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Key Concepts Series

  1. Barbara Adam, Time
  2. Alan Aldridge, Consumption
  3. Alan Aldridge, The Market
  4. Jakob Arnoldi, Risk
  5. Will Atkinson, Class
  6. Colin Barnes and Geof Mercer, Disability
  7. Darin Barney, The Network Society
  8. Mildred Blaxter, Health 2nd edition
  9. Harriet Bradley, Gender 2nd edition
  10. Harry Brighouse, Justice
  11. Mónica Brito Vieira and David Runciman, Representation
  12. Steve Bruce, Fundamentalism 2nd edition
  13. Joan Busfield, Mental Illness
  14. Margaret Canovan, The People
  15. Andrew Jason Cohen, Toleration
  16. Alejandro Colás, Empire
  17. Patricia Hill Collins and Sirma Bilge, Intersectionality
  18. Mary Daly, Welfare
  19. Anthony Elliott, Concepts of the Self 3rd edition
  20. Steve Fenton, Ethnicity 2nd edition
  21. Katrin Flikschuh, Freedom
  22. Michael Freeman, Human Rights 3rd edition
  23. Russell Hardin, Trust
  24. Geoffrey Ingham, Capitalism
  25. Fred Inglis, Culture
  26. Robert H. Jackson, Sovereignty
  27. Jennifer Jackson Preece, Minority Rights
  28. Gill Jones, Youth
  29. Paul Kelly, Liberalism
  30. Anne Mette Kjær, Governance
  31. Ruth Lister, Poverty
  32. Jon Mandle, Global Justice
  33. Cillian McBride, Recognition
  34. Anthony Payne and Nicola Phillips, Development
  35. Judith Phillips, Care
  36. Chris Phillipson, Ageing
  37. Robert Reiner, Crime
  38. Michael Saward, Democracy
  39. John Scott, Power
  40. Timothy J. Sinclair, Global Governance
  41. Anthony D. Smith, Nationalism 2nd edition
  42. Deborah Stevenson, The City
  43. Leslie Paul Thiele, Sustainability 2nd edition
  44. Steven Peter Vallas, Work
  45. Stuart White, Equality
  46. Michael Wyness, Childhood
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In writing this book, we have benefited from the help and insights of Melinda Cooper and David Primrose, as well as our colleagues in the Department of Political Economy, a collective of critically minded scholars of which we are proud to be part. Although this study does not deal with neoliberalism in the university, the managerial animosity that the mere existence of the department has provoked since we both joined about a decade ago stands as a constant reminder of the relevance of neoliberalism. Many thanks to Colin Crouch and one other anonymous referee, who offered very helpful comments on the manuscript. Louise Knight and Nekane Tanaka Galdos expertly guided the book to publication, offering both patience and encouragement when needed. Tim Clark did a wonderful job copy-editing the manuscript. Martijn Konings gratefully acknowledges research support from the Australian Research Council under grant number DE120100213. We would each like to thank our families for their love, patience and support.