Sex, Gender and the Sacred

Sex, Gender and the Sacred

Reconfiguring Religion in Gender History
Gender and History Special Issues 1. Aufl.

von: Joanna de Groot, Sue Morgan

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Sex, Gender and the Sacred presents a multi-faith, multi-disciplinary collection of essays that explore the interlocking narratives of religion and gender encompassing 4,000 years of history.  Contains readings relating to sex and religion that encompass 4,000 years of gender history Features new research in religion and gender across diverse cultures, periods, and religious traditions Presents multi-faith and multi-disciplinary perspectives with significant comparative potential Offers original theories and concepts relating to gender, religion, and sexuality Includes innovative interpretations of the connections between visual, verbal, and material aspects of particular religious traditions
Notes on Contributors vii Introduction: Beyond the ‘Religious Turn’? Past, Present and Future Perspectives in Gender History 1 JOANNA DE GROOT AND SUE MORGAN Part I: Crossing Cultures and Transnational Exchanges 1 Witches, Female Priests and Sacred Manoeuvres: (De)Stabilising Gender and Sexuality in a Cuban Religion of African Origin 31 CAROLYN E. WATSON 2 Liberal Religion and the ‘Woman Question’ between East and West: Perspectives from a Nineteenth-Century Bengali Women’s Journal 51 CLARE MIDGLEY 3 Indeterminacy in Meaning: Religious Syncretism and Dynastic Historiography in the Shann¨uren zhuan 67 YUET KEUNG LO 4 ‘All of Their Customs are Daughters of Their Religion’: Baptists in Post-Revolutionary Mexico, 1920s–present 83 KATHLEEN M. McINTYRE 5 Creating the ‘Problem Hindu’: Sati, Thuggee and Female Infanticide in India, 1800–60 104 DANIEL J. R. GREY Part II: Religion, Embodiment and Subjectivity 6 Engendering Purity and Impurity in Assyriological Studies: A Historiographical Overview 119 ´ERICA COUTO-FERREIRA AND AGN`ES GARCIA-VENTURA 7 Lamentation Motifs in Medieval Hagiography 135 ANNE E. BAILEY 8 Architecture of Desire: Mediating the Female Gaze in the Medieval English Anchorhold 150 MICHELLE M. SAUER 9 The Alluring Beauty of a Leonardesque Ideal: Masculinity and Spirituality in Renaissance Milan 170 MAYA CORRY 10 ‘Deaf to the Word’: Gender, Deafness and Protestantism in Nineteenth-Century Britain and Ireland 195 ESME CLEALL Part III: Religion, Gender and Sexuality 11 The Sexual Shame of the Chaste: ‘Abortion Miracles’ in Early Medieval Saints’ Lives 211 ZUBIN MISTRY 12 ‘Give Me Chastity’: Masculinity and Attitudes to Chastity and Celibacy in the Middle Ages 225 PAT CULLUM 13 Common Soldiers, Same-Sex Love and Religion in the Early Eighteenth-Century British Army 241 SUSAN GANE 14 ‘Dark Ecstasies’: Sex, Mysticism and Psychology in Early Twentieth-Century England 256 JOY DIXON 15 Made Flesh? Gender and Doctrine in Religious Violence in Twentieth-Century Spain 272 MARY VINCENT Part IV: Gender, Religion and Political Activity 16 Conversion Trouble: The Alawis of Hadhramawt, Empire, Gender and the Problem of Sovereignty in Nineteenth-Century South India 287 WILSON CHACKO JACOB 17 ‘Fatherland, Religion, Family’: Exploring the History of a Slogan in Greece, 1880–1930 304 EFFI GAZI 18 The More Things Change: Debating Gender and Religion in India’s Hindu Laws, 1920–2006 315 RINA VERMA WILLIAMS Index 329
Joanna de Groot is Senior Lecturer in History at the University of York and a member of the Centres for Eighteenth Century Studies, Modern Studies and Women’s Studies. Sue Morgan is Professor of Women’s and Gender History at the University of Chichester, UK. She works on the history of religion and gender and her most recent publications include the co-edited volumes Women, Gender and Religious Cultures: Britain, 1800-1940 (2010) with Jacqueline de Vries and Men, Masculinities and Religious Change in Twentieth Century Britain (2013) with Lucy Delap.
Sex, Gender and the Sacred presents a multi-faith, multi-disciplinary collection of essays that explore the interlocking narratives of religion and gender encompassing 4,000 years of history. Readings reflect the societal intersection of sexuality and religion from ancient Mesopotamia to Renaissance Milan, from Song China to post-revolutionary Mexico, from medieval Ireland to modern Spain and Cuba, and from early modern England to contemporary India. In sections dealing with the transnational dimensions of religious belief, the importance of embodiment and sexuality to spiritual subjectivity, and the politicisation of faith, the essays explore diverse periods, geographies, and communities. Contributions from experts in gender history, religion and related fields assess how religious ideas and representations have shaped both the personal , spiritual and social formations of men and women through various case studies, including Chinese and European art and iconography, same-sex desire, Indo-Islamic encounters with the British raj, cross-cultural transmissions of African and Cuban rituals, and more. Scholarly and thought-provoking, Sex, Gender and the Sacred offers important new insights into the myriad and complex issues—and inextricable links—between sexuality and religion throughout gender history.

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