A Companion to Border Studies

A Companion to Border Studies

Wiley Blackwell Companions to Anthropology, Band 46 1. Aufl.

von: Thomas M. Wilson

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A Companion to Border Studies introduces an exciting and expanding field of interdisciplinary research, through the writing of an international array of scholars, from diverse perspectives that include anthropology, development studies, geography, history, political science and sociology. Explores how nations and cultural identities are being transformed by their dynamic, shifting borders where mobility is sometimes facilitated, other times impeded or prevented Offers an array of international views which together form an authoritative guide for students, instructors and researchers Reflects recent significant growth in the importance of understanding the distinctive characteristics of borders and frontiers, including cross-border cooperation, security and controls, migration and population displacements, hybridity, and transnationalism
List of Figures and Table viii Notes on Contributors ix 1 Borders and Border Studies 1Thomas M. Wilson and Hastings Donnan Part I Sovereignty, Territory and Governance 27 2 Partition 29Brendan O'Leary 3 Culture Theory and the US–Mexico Border 48Josiah McC. Heyman 4 The African Union Border Programme in European Comparative Perspective 66Anthony I. Asiwaju 5 European Politics of Borders, Border Symbolism and Cross-Border Cooperation 83James Wesley Scott 6 Securing Borders in Europe and North America 100Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly 7 Border Regimes, the Circulation of Violence and the Neo-authoritarian Turn 119John Borneman Part II States, Nations and Empires 137 8 Borders in the New Imperialism 139James Anderson 9 Contested States, Frontiers and Cities 158Liam O'Dowd 10 The State, Hegemony and the Historical British-US Border 177Allan K. McDougall and Lisa Philips 11 Nations, Nationalism and "Borderization" in the Southern Cone 194Alejandro Grimson 12 Debordering and Rebordering the United Kingdom 214Cathal McCall 13 "Swarming" at the Frontiers of France, 1870–1885 230Olivier Thomas Kramsch 14 Borders and Conflict Resolution 249David Newman Part III Security, Order and Disorder 267 15 Chaos and Order along the (Former) Iron Curtain 269Mathijs Pelkmans 16 Border Security as Late-Capitalist "Fix" 283Brenda Chalfin 17 Identity, the State and Borderline Disorder 301Dan Rabinowitz 18 African Boundaries and the New Capitalist Frontier 318Timothy Raeymaekers 19 Bandits, Borderlands and Opium Wars in Afghanistan 332Jonathan Goodhand 20 Biosecurity, Quarantine and Life across the Border 354Alan Smart and Josephine Smart 21 Permeabilities, Ecology and Geopolitical Boundaries 371Hilary Cunningham Part IV Displacement, Emplacement and Mobility 387 22 Borders and the Rhythms of Displacement, Emplacement and Mobility 389Pamela Ballinger 23 Remapping Borders 405Henk van Houtum 24 From Border Policing to Internal Immigration Control in the United States 419Mathew Coleman 25 Labor Migration, Traffi cking and Border Controls 438Michele Ford and Lenore Lyons 26 Spatial Strategies for Rebordering Human Migration at Sea 455Alison Mountz and Nancy Hiemstra 27 "B/ordering" and Biopolitics in Central Asia 473Nick Megoran 28 Border, Scene and Obscene 492Nicholas De Genova Part V Space, Performance and Practice 505 29 Border Show Business and Performing States 507David B. Coplan 30 Performativity and the Eventfulness of Bordering Practices 522Robert J. Kaiser 31 Reconceptualizing the Space of the Mexico–US Borderline 538Robert R. Alvarez, Jr 32 Border Towns and Cities in Comparative Perspective 557Paul Nugent 33 A Sense of Border 573Sarah Green Index 593
“Taking into consideration all aspects this book has a very important role in the professional literature of border studies.” (Cross-Border Review Yearbook of the European Institute, 1 September 2014) “Summing Up: Highly recommended. Upper-division undergraduates and above.” (Choice, 1 April 2013)
Thomas M. Wilson is Professor and Chair of the Department of Anthropology at Binghamton University, State University of New York. From 2008-2010 he was president of the Society for the Anthropology of Europe. His research interests include the anthropology of international borders, European integration and Ireland, and he is the editor of Drinking Cultures and Europeanisation and Hibernicisation. Hastings Donnan is Professor of Anthropology at Queen’s University Belfast. His research interests include the study of borders and the anthropology of walking and driving, and he has carried out fieldwork in Ireland and Pakistan. He chairs the Anthropology and Development Studies panel in the UK’s Research Excellence Framework for 2014, and is the editor of Transgressive Sex and co-author of The Anthropology of Sex. Thomas M. Wilson and Hastings Donnan have previously co-authored The Anthropology of Ireland and Borders: Frontiers of Identity, Nation and State.
Dramatic growth in the number of international borders has coincided in recent years with greater mobility than ever before–of goods, people and ideas.   As a result, interest in borders as a focus of academic study has developed into a dynamic, multi-disciplinary field, embracing perspectives from anthropology, development studies, geography, history, political science and sociology. Authors provide a comprehensive examination of key characteristics of borders and frontiers, including cross-border cooperation, security and controls, migration and population displacements, hybridity, and transnationalism. Companion to Border Studies brings together these disciplines and viewpoints, through the writing of an international collection of preeminent border scholars. Drawing on research from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas, the contributors argue that the future of Border Studies lies within such diverse collaborations, which approach comparatively the features of borders worldwide.
"This book, with its interdisciplinary team of authors from many world regions, shows the state of the art in this research field admirably." —Ulf Hannerz, Stockholm University "This volume will be the definitive work on borders and border-related processes for years into the future. The editors have done an outstanding job of identifying key themes, and of assembling influential scholars to address these themes." —David Nugent, Emory University "This urgently needed Companion, edited by two leading figures of border studies, reflects past insights and showcases new directions: a must read for understanding territory, power and the state." —Dr. Nick Vaughan-Williams, University of Warwick "This impressive collection will have a broad appeal beyond specialist border studies. Anyone with an interest in the nation-state, nationalism, ethnicity, political geography or, indeed, the whole historical project of the modern world system will want to have access to a copy. The substantive scope is global and the intellectual reach deep and wide. Simply indispensable." —Richard Jenkins, University of Sheffield

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