A Companion to Ancient Philosophy

A Companion to Ancient Philosophy

Blackwell Companions to Philosophy 1. Aufl.

von: Mary Louise Gill, Pierre Pellegrin

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A Companion to Ancient Philosophy provides a comprehensive and current overview of the history of ancient Greek and Roman philosophy from its origins until late antiquity. Comprises an extensive collection of original essays, featuring contributions from both rising stars and senior scholars of ancient philosophy Integrates analytic and continental traditions Explores the development of various disciplines, such as mathematics, logic, grammar, physics, and medicine, in relation to ancient philosophy Includes an illuminating introduction, bibliography, chronology, maps and an index
Notes on Contributors viii Acknowledgments xiv Abbreviations xv Chronology xvi Maps xxvi Introduction xxix Part I: Early Greek Philosophy 1. The Beginnings of Science and Philosophy in Archaic Greece 3 Edward Hussey 2. Ancient Philosophy and the Doxographical Tradition 20 Jørgen Mejer 3. Parmenides and After: Unity and Plurality 34 Patricia Curd 4. The Concept of the Universal in Some Later Pre-Platonic Cosmologists 56 Alexander P. D. Mourelatos 5. The Sophistic Movement 77 Rachel Barney Part II: Socrates, the Socratics, and Plato 6. Socrates 101 Donald R. Morrison 7. Minor Socratics 119 Fernanda Decleva Caizzi 8. The Platonic Dialogue 136 Christopher Gill 9. Plato’s Ethics: Early and Middle Dialogues 151 Terry Penner 10. Plato’s Political Philosophy: The Republic, the Statesman, and the Laws 170 Melissa Lane 11. Plato’s Metaphysics and Dialectic 192 Noburu Notomi 12. Plato’s Natural Philosophy and Metaphysics 212 Luc Brisson Part III: Aristotle 13. The Aristotelian Way 235 Pierre Pellegrin 14. Aristotle’s Logic and Theory of Science 245 Wolfgang Detel 15. Aristotle’s Physics and Cosmology 270 István Bodnár and Pierre Pellegrin 16. Aristotle’s Biology and Aristotle’s Philosophy 292 James G. Lennox 17. Aristotle’s Psychology 316 Victor Caston 18. First Philosophy in Aristotle 347 Mary Louise Gill 19. Aristotle’s Ethics 374 Michael Pakaluk 20. Aristotle’s Political Philosophy 393 David Keyt Part IV: Philosophy in the Hellenistic Age 21. Philosophic Schools in Hellenistic and Roman Times 415 Thomas Bénatouïl 22. The Problem of Sources 430 Robert W. Sharples 23. The New Academy and its Rivals 448 Carlos Lévy 24. Pyrrhonism 465 Jacques Brunschwig 25. Epicureanism 486 Pierre-Marie Morel 26. Stoic Logic 505 Katerina Ierodiakonou 27. Stoic Ethics 530 Richard Bett 28. Hellenistic Cosmopolitanism 549 Eric Brown Part V: Middle and Late Platonism 29. Middle Platonism 561 Marco Zambon 30. Plotinus 577 Luc Brisson and Jean-François Pradeau 31. What was Commentary in Late Antiquity? The Example of the Neoplatonic Commentators 597 Philippe Hoffmann Part VI: Culture, Philosophy, and the Sciences 32. Greek Philosophy and Religion 625 Gábor Betegh 33. Philosophy of Language 640 Deborah K. W. Modrak 34. Ancient Medicine and its Contribution to the Philosophical Tradition 664 Pierre Pellegrin 35. Greek Mathematics to the Time of Euclid 686 Ian Mueller Index Locorum 719 General Index 756
“This Companion does a good job of introducing students to the study of ancient philosophy…This book will give students a sense of what working in the area of ancient philosophy involves and may encourage them to develop some of the requisite skills themselves rather than simply furnish another source for regurgitation.” (The Classical Review, Vol 58 No. 1 2008) "[T]he Companion draws together a wealth of material, presented in accordance with the most recent scholarly standards for the interpretation of ancient philosophical texts. The Companion will be an excellent source-book for students interested in the study of ancient philosophy, as well as for scholars who are rethinking their views on well-known problems by considering the new perspectives offered." (Bryn Mawr Classical Review)
Mary Louise Gill is Professor of Philosophy and Classics at Brown University. She is the author of Aristotle on Substance: The Paradox of Unity (1989), Unity, Identity, and Explanation in Aristotle's Metaphysics (co-edited with Theodore Scaltsas and David Charles, 1994), Self-Motion: From Aristotle to Newton (co-edited with James G. Lennox, 1994), and Plato: Parmenides (with Paul Ryan, 1996). Pierre Pellegrin is Director of Research at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in Paris. His authored works include Aristotle's Classification of Animals (1986), and Aristote: Le Philosophe et les Savoirs (2002).
A Companion to Ancient Philosophy provides a comprehensive and current overview of the history of ancient Greek and Roman philosophy from its origins until late antiquity. This volume of newly contributed papers is distinctive in including contributions from both rising stars and senior scholars, and in integrating what were until recently characterized as two conflicting traditions, analytic and continental. The papers treat central topics in ancient philosophy, such as the problem of sources or the practice of ancient philosophical commentary, and also explore the development of various disciplines, including mathematics, logic, grammar, physics, and medicine, in their relation to ancient philosophy. Each paper informs the reader of the current state of debate concerning its topic, and pushes the dialogue further by expressing the views of its author. The volume features a lively introduction, bibliographies, chronology, maps, and two indexes, making this book an excellent resource for students and scholars alike. Non-specialists will find this Companion accessible and rewarding, while specialists will be inspired to revisit controversial questions anew.
"A Companion to Ancient Philosophy is an extremely valuable aid for those interested in the study of ancient philosophy. The articles, written by leading figures in the field, provide the reader with a clear picture of the state of contemporary scholarship on all aspects of philosophy in the ancient world." –Daniel Devereux, University of Virginia "This is an essential book not only for its information content, but equally importantly, for its elucidation of research methodology. It offers something fresh and original even to those who have studied the field for a lifetime." –Enrico Berti, Università degli Studi di Padova

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