Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations

Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations

A Guide to Strengthening and Sustaining Organizational Achievement
Bryson on Strategic Planning 5. Aufl.

von: John M. Bryson

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 13.12.2017
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The essential planning resource and framework for nonprofit leaders Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations is the comprehensive, practical guide to building and sustaining a more effective organization. Solid strategy is now more important than ever, and this book provides a clear framework for designing and implementing an effective and efficient planning process. From identifying stakeholders and clarifying a shared vision, to implementing plans and revising strategies, the discussion covers all aspects of the process to help you keep your organization united and on track into the future. The field's leading authority shares insight, advice, helpful tools, and specific techniques, alongside a widely used and well-regarded approach to real-world planning. This new fifth edition includes new case studies and examples along with up-to-date resources and references, and new multimedia-related content. Innovation and creativity produce great ideas, but these ideas must be collected and organized into an actionable plan supported by a coalition of support to make your organization great. This book provides expert guidance and perspective to help you bring everything together into a workable organizational strategy. Discover an effective approach to the strategic planning process Identify issues, establish a vision, clarify mandates, and implement plans Manage the process with continual learning and revising Link unique assets and abilities to better accomplish the central mission Public and nonprofit leaders are forever striving to do more with less, and great strategic planning can help you build efficiency and effectiveness into your organization's everyday operations. Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations provides the framework and tools you need to start planning for tomorrow today.
List of Figures and Exhibits xi Preface xv Acknowledgments for the Fifth Edition xxv The Author xxix PART ONE: UNDERSTANDING THE DYNAMICS OF STRATEGIC PLANNING 1 1 Why Strategic Planning Is More Important Than Ever 3 2 The Strategy Change Cycle: An Effective Strategic Planning and Management Approach for Public and Nonprofit Organizations 35 PART TWO: KEY STEPS IN THINKING, ACTING, AND LEARNING STRATEGICALLY 75 3 Initiating and Agreeing on a Strategic Planning Process 77 4 Clarifying Organizational Mandates and Mission 115 5 Assessing the Environment to Identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Challenges 144 6 Identifying Strategic Issues Facing the Organization 187 7 Formulating and Adopting Strategies and Plans to Manage the Issues 221 8 Establishing an Effective Organizational Vision for the Future 269 9 Implementing Strategies and Plans Successfully 281 10 Reassessing and Revising Strategies and Plans 321 PART THREE: MANAGING THE PROCESS AND GETTING STARTED WITH STRATEGIC PLANNING 351 11 Leadership Roles in Making Strategic Planning Work 353 12 Getting Started with Strategic Planning 380 RESOURCES 400 Resource A: A Guide to Stakeholder Identification and Analysis Techniques 401 Resource B: Using Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Social Media in the Strategic Planning Process 424 References 461 Name Index 485 Subject Index 493
JOHN M. BRYSON is McKnight Presidential Professor of Planning and Public Affairs in the Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.
THE REVISED AND UPDATED ESSENTIAL PLANNING RESOURCE AND FRAMEWORK FOR PUBLIC AND NONPROFIT LEADERS Now in its fifth edition, Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations is the time-tested, practical guide to building and sustaining a more effective organization. Comprehensive in scope and written by John Bryson, the field's leading authority, this important text addresses the challenges facing today's leaders and managers of public and nonprofit organizations. Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations offers guidance on responding to the increasingly uncertain and interconnected environments in which organizations operate and includes information for addressing new public expectations or formal mandates, demographic and technology changes, dwindling or unpredictable resources, and much more. Bryson also covers such important topics as defining an organizations' mission, creating greater and more enduring public value, and offers information on formulating desirable strategies and implementing them effectively. The book explores John Bryson's proven strategic planning approach and clearly shows how strategic planning can improve performance. Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations offers leaders, managers, and students a detailed guide for designing and implementing the process, and contains targeted tools and techniques to make the process work. The revised fifth edition is filled with new cases and illustrative examples, updated resources, and fresh multi-media content in the accompanying instructor materials. Great strategic planning can help build efficiency, effectiveness, and other important values into any organization's overall approaches and everyday operations. Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations provides the framework and tools needed to start planning for tomorrow today.

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