Wisdom on Value Investing

Wisdom on Value Investing

How to Profit on Fallen Angels
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von: Gabriel Wisdom

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 13.08.2009
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Wisdom on Value Investing offers author Gabriel Wisdom's insights on succeeding in difficult markets. One of his favorite approaches-which is part classic value investing and part behavioral finance-is called "The Fallen Angels Investment Strategy," and it prepares investors to look past short-term value assumptions in order to capture profits. Throughout this book, Wisdom will show you how to capitalize on value plays where the fundamentals are actually strong, but the "general wisdom" surrounding the security has turned negative. He discusses how stocks with the most promise are ones that Wall Street has marked down without regard to their underlying value, and reveals how this type of intrinsic value discount provides a margin of safety during difficult times, and substantial upside rewards for those who find them early enough. Takes value investing one step further by mixing significant amounts of behavioral finance into the analysis Prepares investors to take advantage of other's mistakes A time-tested strategy for any type of market-up or down A classic look at value investing with a twist, this book will put you in a better position to succeed in both bull and bear markets. Includes a Foreword by Mary Buffett and David Clark, authors of Buffettology.
Foreword ix Preface xi Acknowledgments xv Chapter 1 Ten Traits of The World’s Greatest Bargain Hunters 1 Chapter 2 Fallen, Not Falling (An Important Distinction) 15 Chapter 3 Great Moments in Bottom Fishing: The Fallen Angels Hall of Fame 29 Chapter 4 Buy CATS (Cheap and Timely Securities), Avoid Dogs 35 Chapter 5 Cycles and Wall Street’s Wheel of Fortune 45 Chapter 6 Who Wants to Be a Billionaire? 57 Chapter 7 Time Arbitrage, The Rational Investor’s Ally 69 Chapter 8 The Pilot’s Checklist For Safe and Effective Investing 77 Chapter 9 The Science of Demographics: A Glimpse into the Future 87 Chapter 10 How to Pick Stocks: The Fallen Angels Formula 95 Chapter 11 Profit from Panic, Corrections, and Volatility 107 Chapter 12 The Little Chapter that Makes You a Better Investor 119 Chapter 13 Will You Know When to Sell? 131 Chapter 14 Real Estate: The Other Fallen Angel Opportunity 145 Chapter 15 Ten Fallen Angels for the Next Five Years 155 Chapter 16 Stocks and Bonds and Rock and Roll: My Story 163 Appendix: Recommended Books, Web Sites, and Helpful Sources 169 About the Authors 173 Index 175
“If you are looking for a book that explains how to screen stocks for a long-term investment, then start with Wisdom on Value Investing. You'll find it as entertaining as it is informative. His tips just might make you a bundle of money, or protect you from costly mistakes.” —Thomas Bulkowski,, October 2009 “ … I liked this book because it presented value investing in a way that wasn’t intimidating. It touched on a lot of investing topics, such as portfolio management and categorizing Fallen Angels, and subjects I haven’t even mentioned and does so in a very casual and conversational way.” — Jim Wang,, January 2010 "You really can become a better investor if you pay attention to fundamentals, and look for investments that are underpriced but have good upside potential. You may not score big in a year or two, but you are more likely to see steady gains over the years if you employ some of the techniques in Wisdom's book." ” — Miranda Marquit,, February 2010
Gabriel Wisdom is a co-founder of American Money Management, LLC, and one of the nation's enduring radio personalities. Beginning in 1968 as an underground FM disc jockey, his financial commentaries have appeared in syndication, on CBS Radio, and on NPR. He's managed more than a billion dollars for wealthy investors since 1983, is comanager of two public mutual funds, and hosts a daily program carried on affiliates of the Business Talk Radio Network. Wisdom serves on several boards, including the Harvard Business School Alumni Club of San Diego, and is a licensed private pilot. Joe Tash's earliest recollection of asset gathering occurred on a trip to Florida with his parents when he was five or six years old, with his triumphant victory in a sea shell–collecting contest. Currently, Tash is a popular writer for several newspapers and publications.
Like sheep, we tend to follow a herd mentality—we flock to box office hits, buy the latest in fashion and gadgets—and buy and sell stocks based on the ebb and flow of financial pundits and mainstream investors. Investing in the stock market is one place, though, where it pays to be a lone wolf. Turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper during times of market turbulence, and watch investors act like lemmings marching to sea. Unfortunately, they are also setting themselves up for failure—and devastating losses. In Wisdom on Value Investing: How to Profit on Fallen Angels, seasoned investment adviser and popular broadcaster Gabriel Wisdom lays out a different kind of vision for investing in the stock market, or any other market—one that promises to put you on a unique path to success, far from the anguished cries of the investing masses. Wisdom makes the argument that, rather than following fashion, the smart investor stays calm and waits patiently for the incredible deals—the Fallen Angels—that are certain to come along. Based on Wisdom's professional experience and his popular Fallen Angels investment strategy—which is part classic value investing and part behavioral finance—this wise, easy-to-follow guide reveals: How to maximize earnings and minimize losses in any type of market The habits of successful investors Why you should buy when everyone is complaining and sell when they are celebrating The importance of having an exit strategy Why we need to learn to live with stock market volatility Preparing you to take advantage of others' mistakes, Wisdom on Value Investing clearly discusses how stocks with the most promise are ones that Wall Street has temporarily marked down without regard to their underlying value, and explains how this type of value discount provides a margin of safety during difficult times and substantial upside rewards for those who find them early enough. With this tool for investors of all stripes—whether you have been at the game for a while or are just dipping your toes in the market for the first time—Gabriel Wisdom offers his time-tested, popular strategy to getting a leg up on the complex and difficult art of investing.
Praise for wisdom on value investing "I have worked with Gabriel Wisdom for many years, and he is well positioned to be one of the new Graham and Dodds of this era. This book has much wisdom for investing in the long bear market ahead. I strongly suggest that you study his techniques thoroughly."—Harry S. Dent Jr., Economist and New York Times bestselling author "Wisdom on Value Investing has found a permanent place on my bookshelf next to my four editions of Graham's Security Analysis and the last thirty years of Berkshire Hathaway annual reports. I can't think of a better book to have at¿your side for making money in these turbulent times."—Mary Buffett and David Clark, internationally acclaimed authors of six books on Warren Buffett's methods When it comes to buying and selling stocks, why do some people have a magic touch, while others have the kiss of death? Based on Gabriel Wisdom's popular Fallen Angels strategy, Wisdom on Value Investing offers you the tools to invest successfully in both bull and bear markets—sharing the top ten traits of the greatest investors in history. This savvy guide recognizes that markets rise and fall based on emotion, moods, and circumstances, and that people who are aware of this phenomenon—and use it to their advantage—are in a position to make a lot of money. Laying out his methodology for determining when it is worth investing in a "Fallen Angel" whose stock price has plunged, the tips and strategies found in Wisdom on Value Investing will help you enter today's market with confidence and exit with profits.

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