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The Future of Capitalism series

Danny Dorling, Do We Need Economic Inequality? Steve Keen, Can We Avoid Another Financial Crisis? Malcolm Sawyer, Can the Euro be Saved?

Do We Need Economic Inequality?

Danny Dorling


To Alison Dorling


Thanks are due to three anonymous referees, and Will Davies, David Dorling, Aniko Horvath and Terry Wrigley for comments on various drafts of this book. George Owers at Polity commissioned the book and also commented extensively and very positively on both earlier and later drafts. Rachel Moore very competently saw it through production, correcting many errors, and Caroline Burkitt proofread all the text. Miles Corak of the University of Ottawa, Andy Hood of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, Michael Clemence and Gideon Skinner of Ipsos Mori, and Peter Lindert of the University of California kindly gave permission for their figures to be redrawn for use in this book; and Adam Keefe drew up the first draft of figure 5.2. Ailsa Allan kindly drew up the final versions of Figures 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 6.2, 6.3 and 8.1. Many others have pointed me towards much of the new material shown in these pages in various correspondences over recent years. I am grateful for a large number of emails and suggestions and apologize for not dutifully recording all this correspondence – often from people I had never before met. If you recognize a reference to a piece of pertinent information you have sent to me – thank you ever so much! As always, all help is gratefully received but all errors are my responsibility.