Assessments in Forensic Practice

Assessments in Forensic Practice

A Handbook
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von: Kevin D. Browne, Anthony R. Beech, Leam A. Craig, Shihning Chou

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Assessments in Forensic Practice: A Handbook provides practical guidance in the assessment of the most frequently encountered offender subgroups found within the criminal justice system. Topics include: criminal justice assessments offenders with mental disorders family violence policy and practice
About the Editors vii Contributors ix 1. Introduction 1Kevin D. Browne, Anthony R. Beech, Leam A. Craig and Shihning Chou Part One Criminal Justice Assessments 5 2. Case Formulation and Risk Assessment 7Peter Sturmey and William R. Lindsay 3. Assessment of Violence and Homicide 28Kerry Sheldon and Kevin Howells 4. Sexual Offenders 52Franca Cortoni, Anthony R. Beech and Leam A. Craig 5. The Assessment of Firesetters 76Lynsey F. Gozna 6. Forensic Psychological Risk Assessment for the Parole Board 103Louise Bowers and Caroline Friendship 7. Behavioral Assessment in Investigative Psychology 122Eleanor M. Gittens and Kate Whitfield Part Two Offenders with Mental Disorders 137 8. Assessing Risk of Violence in Offenders with Mental Disorders 139James McGuire 9. Assessing Mental Capacity and Fitness to Plead in Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities: Implications for Practice 172Leam A. Craig, Ian Stringer and Roger B. Hutchinson 10. Offenders with ‘Personality Disorder’ Diagnoses 198Lawrence Jones and Phil Willmot 11. Offenders and Substance Abuse 217Simon Duff Part Three Family Violence 233 12. Community Approaches to the Assessment and Prevention of Intimate Partner Violence and Child Maltreatment 235Kevin D. Browne, Shihning Chou and Vicki Jackson-Hollis 13. Psychological Assessment of Parenting in Family Proceedings 265Karen Bailey, Eugene Ostapiuk and Taljinder Basra 14. Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence 295Louise Dixon Part Four Policy and Practice 317 15. Assessment of Hostage Situations and Their Perpetrators: In the Context of Domestic Violence 319Carol A. Ireland 16. Assessing the Sexually Abused Child as a Witness 333Kevin D. Browne 17. Working with Young Offenders 354Clive R. Hollin and Ruth M. Hatcher 18. The Ethics of Risk Assessment 370James Vess, Tony Ward and Pamela M. Yates Index 387
Kevin D. Browne is Professor of Forensic Psychology and Child Health at the University of Nottingham. Leam A. Craig is Director of Forensic Programmes at Forensic Psychology Practice Ltd, and an Honorary Lecturer in Forensic Psychology at the University of Birmingham. Anthony R. Beech, D.Phil, FBPsS, C.Psychol (Forensic) is Professor of Criminological Psychology,University of Birmingham.
"An eclectic collection of chapters which cover all aspects of scholarly understanding concerning sex offenders, Assessment and Treatment of Sex Offenders: A Handbook will prove invaluable to researchers, practitioners and students interested in furthering their understanding of this often complex offender group. "This book will prove an essential text to professionals and students who are involved in the study of, assessment, treatment and/or management of sex offenders. A book which covers the area so comprehensively has been a significant omission for some time, and thus this text is timely and fulfils a significant gap in the academic market." –Professor Jane L. Ireland, University of Central Lancashire

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