All Hands on Deck

All Hands on Deck

8 Essential Lessons for Building a Culture of Ownership
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von: Joe Tye

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In the stormy seas of today's world economy, organizations need all hands on deck In the stormy seas of today's world economy, organizations need people to own their work, not just rent a spot on the organization chart. All Hands on Deck is a fun-to-read story that is both a business strategy book about creating competitive advantage through corporate culture, and a personal development book that will inspire readers to be more committed and engaged with their work and their organizations. Drawing upon the wisdom of some of the greatest and most beloved business leaders of the 20th century, this essential guide: Creates a virtual roadmap for building a culture of ownership where so workers are inspired to think and act like partners in the enterprise, and not just hired hands Shares practical and proven strategies for earning employee buy-in and commitment to the values, vision, and purpose of the organization Features the real-world wisdom of some of the most successful and beloved business leaders of the 20th century, including Walt Disney, Ray Kroc, Mary Kay Ash, Bill Hewlett, and Dave Packard A stirring resource for today's business environment, All Hands on Deck shares the tools you need to create an organization that competes and succeeds in today's turbulent world, and the inspiration that your people need to put those tools to work.
Foreword xiii Acknowledgments xvii Introduction: Why a Culture of Ownership Matters xix Chapter 1 Changing “Us and Them” to “We” 1 Chapter 2 Real Ownership Is of the Heart, Not of the Wallet 9 Chapter 3 Lesson 1: Start with a Mission that is Bigger Than the Business 19 Chapter 4 Lesson 2: Use Structure and Process to Create Culture 31 Chapter 5 Lesson 3: Build Culture on a Foundation of Values 43 Chapter 6 Lesson 4: Trust Is the Glue in a Culture of Ownership 51 Chapter 7 Lesson 5: Use Stories to Reinforce Cultural Norms 61 Chapter 8 Lesson 6: Invest in Character Building 73 Chapter 9 Lesson 7: Unleash Individual Creativity and Ingenuity 87 Chapter 10 Lesson 8: Everyone Is a Volunteer 99 Chapter 11 The Four Essential Elements of a Culture of Ownership 109 Chapter 12 It Takes Courage and Strength of Character to Be a Culture Leader 121 Chapter 13 A Culture of Ownership Is a Bilateral Relationship 129 Afterword 135 Appendix 1: Blueprinting the Invisible Architecture 137 Appendix 2: The Self-Empowerment Pledge 141 Appendix 3: Study Questions 147 Bibliography 151 About the Author 157 Services from Values Coach Inc. 159 Joe Tye’s Speaking Topics 160
Joe Tye is CEO of Values Coach Inc., a training and consulting firm that specializes in values-based leadership and cultural transformation. He is a passionate and humorous speaker who has presented for hospitals, corporations and associations across North America. Tye is also the creator of The Twelve Core Action Values course, which many participants refer to as "graduate school for the seven habits." Visit
All Corey Whitaker wanted from the airport limo ride was a few quiet minutes to think about how, in his role as new CEO, he could pull Owatt Hospitality Services back from the brink of bankruptcy. So he was annoyed to learn that someone else would be sharing his limo…until he saw who that person was! In All Hands on Deck, Walt Disney introduces Corey—and you—to some of history's greatest business leaders. As you follow Walt and Corey on their journey in this intriguing story, you will learn how: Henry Ford inspired a company, and changed the world, with a compelling vision Tom Watson created the cultural blueprint that transformed IBM into a powerhouse General Robert Wood Johnson fostered cultural toughness at J&J to turn every adversity into advantage Ray Kroc built a worldwide fast food empire held together with the glue of trust Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard shaped "the HP Way" with the power of stories Mary Kay Ash inspired one of the most enthusiastic sales forces the world has ever seen And a lot more You cannot hold people accountable for the things that really matter. To compete in today's tough economy, you must have a culture of ownership. In this book, you'll learn how legendary business leaders did it. All Hands on Deck is an inspiring story that takes you—and your business—on the journey of cultural transformation. You will learn practical strategies that will help you build an authentic culture, where employees show up to work for more than just a paycheck, see themselves as partners in the enterprise, and translate their spirit of ownership into sustained high performance. In today's stormy economic seas, you need All Hands on Deck!
Praise for All Hands on Deck "Joe Tye wants to change the world. In this far-ranging fable, he might just be able to persuade you to join him." —Seth Godin, New York Times bestselling author of Linchpin "My own work with senior leaders around the world resonates with Joe's advice: creating a culture of ownership is the best way to achieving personal, organizational, and societal outcomes that improve lives!" —David Altman, Executive Vice President, Research, Innovation and Product Development, Center for Creative Leadership "After I read the first few pages, I was hooked. If you want to build a great culture and a winning team, read this book and let Joe Tye show you how to get all hands on deck!" —Jon Gordon, author of The Energy Bus and Soup "People don't do anything worthwhile until they are inspired, which is perhaps why Martin Luther King didn't stand on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and say, 'I have a strategic plan.' Inspire them, engage them, invite them to take ownership, and your employees will move mountains. Once again, Joe Tye hits a home run!" —Matthew Kelly, New York Times bestselling author of The Dream Manager and The Rhythm of Life "Joe Tye has hoisted the sails high with this captivating book. The necessity for, and returns of, building a culture of ownership are a relatively common business mantra; Joe makes a culture of ownership a reality, rather than just a slogan." —Kevin A. Sheridan, CEO, HR Solutions, Inc. "Joe Tye draws on the best business literature and his own substantial experience to show how work in groups can be generative of new possibilities in work and life. Start your new journey with this book and keep it at your side." —Michael L. Ray, Stanford Graduate School of Business; author, Creativity in Business and The Highest Goal; and coeditor, The New Paradigm in Business "In All Hands on Deck, Joe Tye takes us on an Alice in Wonderland journey to observe some of history's most successful leaders in action. With this dramatic technique, Tye reveals again the too-often-forgotten principles of leadership, how they are made real in the workplace, and the results they produce." —James A. Autry, author, The Servant Leader

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