A Bird's-Eye View of Assessment

A Bird's-Eye View of Assessment

Selections from Editor's Notes
Assessment Update Special Collections, Band 10 1. Aufl.

von: Trudy W. Banta

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Here, pioneer Trudy Banta illuminates the many facets of assessment in colleges and universities during the past two decades. Addressing the principles of good assessment practice, she gives an insider?s perspective and shares the larger questions and answers encountered in assessment. In the final section, she looks at assessment outside the United States. This valuable publication will give you a broader, deeper appreciation of the successes, snares, and future of outcomes assessment.
Introduction—Selections from Trudy Banta's "Editor's Notes" 1 Some Things Never Change. On the Crest of the Wave 10 Weaving Assessment into the Fabric of Higher Education 13 Revealing the Results of Assessment 14 This One's for Students 17 The Power of a Matrix 21 Welcome News About the Impact of Assessment 25 You Won't Find This in Books. Are We Making A Difference? 31 Toward a Scholarship of Assessment 34 How Do We Know Whether We Are Making a Difference? 37 Demonstrating the Impact of Changes Based on Assessment Findings 42 One Bird's-Eye View of the U.S. Landscape for Assessment. Take Part in the National Goals Debate 47 Do Faculty Sense the Tightening of the Accountability Noose? 50 Can We Combine Peer Review and National Assessment? 52 Trying to Clothe the Emperor 56 Are There Measures for Improvement and Accountability? 64 Tripping Lightly Around the Globe. Assessment: A Global Phenomenon 68 Evaluation of Teaching and Learning in Germany 70 A Global Perspective—At Last 74 The Most Compelling International Dialogue to Date 78 Two Conferences, Two Systems—Similar Perspectives? 82 Sour Notes from Europe 86
Trudy Banta, editor of Assessment Update since 1989, is a pioneer in outcomes assessment in higher education. She founded the Center for Assessment Research and Development at University of Tennessee, Knoxville, before moving to Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. She is a professor and vice chancellor for planning and institutional improvement. She coordinates strategic planning for the campus, academic and administrative program review, the evaluation of student learning outcomes, and the assessment of institutional effectiveness.

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