Upstream Industrial Biotechnology, 2 Volume Set

Upstream Industrial Biotechnology, 2 Volume Set

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Biotechnology represents a major area of research focus, and many universities are developing academic programs in the field. This guide to biomanufacturing contains carefully selected articles from Wiley's Encyclopedia of Industrial Biotechnology, Bioprocess, Bioseparation, and Cell Technology as well as new articles (80 in all,) and features the same breadth and quality of coverage and clarity of presentation found in the original. For instructors, advanced students, and those involved in regulatory compliance, this two-volume desk reference offers an accessible and comprehensive resource.
VOLUME I: EXPRESSION SYSTEMS & PROCESS DEVELOPMENT PREFACE xi CONTRIBUTORS xiii PART I INTRODUCTION 3 PART II INDUSTRIAL CELL GROWTH AND GENE EXPRESSION SYSTEMS 7 1 Animal Cells, Suspension Culture 9John R. Birch 2 Baculovirus Expression Systems 19Robert D. Possee, Richard B. Hitchman, and Linda A. King 3 Baculovirus Kinetics, Insect Culture 33Leslie Chan, Steve Reid, and Lars Keld Nielsen 4 Cell Culture, Aseptic Techniques 49John M. Davis and Kevin L. Shade 5 Cell Cycle in Bioprocesses 71Mariam Naciri and Mohamed Al-rubeai 6 Cell Growth and Protein Expression Kinetics 85Dhinakar S. Kompala 7 Cell Viability Measurement 97Ning Wei and Benjamin Sommer 8 Contamination Detection in Animal Cell Culture 105Carol Mclean and Colin Harbour 9 Culture Collections and Biological Resource Centers (BRCs) 131David Smith 10 Culture Preservation 153Robert L. Gherna 11 Expression and Secretion of Heterologous Proteins, Bacillus and Other Gram-Positive Bacteria 163Boyke Bunk, Rebekka Biedendieck, Dieter Jahn, and Patricia S. Vary 12 Gene Expression in Human Cells 181Marco A. Cacciuttolo, Gene Lee, John Chon, and John Lewis 13 Gene expression in Pichia and other methylotroph yeast 195Koti Sreekrishna 14 Gene Expression in Recombinant Animal Cells and Transgenic Animals 213Richard M. Twyman and Bruce Whitelaw 15 Inoculum Expansion Methods, Animal Cell Lines 297Claudia Kloth, Glenn Maclsaac, Haile Ghebremariam, and Alahari Arunakumari 16 Insect Cell Culture 311Someet Narang, Erik M. Whiteley, Sunyia Hussain, and Michael J. Betenbaugh 17 Kinetics of Microbial Growth 331Nicolai S. Panikov 18 Microalgae, Mass Culture Methods 371Emílio Molina Grima, Jose María Fernández Sevilla, and Francisco Gabriel Acién Fernández 19 Microbial Growth Measurement 399Arthur L. Koch 20 Microbial Media Composition 413Rosalie J. Cote 21 Microscopic Characterization of Cells 437Erwin Huebner 22 Mycoplasma Contamination of Cell Cultures 467Cord C. Uphoff and Hans G. Drexler 23 Protein Glycosylation: Analysis, Characterization, and Engineering 489Mikael R. Andersen, Jong Hyun Nam, and Susan T. Sharfstein 24 Secretion of Heterologous Proteins, Gram Positive Bacteria 543Eric Morello, Isabelle Poquet, Philippe Langella 25 Soluble Protein Expression in Bacteria 557Catherine H. Schein PART III MEDIA, CELL LINES AND PROCESS DEVELOPMENT 579 26 Animal Cell Culture Media 581Natarajan Vijayasankaran, Jincai Li, Robert Shawley, Aaron Chen, Masaru Shiratori, Martin Gawlitzek, Feng Li, Robert Kiss, and Ashraf Amanullah 27 Animal Cell Culture, Effects of Osmolality and Temperature 599James C. Warren and Shyamsundar Subramanian 28 Animal Cell Stability 617Martin S. Sinacore, Timothy S. Charlebois, Denis Drapeau, Mark Leonard, Scott Harrison, and S. Robert Adamson 29 Animal Cell Types, Hybridomas 635K. Heilmann and B. Micheel 30 Antibody Production, Human Recombinant 645Stefan Dübel 31 Antifoams and Pluronic Polyols, Cell Protection 663David W. Murhammer 32 Biominiaturization of Bioreactors 669Michael A. Hanson and Govind Rao 33 Inoculum Preparation 699Craig J.L. Gershater 34 Microcarrier Culture 711Susan T. Sharfstein and Christian Kaisermayer 35 Monoclonal Antibody Production, Cell Lines 733Julia F. Markusen and David K. Robinson 36 Plant Cell Culture, Laboratory Techniques 747Mark Richard Fowler 37 Scale-Up of Biotechnological Processes 759Marko Zlokarnik VOLUME II: EQUIPMENT, PROCESS DESIGN, SENSING, CONTROL, AND cGMP OPERATIONS PREFACE ix CONTRIBUTORS xi PART IV BIOREACTOR DESIGN, ENGINEERING, PROCESS SENSING AND CONTROL 789 38 Aeration, Mixing, and Hydrodynamics in Animal Cell Bioreactors 791Ruben Godoy-Silva, Claudia Berdugo, and Jeffrey J. Chalmers 39 Biocatalytic Membrane Reactors 821Lidietta Giorno and Enrico Drioli 40 Bioreactor Scale-Down 847Laura A. Palomares, Alvaro R. Lara, and Octavio T. Ramírez 41 Bioreactor Scale-Up 863Laura A. Palomares and Octavio T. Ramírez 42 Bioreactors: Airlift Reactors 887J.C. Merchuk and F. Garcia Camacho 43 Bioreactors, Continuous Culture of Plant Cells 955H.J.G. Ten Hoopen 44 Bioreactors, Fluidized-Bed 963Winfried Storhas 45 Bioreactors, Gas-Treatment 979Graham Andrews and William Apel 46 Bioreactors, Perfusion 995Wei Wen Su 47 Bioreactors: Rotating Biological Contactors 1013Susana Cortez, Pilar Teixeira, Rosário Oliveira, and Manuel Mota 48 Bioreactors, Stirred Tank for Culture of Plant Cells 1031Pauline M. Doran 49 Cell Immobilization, Engineering Aspects 1069Ronnie Willaert 50 Fermenter/Bioreactor Design 1101Marvin Charles and Jack Wilson 51 Gas-Holdup in Bioreactors 1137Christian Sieblist and Andreas Lübbert 52 Immobilization of Proteins and Enzymes, Mesoporous Supports 1147Martin Hartmann and Dirk Jung 53 Immobilized Cells 1179Manojlovic Verica, Bugarski Branko, and Nedovic Viktor 54 Immobilized Enzymes 1201Jose M. Guisan, Lorena Betancor, and Gloria Fernandez-Lorente 55 Impeller Selection, Animal Cell Culture 1219Alvin W. Nienow 56 Mammalian Cell Bioreactors 1233Weichang Zhou, Gargi Seth, Maria J. Guardia, and Wei-Shou Hu 57 Mammalian Cell Culture Reactors, Scale-Up 1245J. Bryan Griffiths 58 Mass Transfer 1261Yusuf Chisti 59 Oxygen Transfer Rate Determination Methods 1303Felix Garcia-Ochoa and Emilio Gomez 60 Photobioreactors 1327Mario R. Tredici, Graziella Chini Zittelli and Liliana Rodolfi 61 Rheological Behavior of Fermentation Fluids 1347Colin R. Thomas and Grainne L. Riley 62 Rheology of Filamentous Microorganisms, Submerged Culture 1359Maria Papagianni 63 Sampling and Sample Handling for Process Control 1377Bo Mattiasson and Martin Hedström 64 Solid State Fermentation, Kinetics 1387David A. Mitchell, Deidre M. Stuart, and Robert D. Tanner 65 Solid Substrate Fermentation, Automation 1413Mario Fernández-fernández and J. Ricardo Pérez-correa 66 Stainless Steels 1427C.P. Dillon 67 Static Mixing, Fermentation Processes 1435Radu Z. Tudose and Maria Gavrilescu 68 Transfer Phenomena in Multiphase Systems 1451Rodica-Viorica Roman PART V PROCESS ANALYTICAL TECHNOLOGIES (PAT) 1469 69 Bioprocess and Fermentation Monitoring 1471Michael Pohlscheidt, Salim Charaniya, Marco Jenzsch, Christopher Bork, Tim L. Noetzel, and Andreas Luebbert 70 Flow Injection Analysis in Industrial Biotechnology 1493Elo Harald Hansen and Manuel Miró 71 Fluorescence Techniques for Bioprocess Monitoring 1511Fabienne Anton, Carsten Lindemann, Bernd Hitzmann, Kenneth F. Reardon, and Thomas Scheper 72 Off-Line Analysis in Animal Cell Culture 1523Heino Büntemeyer 73 Process Analytical Technology: Strategies for Biopharmaceuticals 1543Anurag S. Rathore and Gautam Kapoor 74 Vent Gas Analysis 1567David Pollard and Jens Christensen PART VI UPSTREAM cGMP OPERATIONS 1585 75 Antibody Manufacture, Disposable Systems 1587Regine Eibl and Dieter Eibl 76 Bioreactor Operations 1595David R. Gray 77 Bioreactors, Cell Culture, Commercial Production 1635Tan-Che Zhou, Wen-Wen Zhou, Weiwei Hu, and Jian-Jiang Zhong 78 Biotransformation, Process Optimization 1665Lutz Hilterhaus, Andreas Liese, and Udo Kragl 79 Foam Formation and Control in Bioreactors 1679Frank Delvigne and Jean-Paul Lecomte 80 Pilot Plants, Design and Operation 1695Beth H. Junker 81 Shear Sensitivity 1719Yusuf Chisti 82 Sterilization and Decontamination, Bioprocess Equipment 1763Peter L. Roberts INDEX 1781

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