Ratio Book Series

Each book in the series is devoted to a philosophical topic of particular contemporary interest, and features invited contributions from leading authorities in the chosen fi eld.

Volumes published so far:

Philosophy of Literature, edited by Severin Schroeder

Essays on Derek Parfi t’s On What Matters, edited by Jussi Suikkanen and John Cottingham

Justice, Equality and Constructivism, edited by Brian Feltham

Wittgenstein and Reason, edited by John Preston

The Meaning of Theism, edited by John Cottingham

Metaphysics in Science, edited by Alice Drewery

The Self?, edited by Galen Strawson

On What We Owe to Each Other, edited by Philip Stratton-Lake

The Philosophy of Body, edited by Mike Proudfoot

Meaning and Representation, edited by Emma Borg

Arguing with Derrida, edited by Simon Glendinning

Normativity, edited by Jonathan Dancy



Maximilian de Gaynesford

Department of Philosophy

University of Reading

Peter Kivy

Rutgers University

New Brunswick

Peter Lamarque

Department of Philosophy

University of York

Stein Haugom Olsen

Østfold University College


M. W. Rowe

School of Philosophy

University of East Anglia


Martin Warner

Centre for Research in Philosophy and Literature

University of Warwick



Versions of four of the papers in this collection (those by Peter Kivy, Peter Lamarque, M. W. Rowe, and Martin Warner) were presented to the one-day Ratio conference on ‘Philosophy of Literature’, held at the University of Reading in April 2008. The papers by Maximilian de Gaynesford and Stein Haugom Olsen were contributions invited for this volume.

Severin Schroeder

Department of Philosophy

University of Reading