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Chapter 1: Self-Regulation Processes and Thriving in Childhood and Adolescence: A View of the Issues

Organismic and Intentional Self-Regulation

An Overview of the Present Volume


Chapter 2: When Everything New Is Well-Forgotten Old: Vygotsky/Luria Insights in the Development of Executive Functions

A Vygotsky/Luria Approach to Neuropsychology

Executive Functions as an Example of a Psychological System

A Vygotsky/Luria-Based Approach to Instructional Interventions

Tools of the Mind


Chapter 3: Self-Regulation and Academic Achievement in Elementary School Children

Self-Regulation in a Theoretical Context

Relational Developmental Systems Perspective and Self-Regulation

Definitions of Self-Regulation

The Importance of Self-Regulation for School Success

Self-Regulation, Social Competence, and Engagement

Self-Regulation in the Context of Risk

Methodological Challenges

Recent Advances in Measuring Self-Regulation

Implications and Future Directions for Research and Intervention

Chapter 4: Influences of Children’s and Adolescents’ Action-Control Processes on School Achievement, Peer Relationships, and Coping with Challenging Life Events

Action-Control Perspectives

Action-Control Beliefs and Positive Development

Control Expectancy and Positive Development

Agency Beliefs and Positive Development

Means-Ends Beliefs and Positive Development


Chapter 5: Intentional Self-Regulation, Ecological Assets, and Thriving in Adolescence: A Developmental Systems Model

Intentional Self-Regulation During Adolescence

The SOC Model

The Study of Intentional Self-Regulation and Thriving in Adolescence: The 4-H Study of Positive Youth Development

Future Directions for Research and Application

Chapter 6: A Life-Span, Relational, Public Health Model of Self-Regulation: Impact on Individual and Community Health

Self-Regulation Impacting the Individual and the Community

Recognizing and Addressing the Role of Context

Infant Mortality: An Example of an Intergenerational Transfer of Risk

Next Steps

Chapter 7: Adolescents’ Conscious Processes of Developing Regulation: Learning to Appraise Challenges

Challenges Experienced by Youth

Adolescents’ Use of Higher-Order Thinking in Appraisals of Challenges

Producing One’s Own Development


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