Audit Risk Alert

Audit Risk Alert

Government Auditing Standards and Single Audit Developments: Strengthening Audit Integrity 2017/18
AICPA 1. Aufl.

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This book focuses on areas of change in audits performed under the Uniform Guidance, highlighting those areas which may be challenging or frequently misunderstood. It also discusses emerging practice issues and current developments related to entities subject to an audit performed under Government Auditing Standards and the OMB Uniform Guidance, and provides information to help you identify significant risks that may affect an audit of entities receiving federal awards. In addition, this alert provides a summary of proposed revisions to Government Auditing Standards as found in the exposure draft to assist you in keeping up to date on the proposed revisions to the Yellow Book.
Government Auditing Standards and Single Audit Developments—2017/18 .01-174 How This Alert Helps You      01-07 Revision to Government Auditing Standards      08-19 Competence    12 Continuing Professional Education    13 Internal Control 14 Quality Control 15 Peer Review    16 Standards for Financial Audits    17 Attestation Engagements and Reviews of Financial Statements    18 Performance Audits    19 2017 OMB Compliance Supplement    20-24 Federal Agency and Other Activities 25-40 COFAR Disbanded    25-28 Federal Audit Clearinghouse 29-31 Student Financial Aid 32-33 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)– Head Start    34-35 CIGIE Guides    36-37 GAO Study on Federal Agency Oversight of Federal Awards 38-40 Implementing Regulations of Federal Agencies 41-43 Uniform Guidance Effective Dates 44-48 Uniform Guidance Procurement Standards Grace Period Extended    46-48 Uniform Guidance Considerations for Auditees     49-81 Introduction    49-50 Auditee Requirements Related to Internal Control 51-53 Procurement Standards      54-55 Subrecipient Monitoring and Management 56-62 Subpart—Indirect (F&A) Costs    63-69 Auditee Requirements in Subpart F    70-81 Performing the Uniform Guidance Compliance Audit 82-97 Internal Control in the Compliance Audit      83-87 Dual Purpose Testing 88-89 Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards     90-91 Major Program Determination Under the Uniform Guidance Determination of Type A Major Programs 92-96 Schedule of Findings and Questioned Costs 97 Audit Quality Study 98-106 What Can Auditors Do to Enhance Audit Quality?    100-106 Enhancing Audit Quality Initiative 107-110 Audit Deficiencies Found in Single Audits    111-115 Summary of Matters Found in Recent Peer Reviews 112-115 Audit and Attest Developments 116-123 Clarified Attestation Standards Effective 116-118 AICPA Competency and Learning Website     119-123 AICPA GAQC    124-135 AICPA Single Audit Certificate Programs    136-137 AICPA Not-for-Profit Initiatives        138-143 NFP Member Section 139 NFP Certificate Programs        140-143 On the Horizon 144-149 Federal Audit Clearinghouse Single Audit Pilot Project    147-149 Resource Central    150-174 Publications    151-153 Continuing Professional Education    154-155 Webcasts 156-157 Industry Conferences 158-162 Member Service Center      163-166 The Center for Plain English Accounting 167 AICPA Online Professional Library: Accounting and Auditing Literature 168 Financial Reporting Center of 169-170 AICPA Industry Expert Panels 171-172 Industry Websites 173-174

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