Advances in Ceramics for Environmental, Functional, Structural, and Energy Applications

Advances in Ceramics for Environmental, Functional, Structural, and Energy Applications

Ceramic Transactions Series 1. Aufl.

von: Morsi M. Mahmoud, Kumar Sridharan, Henry Colorado, Amar S. Bhalla, J. P. Singh, Surojit Gupta, Jason Langhorn, Andrei Jitianu, Navin Jose Manjooran

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This volume contains 20 manuscripts presented during the Materials Science & Technology 2017 Conference (MS&T’17), held October 8-12, 2017 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, PA. Papers from the following symposia are included in this volume: • 9th International Symposium on Green and Sustainable Technologies for Materials Manufacturing and Processing• Advances in Dielectric Materials and Electronic Devices• Construction and Building Materials for a Better Environment• Innovative Processing and Synthesis of Ceramics, Glasses and Composites• Materials Issues in Nuclear Waste Management in the 21st Century• Materials Development for Nuclear Applications and Extreme Environments• Materials for Nuclear Energy Applications• Nanotechnology for Energy, Healthcare and Industry• Processing and Performance of Materials Using Microwaves, Electric and Magnetic Fields, Ultrasound, Lasers, and Mechanical Work – Rustum Roy Symposium These symposia provided a forum for scientists, engineers, and technologists to discuss and exchange state-of-the-art ideas, information, and technology on advanced methods and approaches for processing, synthesis, characterization, and applications of ceramics, glasses, and composites.  Each manuscript was peer-reviewed using The American Ceramic Society’s review process. The editors wish to extend their gratitude and appreciation to their symposium co-organizers, to all of the authors for their valuable submissions, to all the participants and session chairs for their time and effort, and to all the reviewers for their comments and suggestions.  We hope that this volume will serve as a useful reference for the professionals working in the field of materials science.
Preface ix MATERIALS FOR NUCLEAR ENERGY APPLICATIONS Westinghouse Accident Tolerant Fuel Materials 3Frank Boylan, Peng Xu, Javier Romero, and Ed Lahoda Investigations of Capacitor Discharge Welding for the Attachment of Endcaps to Molybdenum-Based Nuclear Fuel Rod Cladding 7Jerry E. Gould, Cem Topbasi, and Bo Cheng Evaluation of U3Si2 Fuel Pellets Sintered in an Argon vs. Vacuum Environment 21Rita Hoggan, Jason Harp, and Lingfeng He PROCESSING AND PERFORMANCE OF MATERIALS USING MICROWAVES, ELECTRIC AND MAGNETIC FIELDS, ULTRA-SOUND, LASERS, AND MECHANICAL WORK—RUSTUM ROY SYMPOSIUM Microwave-Augmented Crystallization and Decrystallization in Ceramic Processing —A Phenomenology-Based Commentary 29Boon Wong Effects of Elastic Waves at Several Frequencies on Biofilm Formation in Circulating Types of Laboratory Biofilm Reactors 43Hideyuki Kanematsu, Shogo Maeda, Dana M. Barry, Senshin Umeki,Kazuyuki Tohji, Nobumitsu Hirai, Akiko Ogawa, Takeshi Kogo, Hajime Ikegai, and Yoshimitsu Mizunoe Resilient Graphitic Carbons from Electro-Thermal Fluidized Bed Reactor 53Soeren Koester, Eric Salmon, and Carsten Wehling Heavy Clay Body Properties for Hybrid Microwave Firing 59Garth V A Tayler, Mike Anderson, and Mike Hamlyn Effective Permittivity and Microwave Heating Characteristics of Electric Conductor and Insulator (Dielectrics) Mixtures 69Noboru Yoshikawa Porous Ceramic/Metal Composite Body for DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and the Microwave Heating Behavior 79Noboru Yoshikawa, Chang Chuan Lee, Naoki Inoue, Shoji Taniguchi, and Sergey Komarov CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS FOR A BETTER ENVIRONMENT Study on Preparation of Portland Cement by Using Coal Fly Ash 87Hui Sun, Miaolian Bian, Dongyang Ma, Shichao Chen, Zhicheng Cao, and Daohong Wu Corrosion Behaviour of Steel-Reinforcement in C3H7NO2 S-Admixed Concrete Immersed in Saline/Marine Simulating-Environment 95Joshua Olusegun Okeniyi and Abimbola Patricia Idowu Popoola C4H11NO Performance on Steel-Rebar Corrosion in Industrial/ Microbial Simulating Environment 109Joshua Olusegun Okeniyi and Abimbola Patricia Idowu Popoola INNOVATIVE PROCESSING AND SYNTHESIS OF CERAMICS, GLASSES AND COMPOSITES Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer and Reaction Kinetics during the Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis of Silicon Nitride 123Venkata V. K. Doddapaneni and Sidney Lin Synthesis of Carbide Ceramics from Activated Carbon Precursors Loaded with Tungstate, Molybdate, and Silicate Anions 137Grant Wallace, Jerome Downey, Jannette Chorney, Katie Schumacher, Trenin Bayless, Alaina Mallard, Auva Speiser, and Elizabeth Raiha ADVANCES IN DIELECTRIC MATERIALS AND ELECTRONIC DEVICES Observation of TI-TI Bonding In TI/CU/PT-Supported Rutile TiO2 (110) Surface: AB Initio Calculations 153Lei Li, Wenshi Li, Han Qin, Jianfeng Yang, Canyan Zhu, and Ling-Feng Mao Effect of Processing Conditions on Electric and Dielectric Properties of Polymer-Derived SiC Ceramics 165Chengying Xu THE 9TH INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON GREEN AND SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGIES FOR MATERIALS MANUFACTURING AND PROCESSING Study on Energy Utilization of High Phosphorus Oolitic Hematite by Different Ironmaking Technologies 177Hui Sun, Miaolian Bian, Shichao Chen, Dongyang Ma, Zhicheng Cao, and Daohong Wu NANOTECHNOLOGY FOR ENERGY, ENVIRONMENT, ELECTRONICS, HEALTHCARE AND INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS Nanosensors for Detecting Pollutants in Water 187Shobhan Paul HYBRID ORGANIC-INORGANIC MATERIALS FOR ALTERNATIVE ENERGY Electrodeposition of Hybrid Sol-Gel Glass Coatings on 304 Stainless Steel for Corrosion Protection 205Q. Picard, G. Akalonu, J. Mercado, J. Mosa, M. Aparicio, L. C. Klein, and A. Jitianua SURFACE PROPERTIES OF BIOMATERIALS Biofilm Formation on Titanium Alloy Surfaces in a Laboratory Biofilm Reactor 221Hideyuki Kanematsu, Shun Kanesaki, Hikonaru Kudara, Dana M. Barry,Akiko Ogawa, Takeshi Kougo, Daisuke Kuroda, Nobumitsu Hirai, Hajime Ikegai, and Yoshimitsu Mizunoe

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