The Ultimate Money Guide for Bubbles, Busts, Recession and Depression

The Ultimate Money Guide for Bubbles, Busts, Recession and Depression

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von: Martin D. Weiss

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 31.01.2011
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Updated version of the bestselling book on how to grow and protect wealth in difficult economic times Having an effective financial plan has always been important; today, it's crucial. In The Ultimate Money Guide for Bubbles, Busts, Recession, and Depression—the updated and revised edition of the bestseller, The Ultimate Depression Survival Guide—author Martin D. Weiss shows readers how to create a safe and effective financial plan for today's unpredictable economic environment. Explains why the U.S. economy continues to slump, and how persistently high unemployment and increasing government spending could lead to a far worse, double-dip recession Details how investors are missing opportunities by failing to look at overseas investments, specifically in Asia and Latin America Reveals what everyone should be doing now to protect their savings, investments, and jobs The Ultimate Ultimate Money Guide for Bubbles, Busts, Recession, and Depression answers the questions readers have about the new challenges of the "new normal," while also offering strategies to cope with the credit crunch, housing bust, and decline of the U.S. dollar.
Introduction. Chapter 1: Why the Tough Times Are Just Beginning! Chapter 2: The Government Declares War on the Financial Crisis. Chapter 3: Wall Street Deceptions, Cover-Ups, and Lies. Chapter 4: Housing: How to Escape the Greatest Bust of All Time. Chapter 5: Common Stocks: How to Avoid Big Risks and Boost Returns. Chapter 6: How Safe Is Your Bank? Chapter 7: How to Find Safe Insurance Companies. Chapter 8: How to Shop for the Best Life Insurance. Chapter 9: How to Find the Best Annuities. Chapter 10: The Safest and Most Liquid Place for Your Cash. Chapter 11: All-Weather Investments for the Best and the Worst of Times. Chapter 12: How to Profit Directly from a Market Decline. Chapter 13: How to Continue Making Money Even with the Worst Disasters. Chapter 14: When to Buy the Best Bargains of the Century. Chapter 15: Bonds: Your First Great Income Opportunity. Chapter 16: Dividends: Your Second Great Income Opportunity. Chapter 17: The Great Fork in the Road: Inflation or Deflation? Chapter 18: The Demise of the Dollar? Chapter 19: The Foundation for Recovery. Chapter 20: Future Fortunes. Notes. Acknowledgments. About the Author. Index.
Martin D. Weiss, PhD, is the founder and chairman of Weiss Ratings, Inc., the nation's leading independent rating agency, known for its stellar track record in boldly naming large companies that subsequently failed AND helping investors find those that are truly SAFE! He is the author of two other Wiley bestsellers, including The Ultimate Safe Money Guide: How Everyone 50 and Over Can Protect, Save, and Grow Their Money and Crash Profits: Make Money When Stocks Sink and Soar.
Unless you're a Wall Street banker or a Fortune 500 CEO, times are tough—tougher than they've been in eighty years. But take heart, you can survive and thrive in a global economic meltdown. And you don't need a Ph.D. in economics or a crystal ball. All you need is your own good common sense, plus the knowledge and tools this book gives you to help you protect your assets, boost your income, and build wealth even in the worst of times. Helping folks persevere through hard times is a Weiss family tradition. J. Irving Weiss, author Martin D. Weiss's father, was a legendary economist and financial advisor who accurately predicted the Great Depression and helped his grateful clients survive—and even thrive—in the worst of times. Likewise, Martin D. Weiss, founder and Chairman of the nation's leading, truly independent rating agency, has helped hundreds of thousands of investors and consumers avoid the financial dangers all around us. He not only predicted the recent debt crisis, but specifically named, well in advance, which large companies were most likely to fail, including Washington Mutual, Wachovia Bank, Fannie Mae, Lehman Brothers, General Motors and even Citigroup. Yes, the U.S. government bailed out many of the failed companies. But in this book, Weiss shows how those bailouts have created new, even greater risks for investors—unexpected events ahead that you cannot only sidestep, but also turn to your great financial advantage. In this extensively updated and expanded edition of his recent New York Times bestseller, Martin Weiss offers the same rigorous analysis and spot-on advice with which he's served his clients and subscribers so well for so many years. In plain English, he provides up-to-the-minute coverage of the very latest events sweeping the U.S. and the globe—runaway public deficits, spreading sovereign debt disasters, and the desperate attempts by governments to prop up the world economy. He: Exposes the scams and self-serving deceptions brokers, banks, insurance companies, and ratings agencies employ to hide the true risks of investments and rope investors into jeopardizing their financial futures Shows how to identify the true value of stocks, bonds, real estate, insurance, and other investments and design a strategy best suited to your goals and budget Gives step-by-step advice on stocks, bonds, real estate, and funds, as well as immunizing 401(k)s and annuities Explains the excellent investment opportunities available overseas—especially in Asia and Latin America—and how to capitalize on them Provides continual support and the latest critical information, online, with follow-up emails(sign up at Gives you a free tool for tracking a truly independent and unbiased rating of YOUR stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), banks, and insurers at Especially in times like these, you are the only one you can trust to protect your financial security. The Ultimate Money Guide for Bubbles, Busts, Recession and Depression arms you with what you need to survive and thrive, no matter what the future brings.
"Absolutely provocative! Martin Weiss's prediction of the current economic crisis is uncanny. A must-read for the investor who wants to know what happens next!"—CHRISTOPHER RUDDY, Editor, "Martin Weiss was 'the first to warn of the dangers and say so unambiguously.'"—THE NEW YORK TIMES "Depressions don't happen very often. Psychologically and practically, people are never prepared for them. Martin Weiss has done an excellent job of helping readers understand what they must do to adapt to the grim realities of a depressed economy."—BILL BONNER, President and CEO, Agora Financial LLC; bestselling author of Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets and Empire of Debt "Weiss is 'the leader in identifying vulnerable companies.'"—BARRON'S "The author's father, Irving Weiss, was a historian of deflation. It's a shame he is not around to see the result of the unrestrained credit expansion that he so consistently warned against. Fortunately, his son carried on the legacy of his father with intelligence and aplomb."—ROBERT R. PRECHTER, Jr., author of Conquer the Crash "In a lively and informative read, veteran investment analyst Martin Weiss provides meaningful insight into the financial dangers confronting us and serves up a course of action to avoid further wealth destruction."—DAN DORFMAN, financial columnist and commentator "Dr. Weiss shares with us his unequaled advice for investors during these frightening times. The valuable insight in this book is vital information for all investors looking for safe harbor in a very choppy ocean."—KEVIN KERR, Editor, Global Commodities Alert "This is Weiss's best book ever and so appropriate for the tough times! He tells all the steps we need to take now to protect ourselves and our families from financial disasters."—STEVE CROWLEY, Host, American Scene Radio and WallStreetCast "Martin's work is always clear, direct, and actionable. Read this book and you'll have a plan for growing your wealth rather than losing it in the difficult period ahead."—ADDISON WIGGIN, Executive Publisher, Agora Financial LLC; author of I.O.U.S.A.

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