The Wiley Handbook of Christianity and Education

The Wiley Handbook of Christianity and Education

Wiley Handbooks in Education 1. Aufl.

von: William Jeynes

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Verlag: Wiley-Blackwell
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Veröffentl.: 26.07.2018
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A comprehensive source that demonstrates how 21st century Christianity can interrelate with current educational trends and aspirations The Wiley Handbook of Christianity and Education provides a resource for students and scholars interested in the most important issues, trends, and developments in the relationship between Christianity and education. It offers a historical understanding of these two intertwined subjects with a view to creating a context for the myriad issues that characterize—and challenge—the relationship between Christianity and education today.  Presented in three parts, the book starts with thought-provoking essays covering major issues in Christian education such as the movement away from God in American education; the Christian paradigm based on love and character vs. academic industrial models of American education; why religion is good for society, offenders, and prisons; the resurgence of vocational exploration and its integrative potential for higher education; and more. It then looks at Christianity and education around the globe—faith-based schooling in a pluralistic democracy; religious expectations in the Latino home; church-based and community-centered higher education; etc. The third part examines how humanity is determining the relationship between Christianity and education with chapters covering the use of Christian paradigm of living and learning; enrollment, student demographic, and capacity trends in Christian schools after the introduction of private schools; empirical studies on the perceptions of intellectual diversity at elite universities in the US; and more. Provides the breadth and depth of knowledge necessary to gain a sophisticated and nuanced understanding of the complex relationship between Christianity and education and its place in contemporary society A long overdue assessment of the subject, one that takes into account the enormous changes in Christian education Presents a global consideration of the subject Examines Christian education across elementary, secondary, and post-secondary levels The Wiley Handbook of Christianity and Education will be of great interest to Christian educators in the academic world, the teaching profession, the ministry, and the college and graduate level student body.
Notes on Contributors ix Acknowledgments xv Introduction 1 Part I Major Issues in Christian Education 3 1 The Movement Away from God in American Education 5Kenneth Calvert 2 The Two Biological Parent Family, Christianity, and Economic Prosperity 43William Jeynes 3 The Christian Pastoral?Artisanal vs. Academic Industrial Models of Education in America 67David W. Robinson 4 Engaging Questions of Purpose: The Resurgence of Vocational Exploration and Its Integrative Potential for Higher Education 95Michelle C. Louis 5 Why Religion and Religious Freedom is Good for Society, Offenders, and Prisons 119Byron R. Johnson 6 The Integration of Faith Tradition and Teaching in Christian Higher Education 141Perry L. Glanzer and Nathan F. Alleman 7 A Christian Mentoring Program for Character Education of African American Teens and Young Adults from Detroit 165Lou Selzer 8 Character Education Traced Throughout American History 201Jamie Kay Jakubowski-Tungyoo and William Jeynes 9 Publicly Funded Charter Schools with Religious Ties 233Daniel Hamlin Part II Christianity and Education Around the Globe 257 10 Faith?based Schooling in a Pluralistic Democracy 259Charles L. Glenn 11 The Teaching of the Holocaust in American Evangelical Christian Schools 279William Jeynes 12 Learned Piety in a Place of Freedom: A Brief History of Liberal Education in Europe, 1200–2000 297Fred W. Beuttler 13 Religious Liberty and Educational Pluralism: Abraham Kuyper’s Principled Advocacy of School Choice 325Wendy Naylor 14 Christianity and Education: A Brazilian Perspective 355Paulo Romeiro 15 Latinx Parental Expectations in the Home: Educación and the Assets of Religiosity, Family, and Community 365Daniel D. Liou, Eric Ambroso, and Rene Antrop-González 16 Church?based and Community?centered Higher Education: Case Study of an Alternative Strategy for Delivering Faith?based General Education to the Poor Around the World 381Robert Osburn and Amanda Forbes 17 “Small Things with Great Love”: Apostle Peter’s Wisdom for Christian Educators Around the World 39Mary Poplin Part III Humanity at a Crossroads in Determining the Relationship Between Christianity and Education 417 18 The Supreme Court, 1st Amendment Religion Clauses, and Education: An Overview 419Charles J. Russo 19 Using the Christian Paradigm of Living and Learning to Rethink the Extravert Ideal 441Betty J. Talbert 20 The Dog that Didn’t Bark: Enrollment, Student Demographic, and Capacity Trends in Christian Schools after the Introduction of Private School Choice 477Dick Carpenter II and Rebecca S. Keith 21 School Choice, Worldview, and Secularism’s Blindness 513Craig S. Engelhardt 22 Education in a Catholic Key 537Timothy R. Scully, Sean McGraw, William C. Mattison III, and Louis A. DelFra 23 Minority Male Attainment: Cultivating Spiritual, Social, and Emotional Development 559Osie L. Wood, Jr. and Monica Cole-Jackson 24 Defining our Terms: Why the Vision for the Pluralistic University Depends upon a Clear and Rigorous Understanding of Pluralism 577Robert Osburn and William Jeynes 25 Christianity and Higher Education: Empirical Studies on the Perceptions of Intellectual Diversity at Elite Universities in the United States 601Mark Brow 26 Religion, Adolescent Wellbeing, and Educational Outcomes 631Tommy M. Phillips Index 649

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