A Hero's Journey of Digital Disruption, Adaptation and Human Transformation
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von: Anders Sorman-Nilsson

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 17.01.2017
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Achieve brand success with smarter change management and seamless transformation Seamless is a guide for transforming your brand and heroically taking your business into the future. Customers are sick and tired of the inconvenience, friction, arrogance and grating seams they experience on their customer journeys caused by brands undergoing awkward and haphazard change. This book shows you how to remove the external and internal seams for a smooth transition between marketing channels, to provide a transformative customer journey. Anders Sörman-Nilsson, futurist and author of Digilogue (Wiley 2013), reveals the key factors to designing a cohesive and agile brand that is fit for the future. This book looks at on-the-ground implementation of Digilogue ideas, giving you a first-hand account of how emerging technology has evolved and disrupted the business landscape since 2013. You'll learn the trials and tribulations of omnichannel marketing, change leadership, start up thinking versus a heritage (and family) business legacy and why there has never been a better time to implement seamless technologies in your business. The future doesn't unfold neatly — in fact, it's often a disruptive slap in the face. Seamless is the key to a successful business future, and this book shows you how to make seamlessness work for your company, starting today. Design away the friction with transformative customer experiences Weave disparate channels and parts of a brand together into a seamless whole Take an integrative, rather than additive, approach to communications Achieve the highest level of customer intimacy, the key to customer loyalty Drive seamless change inside your organisation by designing journeys of constant adaptation Communication channels continue to proliferate, and simply adding every new flash in the pan is a sure path to ruin. You need to bring together every part of your brand into a cohesive whole, one with deliberate, strategic structure and wholeheartedly gather all your stakeholders around it. Seamless shows you how to remove the scar tissue, reveal your brand's fresh edge and meet the future curious, agile and open-minded.
About the author xv Acknowledgements xvii Prologue xix Introduction xxi 1: Status quo 3 2: Call to adventure 31 3: Refusal of the call 47 4: Meeting with the mentor 73 5: Crossing the threshold 89 6: Tests, allies and enemies 115 7: Approaching the inmost cave 133 8: Ordeal 145 9: Reward (seizing the sword) 155 10: Road back 177 11: Resurrection 197 12: Return with the elixir 211 Epilogue 229 Appendix 1: A letter from Birgitta 235 Appendix 2: A letter from Lars-Olof 239 Index 243
Anders Sörman-Nilsson (LLB/ EMBA) is the founder of Thinque— a strategy think tank that helps executives and leaders convert disruptive questions into proactive, future strategies—and the author of Digilogue. As an Australian-Swedish futurist and innovation strategist he has helped executives and leaders on 4 continents map, prepare for, and strategise for foreseeable and unpredictable futures. Since founding Thinque in 2005, he has worked with and spoken to clients like Apple, Cisco, Mercedes Benz, Hilton, SAP, Gartner and Macquarie Bank. To connect with Anders visit or
Anders sees patterns that are hidden in plain sight to the rest of us. Anders uses history to help us see the future, which makes this book approachable even if you aren't a high tech nerd. David Rohrsheim, General Manager, Uber ANZ When we are designing the magical future of banking, seamless customer journeys are core to tomorrow's transformation economy. Futurist Anders Sörman-Nilsson provides a compelling and impactful foresight into a magical future of financial possibilities. Matt Janssen, Head of Service Excellence, Westpac As business leaders seek digital answers, Anders reminds us what the question was. How can we keep customers coming back by delivering transformational results? He presents a compelling case for the importance of a great—seamless—customer journey and foresights into helping brand leaders navigate both the digital and analogue. Brendan Ives, Head of Division X, Telia Company Anders Sörman-Nilsson maps out a thought-provoking approach for turning the challenges posed by digital disruption into opportunities for business growth and innovation. This is a helpful resource, packed with creative ideas and insights that can be applied to a range of businesses. Professor David Grant, Pro Vice Chancellor (Business) Griffith University As the CEO of a digital niche bank that lives and works towards a seamless experience for all of our stakeholders and where our purpose is to provide financial seamlessness, Anders Sörman-Nilsson's book hits me and my organisation right in the heart. Stefan Alexandersson, CEO, Collector Bank In Seamless, Sörman-Nilsson addresses the heart of the imminent transition from the familiarity and comfort of our analogue world towards the excitement and promise of a digital world. The timeliness of this book, focusing on weaving together the past, the present, and the future could not be more relevant today. Nick Lazaridis, President, EMEA, HP Inc. Anders has thrown us a challenge we cannot ignore: The technology revolution now underway will either wreak havoc on the world as we know it or enhance our evolution as a species… It's up to us. We can either rush forward to embrace the future or hide in a corner in the vain hope it will pass by and leave us be. John Bell AO, OBE, AM, Founder of the Bell Shakespeare Theatre Co. and Australian Living Treasure A Fabric Flawlessly woven with F words; Family, Friends, Film, Finance, Fact, Friction and how it can help Form the Future we Foster not Fear. Far-Out Anders! Anne DasGupta, Head of Organisation Development, AMP
The way people shop and buy has fundamentally changed. Through the unique lens of the Hero's Journey, Seamless takes readers on a tour de transformation of buyers and businesses in the digital era. Brian Halligan, co-founder and CEO, Hubspot, NYSE: HUBS When the unstoppable force of Anders' furious futurist's intellect crashes into the immovable object of his mother's sense of family and tradition, sparks fly. Our hero's journey turns out to be anything but seamless. It holds lessons for all of us pushing the digital envelope in a persistently analogue world. Mike Hanley, Head of Digital Communications, World Economic Forum Anders has never been one to settle and as a result, we are all benefactors of his restless, curious nature, of his fresh ideas, well-plotted hypotheses and that ingenious way he wraps up the past, present and future into a timely, mind-bending bundle for readers to unpack. Lisa Messenger, founder and editor-in-chief of Collective Hub The future doesn't unfold seamlessly—often, it's a slap in the face. How do we shed the scar tissue keeping us locked in the status quo? Transformation can be restorative or destructive—the difference is in the approach. The future belongs to those brands that are able to weave together the past, the present and the future into a seamless and inspirational hero's journey. Seamless provides the antidote to the friction, inconvenience, arrogance and grating seams that turn customers away and cement organisational inertia. In this insightful book, author and futurist Anders Sörman-Nilsson shows you how to smooth transitions, integrate disparate channels and give your customers the streamlined experience they crave. This is your handbook for achieving a seamless future for your brand. Learn how to: design transformative customer journeys turn your customers into fans and brand advocates use your stories to develop your brand personality overcome futurephobia to inspire transformational business growth. The future belongs to those who can adapt, evolve, and embrace the future, while at the same time keeping an eye to the present and the past. Seamless provides on-the-ground perspective and critical guidance for thriving in a changing digital world.

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