Analysis and Design of Low-Voltage Power Systems

Analysis and Design of Low-Voltage Power Systems

An Engineer's Field Guide
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von: Ismail Kasikci

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You are responsible for planning and designing electrical power systems? Good. Hopefully you know your way through national and international regulations, safety standards, and all the possible pitfalls you will encounter. You're not sure? This volume provides you with the wealth of experience the author gained in 20 years of practice. The enclosed CAD software accelerates your planning process and makes your final design cost-efficient and secure.
Introduction<br> <br> Medium voltage systems<br> <br> Low voltage systems<br> <br> Planning and Project Management Tasks<br> <br> Regulations for contracting system installations<br> <br> Guidelines for project planning of electrical systems<br> <br> Transformers<br> <br> Asynchronous motors<br> <br> Emergency Generators<br> <br> Equipment for Overcurrent Protection<br> <br> Selectivity and Back-up Protection<br> <br> Switchgear Combinations<br> <br> Protection against Electric Shock<br> <br> Current Carrying Capacity of Conductors and Cables<br> <br> Calculation of Short Circuit Currents in Three-phase Networks<br> <br> Voltage Drop Calculations<br> <br> Lighting systems<br> <br> Compensation for reactive current<br> <br> Lightning protection systems<br> <br> Use of CAD systems
"This is a well-written work…the book is a pleasure to use." (<i>CHOICE</i>, November 2004)
<b>Ismail Kasikci</b> received his PhD in Engineering from Brunel University/UK. He has more than 18 years of professional experience in planning and project management if electrical power systems. He published several books on electrical engineering and many scientific papers and is Associated Editor of the International Journal of Power and Energy Systems. His Lectures at the University of Applied Sciences of Heilbronn as well as his tutorials with the German Association of Electrical Engineers (VDE) are highly esteemed.
Illustrated by way of more than 50 practical examples, this book provides comprehensive information on planning and calculating functionally sound and secure low voltage systems. Numerous tables, diagrams, calculation and planning checklists, as well as a compilation of frequently used standard values allow fast access to important planning data. The accompanying CD-ROM contains various tried and tested software programs, considerably simplifying the project planning process.

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