The Growth Mindset

The Growth Mindset

Leadership Makes a Difference in Wealth Management
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von: Rick Capozzi

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It takes a bold approach to leadership to thrive in the era of disruption The Growth Mindset provides a roadmap to the future for financial professionals. While the FinTech revolution is changing the wealth management industry, there is one thing that technology cannot offer—the human component of advisory services. Your client can pull numbers out of a computer, but they come to you for analysis, perspective, and interpretation based on your understanding of their goals and your years of expertise. Great leadership forms strong relationships and allows you to quickly adapt the best strategies to grow assets and revenues. It understands this dynamic, understands the alignment of company culture, and realizes that the metrics for "top talent" are shifting. This book offers new perspective and expert insight for wealth management professionals looking to distinguish themselves from the competition. The focus is on being client centric and solution driven. Disruption is now the new normal, and successful leaders must be able to adapt quickly and operate with an eye toward growth. Here, you'll find expert analysis of wealth management's future, and clear guidelines for leaders who want to thrive amidst the constantly-shifting financial services landscape. Master the fundamental elements of wealth management Shift to a growth mindset and deal successfully with change Attract, develop, and retain the top talent to grow your business Offer a unique value proposition to better serve high net worth clients The wealth management industry is facing its greatest challenge to date, and whether your business fails, survives, or thrives depends on leadership. You simply cannot rely on old methods to win a brand new battle. It's time for a change in strategy, methods, processes, and approaches—are you flexible enough to bend without breaking? The Growth Mindset lights the way forward, with the leadership skills that are quickly becoming essential in the new era of wealth management.
Introduction Acknowledgments Part 1: Leadership Makes a Difference in Wealth Management Chapter 1: Communicate Effectively to Move People to Action Chapter 2: Create a Compelling Vision Chapter 3: The Right Culture Is Nonnegotiable Chapter 4: Leaders Collaborate Effectively Chapter 5: Coaching Advisors to Grow the Business Chapter 6: Credibility Is the Foundation Chapter 7: Emotional Intelligence Chapter 8: Managing Yourself and Taking Responsibility Chapter 9: Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent Chapter 10: Creating Outstanding Teams Chapter 11: Have the Courage to Lead Change Chapter 12: Leaders Are Grateful and Win Hearts and Minds Part 1 Summary: Leaders with a Growth Mindset Grow Part 2: Growing Your Wealth Management Business Chapter 13: Define Your Business Model Chapter 14: Business Development Chapter 15: Exceptional Client Experience Chapter 16: Discovery Meeting Chapter 17: A Question of Value, Not Price Chapter 18: You Are the Solution Chapter 19: Getting Into Flow Chapter 20: Change Is Difficult Chapter 21: Investment Management Part 2 Summary Part 3: What Clients Really Want Chapter 22: What’s Your Number? Chapter 23: The Good Life Conclusion Suggested Readings About the Author Index
RICK CAPOZZI is the president of Capozzi Advisory Group, LLC, a global consulting and training firm that specializes in growth strategies for wealth management businesses. His 34-year track record of success in senior leadership roles includes positions with some of the world's top firms. At Morgan Stanley, Rick managed the revenue and asset growth of 8,000 advisors as national sales manager. As a regional president at Wells Fargo, he was responsible for over $30 billion in assets under management, and at Morgan Stanley he oversaw $35 billion as the regional director. In both cases, he turned these regions from virtually last in the country to first by applying sound principles, proven strategies, and smart tactics. As Merrill Lynch's global head of business development, Rick helped the firm achieve record results. Rick has delivered over 1,200 inspirational keynotes throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.
The course of human history has repeatedly shown that success hinges on leadership. Even the best and brightest talent cannot rise to the heights of their potential in an unsupportive environment lacking the tools and culture they need to thrive. The Growth Mindset begins by outlining the critical characteristics — and practices — of exceptional leadership in wealth management. True leadership happens not by reinventing the wheel but by compiling proven techniques that have stood the test of time and merging them with fresh perspective that adds new strength amidst the industry's disruption. First and foremost is culture: growth in the FinTech era relies on the personal component of advisory services, and a culture of collaboration and credibility is essential for survival. The right culture attracts the right talent, and giving advisors a personal stake in the future of the firm empowers them to contribute more than just analysis — it inspires them to deliver world-class service that creates sustainable growth. As the wealth management landscape changes, the growth mindset becomes ever more critical — but it's only a small piece of the puzzle. This book details an actionable framework for a new era of leadership in the industry, with an emphasis on value, solutions, relationships, and trust. Become a more effective leader with a more compelling vision that inspires people to action Put the right people in the right places, and build collaborative relationships that last Deliver an exceptional client experience to emphasize value over price Become the solution by building credibility, taking responsibility, and having the courage to lead change Leading change takes courage, and leading change successfully requires careful planning and attention to the people, processes, and positions at stake. Clients want more than just a breakdown of the numbers — they want a personal experience tailored to their goals. They want the value of expertise directed toward their interests. From the business model to the discovery meeting to the day-to-day operations, today's successful wealth management firm must exude that sense of value at every turn. The Growth Mindset provides a practical blueprint for transformation from the inside out.
PRAISE FOR THE GROWTH MINDSET "From his many years as a successful financial advisor, manager and now an advisor to thousands of professionals, Rick Capozzi has evolved to become an 'oasis of knowledge'. In his book The Growth Mindset, he provides the direction required to succeed within this ever-changing financial services industry. I highly recommend his book for any successful wealth manager in order to stay ahead of what is inevitably coming. This book is your road map to success." —Joe Grano, Former Chairman and CEO, UBS "I am often asked for advice on advice. What constitutes the best thinking or best ideas in helping others achieve their financial goals? Rick Capozzi has captured the best ideas on helping others achieve sustainable growth personally and professionally. Rick brings three decades of insights that will serve as a guide for the professional or the investor seeking to achieve financial freedom. The Growth Mindset will inspire you." —Mark Casady, Former CEO, LPL Financial "This book is a must-read for every advisor and manager in the financial services industry who wants to seize the opportunity for growth in the rapidly changing environment. Rick is a student of the business and he has learned from some of the world's best thinkers and leaders. This book summarizes how the best in our industry have transformed into a growth mindset!" —John Decker, Managing Director, Head of The Headquarters Branch, UBS "Rick Capozzi is a leader who has been in the trenches delivering performance. Listen to him when he says that leadership is the key to controlling your own destiny and that of your clients in an ever changing world. This book is a must read not only for financial advisors but any aspiring leader working to climb the ladder of success!" —Mike Abrashoff, Former Commander USS Benfold, author of It's Your Ship

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