Salesforce Service Cloud For Dummies

Salesforce Service Cloud For Dummies

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von: Jon Paz, T. J. Kelley

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Verlag: For Dummies
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Veröffentl.: 15.04.2015
ISBN/EAN: 9781119010692
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Learn how to provide top-grade customer service anywhere, anytime with Salesforce Service Cloud Salesforce Service Cloud empowers your service organization to interact with customers through any channel and provide an individualized experience that will be worth sharing—for your customers and for your company. Salesforce Service Cloud For Dummies is one the first books to focus specifically on Salesforce Service Cloud software. With it, you'll discover how to set up a sophisticated support center for your business in a matter of a few hours. Whether you're a service executive, manager, support agent, or system administrator, you will discover how to maximize usage of Service Cloud through best practices and step-by-step guidelines. This book will help your customer service departments gain a holistic view of the customers they serve, and provide your customers with meaningful, efficient interactions. Examines how to enable your agents to provide efficient service Discusses how to interact with customers through any channel Offers insights on improving internal communication and collaboration Shows how to resolve customer's questions in a timely manner Take advantage of this opportunity to be heard above your competition with the help of Salesforce Service Cloud For Dummies.
Introduction 1 Part I: Getting Started with Salesforce Service Cloud 5 Chapter 1: Solving Business Challenges with Service Cloud 7 Chapter 2: Navigating Service Cloud 15 Chapter 3: Personalizing Service Cloud 35 Part II: Handling Customer Issues 49 Chapter 4: Creating and Managing Cases 51 Chapter 5: Solving Cases Efficiently 69 Chapter 6: Collaborating on Cases 95 Part III: Improving Your Service Organization’s Effectiveness 111 Chapter 7: Capturing Cases in a Multi-Channel World 113 Chapter 8: Managing a Contact Center with Service Cloud Console 131 Chapter 9: Implementing the Service Cloud Console 139 Part IV: Leveraging Your Organizational Knowledge 151 Chapter 10: Planning Your Knowledge Implementation 153 Chapter 11: Setting Up Salesforce Knowledge 163 Chapter 12: Managing and Categorizing Articles 181 Part V: Recognizing When It Takes a Community 203 Chapter 13: Understanding Communities 205 Chapter 14: Creating a Community 215 Chapter 15: Optimizing Your Community 231 Part VI: Measuring Contact Center Performance 253 Chapter 16: Understanding Key Salesforce Contact Center Reports 255 Chapter 17: Customizing Reports 263 Chapter 18: Building Contact Center Dashboards 271 Part VII: Designing Your Service Solution with Forcecom 287 Chapter 19: Understanding the Configuration for Your Business 289 Chapter 20: Customizing Service Cloud with Forcecom 305 Chapter 21: Extending beyond Service Cloud 325 Part VIII: The Part of Tens 333 Chapter 22: Ten Questions to Ask Before Implementing Knowledge 335 Chapter 23: Ten Bad Habits to Leave with Your Legacy System 341 Index 347
After working with various clients and industries to implement Service Cloud, Jon Paz has witnessed first-hand the transformative value of the product and evangelizes the need for it across verticals. TJ Kelley is a partner and certified Service Cloud consultant.
Learn to: Enable your agents to provide efficient service Interact with customers through any channel Improve internal communication and collaboration Resolve customers' questions in a timely manner Provide top-notch customer service anytime, anywhere with Salesforce Service Cloud Do you want to interact with customers through any channel and provide an individualized experience that's worth sharing? Inside, you'll find everything you need to set up a sophisticated support center for your business in a matter of a few hours using Salesforce Service Cloud. Get your head in the Cloud — find out how Salesforce and Service Cloud can solve your business challenges, use the system effectively, and make it your own Make a solid case — see the entire lifecycle of case management in Service Cloud, from case creation to case closure—and everything in between Up, up, and away — wrap your mind around the customer service landscape, understand how the Service Cloud Console will transform the way your agents work, and increase agent productivity Knowledge is power — get up to speed on Knowledge, a hugely useful and often'misunderstood area of Service Cloud functionality It takes a village — take a tour of the Communities feature and discover the full power of using this feature effectively Open the book and find: Easy-to-follow guidance on getting started with Salesforce Service Cloud How to create mini-page layouts for your Service Cloud Console Steps for customizing and optimizing your communities Ways to measure contact center performance Ten questions to ask before implementing Knowledge Bad habits to leave with your legacy systems

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