Valuing Older People

Valuing Older People

Positive Psychological Practice
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von: Elspeth Stirling

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This book examines the growing importance of positive psychology and its connection to later life. Applies Social Role Valorisation (SVR) principles to care of older people, particularly those with seriously disabling conditions such as dementia, stroke, and multiple health problems Provides a comprehensive body of positive principles and practical approaches for those who care for older people Examines the impact of the devaluation of older people’s lives in the context of societies dependent on technology  Demonstrates how more age-inclusive societies and open awareness of later-life issues are fundamental to strong communities, as well as to personal happiness and resilience
List of Tables and Figures vii About the Author and Book ix 1 The Psychology and Ecology of Ageing 1 2 Preventive Psychology in Later Life 17 3 Assessment in the New Paradigm 47 4 New Paradigm Principles for Intervention 59 5 Older People with Cognitive Disabilities 87 6 New Paradigm Principles of Service Design 135 7 Psychological Therapies with Older People 155 References 189 Index 199
"In general, Valuing Older People fulfills its promise to provide a comprehensive overview of the challenges facing older people while simultaneously providing a new paradigm approach that both addresses the prejudice against this population as well as focuses on better understanding the whole person. This book will appeal to clinicians and caregivers who are interested in working with this population. Researchers may also find value in this book as a means of exploring possible areas of study." (PsycCRITIQUES, February 2011)
Now an independent writer, Elspeth Stirling practiced as a Clinical Psychologist for 28 years, specializing in work with older people in the National Health Service in the UK. She has trained in Social Role Valorization (SRV)-based service design, and run training courses for residential, nursing, social work, and clinical care staff who work with older people with dementia and other disabilities, and mental health problems.
Valuing Older People applies Social Role Valorization (SRV) and positive psychology principles to our thinking about how we can contribute to better humanitarian care for people in later life. SRV theory is based on the idea that society devalues particular groups of people identified as fundamentally ‘different’, in this case older people and especially those with dementia, ongoing physical disabilities and illnesses, and end-of-life issues. In this book, Elspeth Stirling applies SRV not only in counteracting this view of older people being valueless, but also in demonstrating that they have a beneficial effect on society as a whole. Similarly, positive psychology theory is used to outline the strengths and virtues which enable both older individuals and the wider community to thrive. Stirling argues that the presence of older people coping with disabilities helps all age groups to develop the personal attributes necessary to cope in a world where ecological resources are becoming ever more scarce. Providing numerous examples for readers to follow and adopt for their own practice, Valuing Older People is a practical guide for anyone working in both public and private care services for older people.
"Elspeth Stirling's intellect, wisdom and compassionate commitment to the well being of older people shines through in this book, which skilfully weaves together social role valorisation and positive psychology to create a 'new' positive psychology of ageing. It represents a revolutionary challenge not only to Clinical Psychology and related professions, but also to the mechanisms and attitudes of Western society in general. I predict this book will come to be judged as a milestone in the literature on the psychology of ageing." —Dr Sinclair Lough, Head of Psychology Services for Older People, Dorset PCT "At a time when age equality is being promoted as a policy, this book provides a welcome antidote to dogma, communicating a positive psychology of ageing that is grounded equally in theory and practice. Social Role Valorization has found its champion in relation to ageing and older people in Elspeth Stirling, and may at last make its long-awaited contribution to this challenging area of human experience. Blended with insights from Cognitive Analytic Therapy and with illustrative case examples, this is a powerful, refreshing book that could change the way we see older people and ageing. Recommended for all those who work with older people." — Bob Woods, Professor of Clinical Psychology of Older People, Bangor University, UK