Sociological Perspectives

Second edition


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Acknowledgements to the second edition

As ever, there are so many people to thank. I have been immensely lucky to work with fantastic colleagues and students at Newcastle and I am glad to have this opportunity to acknowledge my indebtedness to all of them. I want especially to thank Anselma Gallinat, Ruth Graham, Geoff Payne, Peter Phillimore, Judy Richards and Jackie Leach Scully for their unfailing support, humour and generosity. Thanks too to my PhD students, and to students on my undergraduate and postgraduate modules on identity, on whom I tried out many of the ideas for the book. I have learned so much from all of them. Thanks to Jonathan Skerrett at Polity for suggesting this second edition, and for his encouragement and patience throughout; and to Caroline Richmond, whose elegant copy-editing greatly improved the text.

To Tom Lawler, Maureen Lawler and Noreen Moore, my thanks for everything. For their encouragement, support and inspiration, enormous and heartfelt thanks to Laura Higgins, Paul Johnson, Mariam Motamedi Fraser, Sue Parker, Ian Roberts and Beverley Skeggs. Toby, Lisa and Leon Griffiths, and Rose, Guy and Charlie Stoker have lit up my life. For this and for everything else, I thank them.

My greatest debt throughout the writing of this book has been to David Chaney, and it is in recognition of his constant emotional and intellectual sustenance that I dedicate the book to him.