Body Language For Dummies

Body Language For Dummies

2. Aufl.

von: Elizabeth Kuhnke

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Verlag: For Dummies
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Veröffentl.: 03.01.2012
ISBN/EAN: 9781119953784
Sprache: englisch
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Say what you mean, without opening your mouth Actions really do speak louder than words, but you've got to be able to understand them. That's where Body Language For Dummies, Second Edition comes in handy. If you find yourself puzzled by other people, or want to improve the impression you give, having an insight into body language is key, and this book will teach you to comprehend what people really mean, even if they say nothing at all, and how you can use your body and your expressions to make a positive impact. Image and presentation are crucial to successful communication, and realising what kind of impression you give, and understanding how others judge you when you meet them, is an essential skill for getting where you want to go, both personally and professionally. Body Language For Dummies, Second Edition Explores why we give the signals we do How to read the most common expressions Shows how you can use body language to transform your personal and professional relationships Perfect for anyone looking for the inside edge in understanding their own and other people's actions, this book is ideal for those who want to ensure their communications are positive in every way, people in relationships, those looking for a relationship and trying to interpret the "signals" of the opposite sex, and countless other readers.
Introduction 1 Part I: In the Beginning Was the Gesture 7 Chapter 1: Defining Body Language 9 Chapter 2: Looking Closer at Non-verbal Gestures 37 Part II: Starting at the Top 47 Chapter 3: Heading to the Heart of the Matter 49 Chapter 4: Watching Facial Expressions 67 Chapter 5: The Eyes Have It 83 Chapter 6: Mastering Lip Reading 103 Part III: The Trunk: Limbs and Roots 119 Chapter 7: Taking It From the Torso 121 Chapter 8: Arming Yourself 139 Chapter 9: It's in the Palm of Your Hand 157 Chapter 10: Standing Your Ground 185 Chapter 11: Playing with Props 201 Part IV: Putting the Body into Social and Business Context 217 Chapter 12: Being Aware of Territorial Rights and Regulations 219 Chapter 13: Rating, Dating, and Mating: Using the Body in Courting Behaviour 241 Chapter 14: Interviewing, Influencing, and Playing Politics 263 Chapter 15: Crossing the Cultural Divide 289 Chapter 16: Reading the Signs 307 Part V: The Part of Tens 315 Chapter 17: Ten Ways to Spot Deception 317 Chapter 18: Ten Ways to Reveal Your Attractiveness 325 Chapter 19: Ten Ways to Find Out About Someone Without Asking 331 Chapter 20: Ten Ways to Improve Your Silent Communication 339 Index 345
Elizabeth Kuhnke is a performance coach, specialising in executive presence. She is the Managing Director of Kuhnke Communication Ltd, a company that designs and delivers leadership programmes across the globe. Her blue chip clients have included Vodafone, Gillette, KPMG, American Express, and Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals as well as global professional services and compliance firms.
Communicate all the right messages – without saying a word! At any given moment your body is revealing more about what you're really thinking and feeling than your words ever could. Some people find this fact unnerving, but knowing how to read and control body language can be your key to success in life. Body Language For Dummies helps you become fluent in body language and to fine-tune your ability to read people and their mental states. Better yet, you can discover how to use your entire body to broadcast the right kinds of messages and to communicate more confidently, credibly, and persuasively. Let your body do the talking – see how the way you move and position your body can reveal inner states and affect how people see you, and observe how your thoughts, attitudes, and perceptions affect your posture Read the signs – spot lies, notice subtle expressions of aggression, fear or distrust, recognise signs of interest or rejection, and become more self-aware by observing your own body language Don't stand so close to me! – understand how cultural differences can influence body language, and get wise with cross-cultural body language tips and taboos Open the book and find: Ways in which the body reveals what people really mean How body language evolved and why we give the signals we do Advice on using your body and expressions to improve your image Ways to use body language as a tool for professional advancement Tips on using body language to improve your personal relationships How to move and gesture to best effect in different situations Advice on taking your knowledge of body language to the next level Learn to: Understand how body language conveys much more than the words we say Make a great first impression using the power of body language Persuade, motivate, and inspire other people with your body language Project with confidence in the workplace

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