuddyPress sites to check out