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Reality TV

June Deery


For Alanna, John, and Doug


I am very grateful to friends and colleagues at Rensselaer who in the last few years have offered encouragement and advice: especially Ellen Esrock, Katya Haskins, Jim Zappen, Pat Search, and Debbie Kaminski. Thanks also to Patricia Murphy for keeping me in touch with the British scene, as well as our past. A sabbatical enabled me to get this project off the ground and I wish to acknowledge this gift of time and support from Dean Mary Simoni and RPI.

My thanks go to Laurie Ouellette, Misha Kavka, James Hay, Vicki Mayer, and John Corner for their inspiration, encouragement, and correspondence regarding reality TV and to Brenda Weber for organizing a stimulating conference devoted to the subject. I am grateful to Britney Summit-Gil and Jackie Bowler for feedback on the introduction and to Mark Maiellaro and Xander Cesari for their technical help. I also wish to thank the anonymous reviewers who helped me improve the manuscript and the understanding editorial staff at Polity, especially Andrea Drugan, Elen Griffiths and Ian Tuttle. It was a pleasure working with you and I appreciate your being so decent about word limits and deadlines. To Heather, Paul, and everyone at Ellis Oncology Radiology, my thanks for being extraordinarily kind and upbeat during a difficult time. Thanks also to my extended family in Northern Ireland for their good wishes and good craic.

Final thanks I owe to Alanna and John for tolerating people who write books and to Doug who has witnessed another difficult birth.

Also thanks, John, for all the fish.