Beyond Performance 2.0

Beyond Performance 2.0

A Proven Approach to Leading Large-Scale Change
2. Aufl.

von: Scott Keller, Bill Schaninger

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 03.07.2019
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Double your odds of leading successful, sustainable change Leaders aren’t short on access to change management advice, but the jury has long been out as to which approach is the best one to follow. With the publication of Beyond Performance 2.0, the verdict is well and truly in. By applying the approach detailed by authors, Scott Keller and Bill Schaninger, the evidence shows that leaders can more than double their odds of success—from thirty percent to almost eighty. Whereas the first edition of Beyond Performance introduced the authors’ “Five Frames of Performance and Health” approach to change management, the fully revised and updated Beyond Performance 2.0 has been transformed into a truly practical “how to” guide for leaders. Every aspect of how to lead change at scale is covered in a step-by-step manner, always accompanied by practical tools and real-life examples. Keller and Schaninger’s work is distinguished in many ways, one of which is the rigor behind the recommendations. The underpinning research is the most comprehensive of its kind—based on over 5 million data points drawn from 2,000 companies globally over a 15-year period. This data is overlaid with the authors’ combined more than 40 years of experience in helping companies successfully achieve large-scale change. As senior partners in McKinsey & Company, consistently named the world’s most prestigious management consulting firm, Keller and Schaninger also draw on the shared experience of their colleagues from offices in over 60 countries with unrivaled access to CEOs and senior teams. Beyond Performance 2.0 also dares to go against the grain—eschewing the notion of copying best practices and instead guiding leaders to make choices specific to their unique context and organization. It does this with meticulously balance of focus on short- and long-term considerations, and on fully addressing the hard technical and oft cultural elements of making change happen. Further, the approach doesn’t just focus on delivering change; it builds an organization’s muscle to continuously change, making it healthier so that it can act with increased speed and agility to stay perpetually ahead of its competition. Leaders looking for a proven approach to leading large-scale change from a trusted source have found what they are looking for in Beyond Performance 2.0.
Foreword ix Introduction: Excellence Found 1The past decade of research has proven that the dismal odds of change program success can reliably be beaten. Part I The Big Idea Chapter 1 Performance and Health 13The way to beat the odds is to put equal emphasis on performance and health by using the Five Frames methodology. Chapter 2 The Science of Change 33The approach has been developed through the most exhaustive research ever undertaken in the field. Part II The Five Frames Chapter 3 Aspire: Where Do We Want to Go? 61It starts by setting measurable and manageable strategic objectives and commensurate health goals with rigor and precision. Chapter 4 Assess: How Ready Are We to Go There? 91Don’t start planning until you’ve considered your organization’s change readiness: what skillset requirements and mindset shifts are needed. Chapter 5 Architect: What Do We Need to Do to Get There? 117Now it’s time to create a bankable plan that will build the skills and deliver the outcomes—a plan that also uses four levers to influence mindset and behavior shifts. Chapter 6 Act: How Do We Manage the Journey? 151No plan goes according to plan—the right ownership model will enable you to adjust as you go and generate the energy needed for change. Chapter 7 Advance: How Do We Continue to Improve? 181You’re not done until an ongoing learning infrastructure is put in place, and leaders are well positioned in the right go-forward roles. Part III Putting It All Together Chapter 8 The Senior Leader’s Role: Does Change Have to Start at the Top? 199Success will be immeasurably easier if the most senior leader embraces the role that only they can play. Chapter 9 The Change Leader’s Role: What It Takes to Be a Great Change Leader 215To this point we’ve covered what to “do” to achieve large-scale success; now it’s time to discuss how to “be” as you lead the way. Chapter 10 Making It Happen: Do You Have What It Takes? 231You’ve got knowledge, but do you have the courage? It’s over to you to write the next chapter... Notes 241 Recommended Reading 257 Acknowledgments 259 About the Authors 265 Index 267
SCOTT KELLER is a Senior Partner in the Southern California office of McKinsey & Company. He is the co-leader of the firm's global CEO and Board Excellence service line and spends the vast majority of his time serving Fortune 500 CEOs and top teams leading enterprise-wide, multi-year change programs. Scott is the author of multiple books and numerous articles in the field of organizational and leadership effectiveness, hosts multiple round tables, and is a frequent guest lecturer at business schools in Europe and the United States. BILL SCHANINGER, PHD, is a Senior Partner in the Philadelphia office of McKinsey & Company. Bill works with employers globally as they address the challenges of the ever-changing world of work. He designs and manages large-scale organizational transformations to strengthen business performance through enhanced culture, values, and leadership, and the development of skills and talent systems. In addition to his client work Bill has published extensively in practitioner and academic journals on organizational topics and is a sought-after speaker.
Improved results don't happen by chance, they happen through change. Leaders who can reliably make change happen at scale are able to take their organizations to the top—and keep them there. Unfortunately, most leaders and their organizations never achieve such heights. The evidence is clear and overwhelming that less than a third of large-scale change programs succeed. You aren't most leaders, however. You hold in your hands the knowledge and toolkit that is proven to more than double your likelihood of success. It's a methodology based on the most extensive research effort undertaken in the field, developed and road-tested over 15 years by McKinsey & Company, one of the largest and most prestigious management consulting firms in the world. The best part? Leading change the Beyond Performance 2.0 way doesn't just focus on delivering the change you seek; it simultaneously builds your organization's muscle to continuously change—leaving it healthier, more agile, and always improving.
"The journey is made easier with this insightful guide." —Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft BEYOND PERFORMANCE 2.0 Leaders aren't short on access to change management advice, but the jury has long been out as to which approach is the best one to follow. With the publication of Beyond Performance 2.0, the verdict is well and truly in. By applying the approach detailed by Keller and Schaninger, the evidence shows that leaders can more than double their odds of success—from merely thirty percent to almost eighty. If you are a leader looking for a proven approach to leading large-scale change from a trusted source, look no further. "The change management manifesto for the modern-day organization. A must-read." —ALAIN BEJJANI, CEO, Majid Al Futtaim Holding "This isn't just a play book, it's a game changer." —GREG CASE, CEO, Aon "A user-friendly roadmap that is evidence-based, profoundly insightful, and practical." —HUSSAIN DAWOOD, Chairman, Engro Corporation "Even the most skeptical will be won over by the pragmatic, data-driven approach." —LYNN ELSENHANS, Former CEO, Sunoco "Essential to achieve enduring and inspiring impact." —MICHAEL FISHER, CEO, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center "The best approach to follow if you want to thrive as a business and agent of change." —CARLOS LABARTHE, Chairman, former CEO, and Co-Founder, Gentera "For the bold, engaged, and tenacious leader, and for those who aspire to be one." —ADMIRAL ERIC OLSON, 8th Commander, U.S. Special Operations Command (Retired) "If you're hoping to nimbly adapt to changing times, this is the ultimate how-to guide." —DANIEL H. PINK, author of When, To Sell is Human, and Drive "If you're looking for radical change, Beyond Performance 2.0 is a must-read." —FRANS VAN HOUTEN, CEO, Philips "Beyond Performance 2.0 provides inspiring insights and practical guidance!" —LIANG YU, Chairman, China Vanke

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