Qualitative Research Methods

Qualitative Research Methods

Collecting Evidence, Crafting Analysis, Communicating Impact
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von: Sarah J. Tracy

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Qualitative Research Methods is a comprehensive, all-inclusive resource for the theory and practice of qualitative/ethnographic research methodology. Serves as a “how-to” guide for qualitative/ethnographic research, detailing how to design a project, conduct interviews and focus groups, interpret and analyze data, and represent it in a compelling manner Demonstrates how qualitative data can be systematically utilized to address pressing personal, organizational, and social problems Written in an engaging style, with in-depth examples from the author’s own practice Comprehensive companion website includes sample syllabi, lesson plans, a list of helpful website links, test bank and exam review materials, and exercises and worksheets, available upon publication at
Detailed contents viii Preface: is this book for me? xiv 1 Developing contextual research that matters 1 2 Entering the conversation of qualitative research 20 3 Paradigmatic reflections and theoretical foundations 37 4 Fieldwork and fieldplay: Negotiating access and exploring the scene 64 5 Proposal writing: Explaining your research to institutional review boards, instructors, supervisory committees, and funding agencies 87 6 Field roles, fieldnotes, and field focus 105 7 Interview planning and design: Sampling, recruiting, and questioning 130 8 Interview practice: Embodied, mediated, and focus-group approaches 157 9 Data analysis basics: A pragmatic iterative approach 183 10 Advanced data analysis: The art and magic of interpretation 203 11 Qualitative quality: Creating a credible, ethical, significant study 227 12 Writing Part 1: The nuts and bolts of qualitative tales 251 13 Writing Part 2: Drafting, polishing, and publishing 273 14 Qualitative methodology matters: Exiting and communicating impact 296 Appendix A Fieldnote 315 Appendix B Focus group guide 317 Appendix C Interview transcription excerpts 321 References 325 Index 341
“This book provides a detailed step-by-step explanation of qualitative data gathering, analysis, and writing, and provides the approach to evaluating qualitative quality. It is designed to provide enough methodological details to be helpful to graduate students and advanced scholars, and is a comprehensive resource for the theoretical undergrounds and practical conduct of methodology.” (NeoPopRealism Journal, 1 August 2013)
Sarah J. Tracy is Associate Professor of Human Communication at Arizona State University-Tempe. She has contributed more than 50 essays to such publications as Qualitative Inquiry, Communication Monographs, Management Communication Quarterly, and others. Dr. Tracy's research has garnered international acclaim and she regularly serves as qualitative methodology expert for granted research.
Qualitative Research Methods is a comprehensive, all-inclusive resource for the theoretical underpinnings and practical conduct of qualitative methodology. Along with providing clear and concise guidance on how to design and theoretically ground research studies, write up proposals, and navigate institutional review boards, qualitative methodology expert Sarah J. Tracy also offers invaluable tips for recruiting participants, practicing fieldwork, and conducting interviews and focus groups. Easy-to-follow steps are provided for iterative data analysis, describing in detail how to move between theory and data in primary, secondary, and advanced coding cycles, and in doing so, make meaning from mounds of data. Finally, the book provides insight on multiple ways to write and represent qualitative research for the greatest scholarly and social impact. Featuring an engaging writing style, in-depth examples from the author’s own practice and a variety of topic areas, and a wealth of supplemental materials to enhance clarity, Qualitative Research Methods is an essential resource for novice and experienced researchers alike. A comprehensive companion website with sample syllabi, lesson plans, a list of helpful website links, test bank and exam review materials, and exercises and worksheets will be available upon publication at
“Sarah Tracy has crafted an arresting and energetic field guide for those undertaking qualitative work in a wide variety of research areas. Comprehensive and eclectic yet full of solid tips and engaging examples. A good read for the experienced qualitative researcher and a most practical and thoughtful one for the uninitiated.” - John Van Maanen, Erwin H. Schell Professor of Organization Studies, MIT “I can’t wait to teach qualitative methods again, just so I can use Sarah Tracy’s well-researched, readable, and comprehensive book. Rarely has a text so successfully connected personal experience with engaging and storied plotlines, practical advice, and conceptual and analytic development. Perfect for demonstrating the value of all approaches, it’s a winner in every way. Those in Communication—all fields really—are in for a real treat!” - Carolyn Ellis, University of South Florida

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