Service Management For Dummies

Service Management For Dummies

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von: Judith Hurwitz, Robin Bloor, Marcia Kaufman, Fern Halper

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Verlag: For Dummies
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Veröffentl.: 11.05.2009
ISBN/EAN: 9780470529089
Sprache: englisch
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A plain-English guide to managing IT from the customer's perspective Practical guidance on delivering and managing IT so that it meets the multiple needs and demands of a company and its customers and end-users–both inside and outside the organization–is hard to come by; this accessible book takes a common-sense approach that explains exactly what IT services are and how to fit them most effectively into a business Topics include setting a framework, keeping costs down, improving efficiency, and maintaining standards and best practices This concept of how IT should be wired specifically into the goals and need of the company and its customers is part of a broader picture that includes ITIL, BPM, SOA, and Six Sigma
Introduction. Part I: Introducing Service Management. Chapter 1: Understanding Service Management. Chapter 2: Getting Inside Service Management. Chapter 3: The Customer Is King. Part II: Getting the Foundation in Place. Chapter 4: Service Management Standards and Best Practices. Chapter 5: Implementing ITIL. Chapter 6: Implementing a Service Management Strategy. Chapter 7: Launching into Service Management. Part III: Service Management Technical Foundation. Chapter 8: The Service Management Universe. Chapter 9: The Technical Foundation of Service Management. Chapter 10: Governing the Service Universe. Part IV: Nitty-Gritty Service Management. Chapter 11: Managing the Data Center. Chapter 12: Service Support and the Service Desk. Chapter 13: Desktop and Device Management. Chapter 14: Data Management in a Service Management World. Chapter 15: Virtualizing the Computing Environment. Chapter 16: IT Security and Service Management. Chapter 17: Business Service Management. Chapter 18: Planning the Evolution of the Data Center. Part V: Real Life with Service Management. Chapter 19: Manufacturing. Chapter 20: Health Care. Chapter 21: Retail. Chapter 22: Hospitality. Chapter 23: Education. Chapter 24: Service Provider. Part VI: The Part of Tens. Chapter 25: Ten Service Management Dos and Don’ts. Chapter 26: Ten Swell Service Management Resources. Glossary. Index.
Judith Hurwitz (president and CEO), Robin Bloor (partner and senior consultant), Marcia Kaufman (partner and COO), and Fern Halper (partner and senior data management strategist) are executives at Hurwitz & Associates, strategy consultants specializing in information and service management, cloud computing, and service oriented architecture. The team works with industry leaders on strategy and planning.
Manage your business from a services perspective What if technology was designed to serve the business — every time? That's service management! Done properly, it can make everybody happy — the customer, the service provider, and the business owner. Understand the value of managing your physical environments and IT systems with an integrated approach. Learn how real companies improve business performance by streamlining business processes and applying service management standards and best practices. Define service — identify what the customer wants, how the business can provide it, and which technological tools will make it happen Who's king? — whether you're the IT manager or the business owner, see how to think like the customer Standards are key — understand the standards and best practices that can improve quality and reduce costs Strategically speaking — develop and implement a service management strategy What's it worth? — assess the costs and return associated with service management Get down to business — discover how to manage data centers, support services, desktops and devices, IT security, and other business services See it at work — explore case studies of service management in the manufacturing, retail, health care, hospitality, and other business sectors Open the book and find: How the digital world has altered service Service management assets and tools Resources for best practices and standards information Advice for defining, creating, and maintaining a service management plan The six layers of service management How to optimize a data center Ideas for managing your business assets as services The role of virtualization and cloud computing

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