Windows Phone 7 For Dummies

Windows Phone 7 For Dummies

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von: Bill Hughes

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Veröffentl.: 09.11.2010
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Unleash the full power of your Windows Phone 7! Windows Phone 7 is the new and improved mobile platform for all Windows smartphones. The new platform has been completely rebuilt from the ground up and this guide walks you through everything that's new, from the look and feel to the underlying code to the revamped home screen and user interface experience. Placing special focus on the features and functionality that is shared across all Windows Phone 7 series models, this fun and friendly book covers a wide range of how-to topics on everything from making simple calls to using your handheld device as a mobile computer. Explores the exciting new Windows Phone 7 and the completely revamped platform that will revolutionize the way you experience mobile phone use Shows you how to personalize your interface and exchange and sync information with your Windows PC Covers how to download, install, and use Mobile Office applications Demonstrates creating, downloading, exchanging, and sharing digital media, such as photos, videos, sound, and music files with other mobile device and PC users Windows Phone 7 For Dummies takes your Windows Phone 7 experience to a whole new level!
Intoduction 1 About This Book 1 Conventions Used in This Book 1 What You’re Not to Read 2 Foolish Assumptions 2 How This Book Is Organized 2 Icons Used in This Book 4 Where to Go from Here 5 Part I: Getting Started 7 Chapter 1: Beginning at the Beginning 9 First Things First: Turning On Your Phone 10 You and Your Shadow: Understanding How Your Cellular Carrier Bills You 12 Voice usage 12 Text usage 13 Data usage 13 Charging Your Phone and Managing Battery Life 14 Navigating around the Phone 16 The phone’s buttons 16 The touch screen 20 The keyboard 25 Turning Off the Phone 27 Chapter 2: Making Your First Call 29 Making Your First Call 29 Receiving Your First Call 33 The Call History: Keeping Track of Your Calls 34 Emergency Calls: The 411 on 911 35 Synching a Bluetooth Headset 36 Chapter 3: The Joy of Text 39 Sending Your First Text 39 Sending an Attachment with a Text 44 Receiving Your First Text 45 Managing Your Text History 46 Part II: Moving Beyond the Basics 47 Chapter 4: What You Can Do with Your Phone 49 The Basics: What Any Cellphone Can Do (And How the Windows Phone Does It) 49 What Makes a Smartphone Smart 50 Internet access 50 Wireless e-mail 53 Multimedia 53 Downloaded games and applications 53 What Your Windows Phone 7 Can Do 54 People and social networks 54 Photos 55 Music and video 56 Games 57 Business and e-mail 59 Chapter 5: Included Applications: What’s on Your Phone 61 Start Screen Apps: The Tip-Top Taps 61 Internet Explorer: It’s all there 63 Office: Just like your PC 63 Clock: Anybody have the time? 65 Calendar: Forget your appointment book 66 Calculator: 1 + 1 = 2 69 Exploring More Applications on Your Phone 69 Applications 71 Utilities and settings 76 Part III: Live on the Internet: Going Mobile 77 Chapter 6: You’ve Got the Whole (Web) World in Your Hands 79 Browsing the Web on Your Phone: Internet Explorer 79 Your Favorites list 81 Tabs 84 More options 86 Binging Your Way to the Information You Need: Mobile Bing Searches 88 Web searches 88 Map searches: Getting there from here 92 Accessing Web Sites, Mobile or Not 96 Chapter 7: The Windows Live ID and What It Can Do for You 99 Looking at the Benefi ts of Windows Live 99 Determining whether You Have a Windows Live ID 101 Signing Up for a Windows Live ID 102 Knowing what information you need to provide 103 Jumping through the hoops 104 Acknowledging your new Windows Live ID 106 Chapter 8: Introducing the Windows Phone Marketplace 109 Windows Phone Marketplace: The Mall for Your Phone 110 How to Get to the Marketplace 111 Through the Marketplace app on your Windows Phone 111 Through the Internet 111 What’s Available: Window Shopping 113 Chapter 9: Buying and Installing Applications 117 Setting Your Marketplace Preferences 117 Your payment information 118 Your phone type 118 Buying and Installing an Application from Your Phone 119 Getting Application Updates 122 Getting Rid of an App — And Maybe Even Getting Your Money Back 123 Part IV: Connecting with the People You Care About 125 Chapter 10: A Shared Picture Is Worth a Million Words 127 Say Cheese! Taking a Picture with Your Windows Phone 127 Sorting the Images on Your Phone 128 A quick tour through the Pictures app 128 Your sorting options 131 Sharing Your Photos with Windows Live 135 Chapter 11: Sending and Receiving E-Mail on Your Phone 139 Setting Up Your E-Mail 139 Using a supported e-mail account 141 Using a non-fully-supported e-mail account 142 Setting up multiple accounts 142 Reading E-Mail on Your Phone 142 Managing Your E-Mails 145 Writing and Sending an E-Mail 145 Chapter 12: Keeping Connected with Your BFFs 147 Setting Up Your Social Networks 149 Facebook 150 Other social networking sites 150 Setting Up Your Contact Database 150 Adding contacts to your phone manually 152 Adding contacts as you communicate 153 Importing data from your SIM card 154 Building contacts with Windows Live 154 Navigating Your People Hub 159 Part V: Music and Videos in the Palm of Your Hand 163 Chapter 13: The “Phonified” Zune HD 165 Recognizing What Zune HD Can Do 165 Navigating Music and Video on Your Windows Phone 167 The Zune start screen 168 Delving into your past with the History screen 170 Finding music you’ve recently downloaded on the New screen 171 Chapter 14: Working the Zune Marketplace 173 Listening Up on Licensing 173 Music and podcasts 173 Videos 176 Handing Over Your Hard-Earned Money 176 Getting Music and Videos 181 Chapter 15: Playing Music and Videos 189 Playing Zune Tunes 189 Playing a single song 189 Playing an album, artist, or genre 193 Playing a playlist 194 Playing Zune Videos 195 Playing Zune Podcasts 196 Playing Zune Radio 196 Part VI: Gaming on Your Phone with Xbox LIVE 201 Chapter 16: Let the Games Begin! 203 Figuring Out What to Play: Game Types 203 Where to Buy Games 205 Organized Fun on the Games Hub 206 Chapter 17: Getting Games on Your Phone 211 The Games Department of the Windows Phone Marketplace 211 Keeping Track of the Games on Your Phone 215 Chapter 18: Xbox LIVE and Mobile 217 What Xbox LIVE Is 217 The free stuff 218 The not-free stuff 218 Xbox LIVE from Your Windows Phone 221 Part VII: Taking Care of Business with Your Windows Phone 225 Chapter 19: On the Road Again: Taking Your Work with You on Your Phone 227 Mobile Office Apps 227 Office Hub on Your Phone 229 OneNote 230 Documents 231 SharePoint.237 Links 238 File Sharing outside of SharePoint 238 Using e-mail to review and edit fi les 239 Using SkyDrive or another remote server 240 Chapter 20: Making a Date with Your Phone 245 Stand-Alone with Me: Setting Up Your Phone’s Calendar 245 Setting your date and time preferences 246 Getting to the Calendar 249 Making a new appointment 251 Your Calendars Together at Last 256 Linking your electronic calendars to your phone 256 Creating an appointment for one calendar 256 Part VIII: The Part of Tens 261 Chapter 21: Ten (Or So) Steps to Making the Phone Totally Yours 263 Population Explosion: Adding Your Contacts 264 You Look Marvelous: Putting Up Custom Screen Images 264 Songs That Make the Whole World Sing: Downloading Your Music 264 Making a Statement with Accessories 264 Customizing Your Start Screen 265 Setting Screen Colors 267 Setting Your Password 270 Signing Up for Microsoft’s My Phone Service 272 Chapter 22: Ten Features to Look for Down the Road 275 More and More Applications 275 More Supported Social Networking Sites 276 Support for More E-Mail Services 276 A Compass 276 Side-Loading of Music 277 Loading of Proprietary Applications 277 Connection to External A/V 277 Cut and Paste in Microsoft Offi ce for Mobile 277 More Accessories 278 Updating of the Operating Systems 278 Index 279
Bill Hughes is a marketing strategy executive whose 20-plus years of experience span sales, strategic marketing, and business development. He has worked for major corporations, including Microsoft, IBM, GE, and Motorola, and has aided Microsoft in marketing to mobile application developers.
You have the smartest smartphone around — now learn how to make the most of it! It's revolutionary, it does all sorts of new tricks, and it's friendlier with your PC than any other smartphone. You want to get all the functionality from your Windows Phone 7 that you paid for, so grab this book and learn how to use every feature! From the basics to playing games, music, video, and going online, here's what you need to know. Meet Windows Phone — learn your way around the phone and find out what applications are included The gang's all here — coordinate all your social networking contacts and facilitate communication with the People hub Let's hear it — use your phone's Zune HD capabilities to get the most from music and video X-citing gaming — play your favorite Xbox games, including multiplayer ones, and explore what's available on Xbox LIVE Get down to business — take the Internet wherever you go and use Office Mobile apps including OneNote, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint Open the book and find: Why your Windows Live ID is essential Cool things only your Windows Phone can do How hubs help you Tips on buying apps at the Marketplace Multiplayer games for your phone Hints for using the Windows Live photo gallery Types of games available through Xbox LIVE What you can do if your company uses SharePoint

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