The Concise Encyclopedia of Sociology

The Concise Encyclopedia of Sociology

1. Aufl.

von: George Ritzer, J. Michael Ryan

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Verlag: Wiley-Blackwell
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 03.12.2010
ISBN/EAN: 9781444392647
Sprache: englisch
Anzahl Seiten: 800

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This concise encyclopedia is the most complete international survey of sociology ever created in one volume. Contains over 800 entries from the whole breadth of the discipline Distilled from the highly regarded Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology, with entries completely revised and updated to provide succinct and up-to-date coverage of the fundamental topics Global in scope, both in terms of topics and contributors Each entry includes references and suggestions for further reading Cross-referencing allows easy movement around the volume
Contributors. Introduction. Acknowledgments. Timeline. Lexicon. Sociology A–Z. Index.
“The editor [of The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology] has now miraculously condensed those 11 volumes into this one comparatively inexpensive paperback … As an up-to-date cheap printed reference source this book stands more or less alone … The entries are clear and comprehensible, there are some useful suggestions for further reading, the cross-referencing is good, and there is a simple straightforward index with no indentations. I am very happy to recommend this book to any student still interested in buying printed works.” (Reference Reviews, 2012)
George Ritzer is Distinguished University Professor at the University of Maryland, with awards that include the American Sociological Association's Distinguished Contribution to Teaching Award. He is the author of numerous books including The McDonaldization of Society (1993; 2008), The Globalization of Nothing (2003; 2007) Globalization: A Basic Text (2010) and the editor of The Encyclopedia of Social Theory (2005), The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology (2007), The Blackwell Companion to Globalization (2007) and the forthcoming The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Globalization. His work has been translated into over twenty languages. J. Michael Ryan is a Ph.D. candidate in sociology at the University of Maryland at College Park. He was senior managing editor of The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology (2007) and is managing editor of the online edition of that project as well as for several other forthcoming encyclopedias from Blackwell. Mike also served as managing editor of the Journal of Consumer Culture for four years. He has published more than a dozen articles and book chapters on consumption, sexuality, globalization, and social theory and has been the recipient of numerous awards for his commitment to teaching, LGBT rights, and social change.
This authoritative volume brings together several hundred of the most accomplished sociologists in the world, to create a definitive and indispensable overview of the field. The book draws on entries from the highly regarded Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology. Entries have been completely revised and updated to provide succinct and up-to-date coverage of the fundamental topics. Covering major subjects such as theory and methods, right through to current topics like sport and popular culture, and with introductions to key theorists, this concise encyclopedia is an excellent resource for scholars and essential reading for students. The most complete international survey of sociology ever created in one volume, The Concise Encyclopedia of Sociology not only summarizes the discipline, it defines it.
"Comprehensive and concise, this book is an unbeatable guide to modern sociology for faculty and students alike. Equally a major contribution to the discipline of sociology and a cornucopia of concepts, figures, and issues, it is written in authoritative but accessible language. A major triumph in the publishing world." —Bryan S. Turner, The Graduate Center, City University of New York "With entries that are intelligent and well-written, this is an impressive reference for students and others looking for up-to-date and informed explanations of sociological concepts and ideas." —Amy S. Wharton, Washington State University "An invaluable guide for anyone interested in knowing about the history of social thought and studying the social world." —Kate Nash, Goldsmiths, University of London

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