Acrylic Painting For Dummies

Acrylic Painting For Dummies

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von: Colette Pitcher

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Verlag: For Dummies
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Veröffentl.: 31.01.2011
ISBN/EAN: 9780470526484
Sprache: englisch
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Hands-on, full-color instruction in this versatile painting medium Acrylic paint is easy to use, quick to dry, a cinch to clean up, and relatively inexpensive–which makes it a great medium for amateur artists. Following a simple step-by-step approach, Acrylic Painting For Dummies provides hands-on instruction and easy-to-follow exercises in acrylic painting techniques and styles, making the medium accessible to would-be artists at all levels. Featuring large-scale projects at the end of most chapters and ample additional opportunities for readers to paint along, this friendly guide will help anyone discover the artist within.
Introduction 1 Part I: Getting Acquainted with Acrylics 5 Chapter 1: Acrylics Are Awesome! 7 Chapter 2: Setting Up Supplies: Brushes, Surfaces, and Palettes 17 Chapter 3: All About Paints and Mediums 35 Part II: Exploring Tricks and Techniques 47 Chapter 4: Basic Painting and Finishing Techniques 49 Chapter 5: Building Your Repertoire with Quick Tricks and Techniques 71 Chapter 6: Drawn to Paint — Even if Your Drawing Skills Need Work 85 Part III: Finding the Fun in Fundamentals 101 Chapter 7: Taking a Quick Color Tour 103 Chapter 8: Design of the Times: Design Elements and Principles 123 Chapter 9: Putting the Pieces Together: Composition 143 Part IV: Acrylic’s Versatile Styles 157 Chapter 10: Letting It Flow: Creating a Watercolor-like Landscape 159 Chapter 11: Laying It On Thick: Painting Like the Oil Masters 179 Chapter 12: Thinking and Painting Abstractly 205 Part V: Projects for Different Surfaces 235 Chapter 13: Creating Collages and Transfers 237 Chapter 14: Cool Projects for All Types of Surfaces 255 Part VI: The Part of Tens 281 Chapter 15: Ten (Plus One) Genres: Figuring Out What You Want to Paint 283 Chapter 16: Ten Ways to Get the Creative Juices Flowing 291 Index 295
Colette Pitcher is a painter and sculptor who exhibits her artwork throughout the country. She is the owner of the Showcase Art Center in Greeley, Colorado, where she offers adult instruction in numerous painting mediums. Pitcher is also the author of Watercolor Painting For Dummies and is a contributor to PaintWorks magazine.
Learn to: Utilize acrylics to produce different looks and textures Improve your technique with four-color, hands-on instruction Complete full-scale projects Discover your inner artist Create gorgeous paintings with this fun and easy guide to acrylics! Always wanted to paint with acrylics? This easy-to-follow, full color guide gives you expert instruction and simple exercises in acrylic painting techniques and styles. The step-by-step projects let you practice your skill and stir your imagination — and give you the foundation to create similar projects with your own subjects and surfaces! Get your feet (and brushes) wet — assemble your materials, prepare your surfaces, and sort out additives and enhancers Try out basic acrylic techniques — work with brush strokes, control and thin your paint, experiment with textures, and use stencils Practice design and composition principles — mix and use color, balance elements, make changes, and pull your painting together Imitate several kinds of styles — use acrylic paint to mimic the effects of watercolor and oil paints Build your repertoire— explore texture and dimension, work with glass, rocks, bricks, metalwork, and more Open the book and find: Clear step-by-step instructions with illustrations A variety of projects and styles to suit all tastes Quick tricks and techniques to get started painting right away Lots of colorful paintings to inspire creativity Helpful hints for improving your drawing skills Full-scale projects at the end of most chapters Exercises to jump-start your artistic passion

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