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Wiley‐ASME Press Series List

Stress in ASME Pressure Vessels, Boilers, and Nuclear ComponentsJawadOctober 2017
Robust Adaptive Control for Fractional-Order Systems with Disturbance and SaturationShiNovember 2017
Robot Manipulator Redundancy ResolutionZhangOctober 2017
Combined Cooling, Heating, and Power Systems: Modeling, Optimization, and OperationShiAugust 2017
Applications of Mathematical Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Models in Engineering and MedicineDorfmanFebruary 2017
Bioprocessing Piping and Equipment Design: A Companion Guide for the ASME BPE StandardHuittDecember 2016
Nonlinear Regression Modeling for Engineering ApplicationsRhinehartSeptember 2016
Fundamentals of Mechanical Vibrations CaiMay 2016
Introduction to Dynamics and Control of Mechanical Engineering SystemsToMarch 2016


Maan H. Jawad, Ph.D., P.E.

Global Engineering & Technology, Inc.

Camas, WA, USA


Series Preface

The Wiley‐ASME Press Series in Mechanical Engineering brings together two established leaders in mechanical engineering publishing to deliver high‐quality, peer‐reviewed books covering topics of current interest to engineers and researchers worldwide. The series publishes across the breadth of mechanical engineering, comprising research, design and development, and manufacturing. It includes monographs, references, and course texts. Prospective topics include emerging and advanced technologies in engineering design, computer‐aided design, energy conversion and resources, heat transfer, manufacturing and processing, systems and devices, renewable energy, robotics, and biotechnology.


The author would like to thank Mr. Donald Lange of the CIC Group and Bernard Wicklein and Grace Fechter of the Nooter Corporation in St. Louis, Missouri, for their support. Special thanks are also given to Dr Chithranjan Nadarajah for providing the finite element analysis of the quadratic element in Chapter 11.