The Nordstrom Way to Customer Experience Excellence

The Nordstrom Way to Customer Experience Excellence

Creating a Values-Driven Service Culture
3. Aufl.

von: Robert Spector, breAnne O. Reeves

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 04.09.2017
ISBN/EAN: 9781119375371
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"Top Ten Business Books For 2017" - Forbes The fully revised and updated edition of the classic book about Nordstrom's extraordinary customer service In this new edition of the management classic, the authors explore in-depth the core values of the culture that have made Nordstrom synonymous with legendary customer service. These essential values have enabled Nordstrom to survive and adapt to dramatic market shifts regularly since 1901, and the new edition explains how the Nordstrom approach can be emulated by any organization—in any industry—in every corner of the world. This is not a book about selling shoes or clothes or cosmetics or jewelry. It is a book about how underlying values such as respect, trust, compensation and, even fun, are the building blocks of a culture where employees are empowered to consistently deliver a world-class experience to customers. Nordstrom believes that the employee experience determines the customer experience, and that when you attract and reward people who are comfortable in a service-oriented culture, then everyone succeeds—both individually and collectively. No wonder Nordstrom is one of only five companies to make Fortune's "Best Companies to Work For" and "Most Admired" lists every year since those surveys have been taken. With new interviews from senior Nordstrom executives and family members, the book explains how to successfully respond to today's tech-savvy, time-crunched customers who demand a convenient, seamless, painless, personal experience across all channels. Nordstrom gives its frontline people all the digital tools necessary to satisfy the customer—and your organization must do the same, if it wants to adapt. The authors show what it takes to earn brand loyalty, lead through change and uncertainty, and combine extraordinary brick-and-mortar with online experiences. 'The single most important reason we try to provide great service is this: It enables us to sell more,' says co-president Blake Nordstrom, great-grandson of the founder. 'The best way for our company to achieve results is to do what's best for the customer.' In this book, readers will find: Suggestions for becoming the Nordstrom of your industry The ten values that define a customer-driven culture Lessons for providing superior service and experience across all channels
Acknowledgments Foreword (TBD) Introduction 1 Trust 2 Respect 3 Loyalty 4 Awareness 5 Humility 6 Communication and Collaboration 7 Competition and Compensation 8 Innovation and Adaptation 9 Give Back and Have Fun About RSi
ROBERT SPECTOR is co-founder of the RSi consultancy, bestselling author, international speaker, educator and advisor to organizations. He is also the author of Get Big Fast and The Mom & Pop Store. BREANNE O. REEVES is co-founder of the RSi consultancy, and has worked for over a decade in customer experience. She oversees application development and implementation to inspire and support clients as they begin the journey of becoming the Nordstrom of their industry. RSi has worked with, Starwood Hotels, Federal Reserve Bank, Indeed, Kaiser Permanente, and many small-to-medium-sized organizations.
"The stories in this book will convince you that your organization has the potential to become the Nordstrom of your industry." —HOWARD BEHAR, Retired President, Starbucks Coffee North America & Starbucks Coffee International THE NORDSTROM WAY "Culture and values drive Nordstrom's legendary customer experience. Spector and Reeves show how Nordstrom does it—and how your organization can do it, too." —SHEP HYKEN, customer service expert and New York Times bestselling author of The Amazement Revolution LEARN HOW CORE CULTURAL VALUES HELP TO CREATE WORLD-CLASS CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES ACROSS ALL CHANNELS Nordstrom has survived and thrived for almost 120 years by attracting nice, motivated people who buy into the company's values that support a culture of trust, empowerment, and continuous innovation in service to the customer. Nordstrom does not have a channel strategy; Nordstrom has a customer strategy, because today's consumers expect a seamless, painless experience with a personal touch—whether shopping digitally, physically, or a combination of both. Says Blake Nordstrom: "Everything we do is through the lens of the customer—and how we can improve the customer experience." This all-new third edition has been completely recast to detail the essential values and customer-centered philosophy of the Nordstrom Way. The employee experience determines the customer experience Communication and collaboration create clarity and teamwork that enhance relationships with customers and co-workers Innovation and adaptation are the key values for surviving and thriving Whatever your field of business, every organization has much to learn from the world's best customer experience company.

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