The Leadership Contract

The Leadership Contract

The Fine Print to Becoming an Accountable Leader
3. Aufl.

von: Vince Molinaro

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 30.10.2017
ISBN/EAN: 9781119440499
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Step up, get tough, and commit to your decision to lead The Leadership Contract provides the manual that leaders around the world need. With only seven percent of employees feeling confident in senior leadership, the problem is evident: disappointing, and often disgraceful leaders. Employees deserve better than that; organizations need better than that—and this book provides a robust framework for stepping up and making the decision to lead. This new third edition has been updated, featuring a new foreword by Adecco CEO Alain Dehaze, new findings from the Global Leadership Accountability Study, and more insights to help you chart your own path to build strong leadership accountability at a personal and organizational level. Great leadership doesn’t happen by accident. It’s more than just being in charge; it’s a decision, an obligation and potentially your legacy. Mediocre is no longer good enough—in today’s business climate, organizations need stellar leadership. If you’re not exceptional, step up or step aside — this book helps you toughen up and put your commitment to great leadership in writing for yourself as much as everyone else. Learn how a leadership contract is vital for truly accountable leadership Discover the mindset and practices needed to be a deliberate and decisive leader Communicate to inspire, motivate, and drive high performance Become the leader your organization needs today and into the future Leadership is not a birthright, not an accident, and not for everyone. It is the only differentiator between an organization’s success and failure, and it has been entrusted to you. Can you step up to the challenge? Can you execute strategy while inspiring peak performance, nurturing top talent, managing complexity, creating value, conquering uncertainty, and yes, developing new leaders? Put your name on the line—literally—by drawing up a contract for leadership accountability. The Leadership Contract provides a proven and practical framework used by companies and leaders around the world. Join them and take your leadership to next level.
Foreword Introduction Chapter 1: My Personal Leadership Story Chapter 2: What’s Wrong with Leadership Today? Chapter 3: The Leadership Accountability Gap Chapter 4: Why We Need a Leadership Contract Chapter 5: Leadership Is a Decision - Make It Chapter 6: Leadership Is an Obligation - Step Up Chapter 7: Leadership Is Hard Work - Get Tough Chapter 8: Leadership Is a Community - Connect Chapter 9: Sign the Leadership Contract Chapter 10: The Turning Points of Leadership Chapter 11: Living the Four Terms of the Leadership Contract Chapter 12: Embed the Leadership Contract in Your Organization Afterword Acknowledgments Notes About the Author About Lee Hecht Harrison About The Adecco Group
VINCE MOLINARO, PHD, is a world-renowned influencer and leadership adviser who builds strong leadership cultures with highly engaged and truly accountable leaders. He is The New York Times bestselling author of The Leadership Contract, Leadership Solutions, and The Leadership Gap. He's also the Global Managing Director of the Leadership Transformation Practice with Lee Hecht Harrison.
Over the next decade, companies across all industries will need to undergo radical transformations to survive in our rapidly evolving, digital-centric society. Those unable to become agile and adaptive will lose market share and be replaced by innovative competitors. The key to making the massive, organization-wide conversions is quality leadership, plain and simple. Right now, too many businesses don't have it. For everyone who has successfully executed change with previous editions and those preparing for it for the first time, strategic leadership authority Vince Molinaro refreshed and updated his New York Times bestselling guide, The Leadership Contract, to ensure it remains the most effective approach to becoming an accountable and high-performing leader. This new, expanded Third Edition explores why old leadership approaches are now obsolete in today's world, and gives you the widely proven strategy for earning devotion from employees and customers, along with respect from stakeholders. The bottom line is accountability. To be a genuine, magnetic leader, you first need to decide to take the lead. In Vince's singular, eye-opening style, he walks you through the entire process from theory down to the everyday actions that work. He gives you hands-on tools for making a contract with yourself to develop into the next-generation leader in demand worldwide. He brings his vast experience with globally recognized brands to his explanations in fresh, real-world stories of people upholding their commitment to themselves and others. Reflective questions in each chapter provide authoritative guidance along your way to: Answering the tough questions about why you want to lead, if you're ready to fill the role, and how committed you truly are to becoming an exceptional leader Working toward the best solutions for your customers, employees, organization, and business-area communities Finding the resilience and personal resolve to get the tough work done in the face of daily pressures Connecting with people inside and outside your organization to produce a strong community of trust, support, transparency, and accountability Now more than ever, organizations need a plan to survive disruption, and The Leadership Contract, Third Edition, gives you everything you need to compel yourself to think and act for agility.
Praise for THE LEADERSHIP CONTRACT "The Leadership Contract calls out the leadership crisis in today's world and thoughtfully lays out the ingredients to address this in each of us. Leadership is about hard work, embracing personal accountability, and remembering it is always about serving others. Molinaro is both practical and inspirational in his book and is clear if you are not ready to make a conscious choice to lead then stand aside for those who will." —Michelle DiEmanuele, president and CEO, Trillium Health Partners "The Leadership Contract is a practical guide with sound leadership principles. I have used this book with a wide range of leaders in the financial world with tremendous success. Vince's ideas continue to resonate, and I am never hesitant to hand his book to leaders in our company." —Lisa Jablonski, managing director, head of human resources, Antares Capital Inc. "Vince Molinaro's book throws the gauntlet down for leaders today. He asks them to make the commitment to principled leadership, and to step up and be truly accountable. This is a timely and important book!" —Chester Elton, motivation expert and bestselling author of All In, The Carrot Principle and What Motivates Me "Dr. Molinaro's important book challenges leaders to become more deliberate and conscious in how they lead. This approach is desperately needed in our world today. It's time for all leaders to decide to make their organizations truly great in a way that has a strong and positive impact on society." —Dr. Raj Sisodia, FW Olin distinguished professor of global business at Babson College and co-founder and co-chairman of Conscious Capitalism Inc. "The ideas in The Leadership Contract are both practical and powerful. Our leaders all over the world have responded positively to Molinaro's strong messages about leadership accountability. As a result, they are clear on what we expect from them and are stepping up to lead our company in an aligned way." —Lyne Desrochers, vice-president, organizational and talent development, SNC-Lavalin

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