Automatische genetische Analytik

Automatische genetische Analytik

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von: Jörg vom Stein, Thomas Schäfer, Günter Mertes

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Verlag: Wiley-Blackwell
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Veröffentl.: 11.02.2009
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The relevance of genetic analysis and the need of its automation have rapidly increased during the last years not only in molecular biology and medicine but particularly in fields outside these 'classical' areas of application. <br> In forensic medicine and criminology, e.g., DNA analysis has become a routine method - and a similar development is just ongoing in fields like anthropology, paleontology, plant and animal breeding, and food production.<br> This book provides a comprehensive and practical overview of the methods - from biological material and analytical processes to the analysis and processing of data - and provides insights into various important applications. Clearly written and nicely illustrated with color figures the book will serve as a useful source of information for a broad spectrum of (potential) users of DNA analysis.
Bedarf und Konzept einer integrierten automatischen DNA-Analyse. <p>Die DNA-Praparation fur die automatische DNA-Analyse.</p> <p>Die PCR als Grundlage in der molekularen DNA-Analyse.</p> <p>Die DNA-Synthese als grundlegendes Werkzeug in der molekularen DNA-Analyse.</p> <p>DNA-Sequenzanalyse.</p> <p>DNA-Fragmentgroenbestimmung und Quantifizierung.</p> <p>Grundlagen und Entwicklung der multifluorophoren Laser-Scanning-Technologie.</p> <p>Datenverarbeitung in der genetischen Analyse.</p> <p>Identifizierung von Genen und Markern.</p> <p>Polymorphismus- und Mutationsanalyse.</p> <p>DNA-Analytik in der Forensik.</p> <p>DNA-Sequenzierung in der medizinischen Mirkobiologie.</p> <p>Anwendung molekularbiologischer Methoden im Agrarbereich.</p> <p>Glossar.</p> <p>1 Need and Concept of Integrated Automated DNA Analysis.</p> <p>2 DNA Preparation.</p> <p>3 PCR as a Basis of Molecular DNA Analysis.</p> <p>4 DNA Synthesis as a Basic Tool of Molecular DNA Analysis.</p> <p>5 DNA Sequence Analysis.</p> <p>6 DNA Fragment Size Determination and Quantification.</p> <p>7 Multifluorophorous Laser Scanning Technology.</p> <p>8 Data Processing.</p> <p>9 Identification of Genes and Markers.</p> <p>10 Analysis of Polymorphisms and Mutations.</p> <p>11 DNA Analysis in Forensic Medicine.</p> <p>12 DNA Sequencing in Medical Microbiology.</p> <p>13 Applications in Agricultural Science.</p> <p>Glossary of Terms.</p> <p>References.</p> <p>Index.</p>

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