Ready-to-Use Performance Appraisals

Ready-to-Use Performance Appraisals

Downloadable, Customizable Tools for Better, Faster Reviews!
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von: William S. Swan, Leslie E. Wilson

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Verlag: Wiley
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 29.06.2012
ISBN/EAN: 9781118428658
Sprache: englisch
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Performance appraisals are one of the least enjoyable duties managers face. They’re time-consuming, tedious, and require the perfect balance between criticism and praise. This collection of handy, ready-to-use performance appraisals will save you time and effort, while increasing the clarity and value of your appraisals. These customizable sample evaluations can address almost any situation.
LIST OF DOWNLOADABLE FORMS AND EVALUATION STATEMENTS. INTRODUCTION: How to Use This Book. PART I: TIPS FOR EFFECTIVE PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS. Chapter 1: Guidelines and Tips for Rating Performance. Chapter 2: The Face-to-Face Meeting: How to Deliver an Appraisal to an Employee. PART II: DOWNLOADABLE PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL FORMS. Chapter 3: A Model Annual Performance Appraisal Form. Chapter 4: Implementing the Model Annual Performance Appraisal Form. Chapter 5: Sample Forms from Different Companies. PART III: READY-TO-USE, DOWNLOADABLE, CUSTOMIZABLE EVALUATION STATEMENTS. Chapter 6: Twenty-One Top Core Competencies and Four Managerial Competencies. ABOUT THE AUTHORS.
William S. Swan, PHD, is President of Swan Consultants, Inc., and the bestselling author of How to Do a Superior Performance Appraisal, also from Wiley. Dr. Swan is also Associate Dean of Executive and Professional Education at the Peter J. Tobin College of Business at St. John's University in New York. Leslie E. Wilson, MS, is President of LEW Learning, a New York based training and consulting firm focused on assisting clients with their learning and development processes. Ms. Wilson has led large performance management projects in several Fortune 500 companies.
The better, faster, easier way to create focused, accurate, meaningful performance reviews If completing performance reviews is one of your least favorite managerial tasks, this is the resource for you. Ready-to-Use Performance Appraisals ends the struggle to find exactly the right words to describe what an employee is doing right or wrong and to strike a balance between praise and constructive criticism. Inside, you'll discover customizable, downloadable statements covering twenty-one core competencies, four managerial competencies, and three levels of performance—Exceeded Expectations, Met Expectations, and Did Not Meet Expectations. HR professionals charged with creating or recommending a new appraisal form for their company will find a ready-to-download model appraisal form that is fully adaptable to the needs of any organization. This timesaving, user-friendly resource also provides: Guidelines and tips for rating performance Practical advice on delivering performance reviews to employees A downloadable model appraisal form Tips on defining competencies, creating a rating scale, and modifying existing forms Sample performance evaluation forms from different companies Ready-to-use, downloadable evaluation statements, written in paragraph form and covering all of the core competencies most commonly used in performance management today

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