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Blackwell Companions to Philosophy

This outstanding student reference series offers a comprehensive and authoritative survey of philosophy as a whole. Written by today’s leading philosophers, each volume provides lucid and engaging coverage of the key figures, terms, topics, and problems of the field. Taken together, the volumes provide the ideal basis for course use, representing an unparalleled work of reference for students and specialists alike.

Already published in the series:

  1. The Blackwell Companion to Philosophy, Second Edition
    Edited by Nicholas Bunnin and Eric Tsui‐James
  2. A Companion to Ethics
    Edited by Peter Singer
  3. A Companion to Aesthetics, Second Edition
    Edited by Stephen Davies, Kathleen Marie Higgins, Robert Hopkins, Robert Stecker, and David E. Cooper
  4. A Companion to Epistemology, Second Edition
    Edited by Jonathan Dancy, Ernest Sosa, and Matthias Steup
  5. A Companion to Contemporary Political Philosophy (two‐volume set), Second Edition
    Edited by Robert E. Goodin and Philip Pettit
  6. A Companion to Philosophy of Mind
    Edited by Samuel Guttenplan
  7. A Companion to Metaphysics, Second Edition
    Edited by Jaegwon Kim, Ernest Sosa, and Gary S. Rosenkrantz
  8. A Companion to Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory, Second Edition
    Edited by Dennis Patterson
  9. A Companion to Philosophy of Religion, Second Edition
    Edited by Charles Taliaferro, Paul Draper, and Philip L. Quinn
  10. A Companion to the Philosophy of Language
    Edited by Bob Hale and Crispin Wright
  11. A Companion to World Philosophies
    Edited by Eliot Deutsch and Ron Bontekoe
  12. A Companion to Continental Philosophy
    Edited by Simon Critchley and William Schroeder
  13. A Companion to Feminist Philosophy
    Edited by Alison M. Jaggar and Iris Marion Young
  14. A Companion to Cognitive Science
    Edited by William Bechtel and George Graham
  15. A Companion to Bioethics, Second Edition
    Edited by Helga Kuhse and Peter Singer
  16. A Companion to the Philosophers
    Edited by Robert L. Arrington
  17. A Companion to Business Ethics
    Edited by Robert E. Frederick
  18. A Companion to the Philosophy of Science
    Edited by W. H. Newton‐Smith
  19. A Companion to Environmental Philosophy
    Edited by Dale Jamieson
  20. A Companion to Analytic Philosophy
    Edited by A. P. Martinich and David Sosa
  21. A Companion to Genethics
    Edited by Justine Burley and John Harris
  22. A Companion to Philosophical Logic
    Edited by Dale Jacquette
  23. A Companion to Early Modern Philosophy
    Edited by Steven Nadler
  24. A Companion to Philosophy in the Middle Ages
    Edited by Jorge J. E. Gracia and Timothy B. Noone
  25. A Companion to African‐American Philosophy
    Edited by Tommy L. Lott and John P. Pittman
  26. A Companion to Applied Ethics
    Edited by R. G. Frey and Christopher Heath Wellman
  27. A Companion to the Philosophy of Education
    Edited by Randall Curren
  28. A Companion to African Philosophy
    Edited by Kwasi Wiredu
  29. A Companion to Heidegger
    Edited by Hubert L. Dreyfus and Mark A. Wrathall
  30. A Companion to Rationalism
    Edited by Alan Nelson
  31. A Companion to Pragmatism
    Edited by John R. Shook and Joseph Margolis
  32. A Companion to Ancient Philosophy
    Edited by Mary Louise Gill and Pierre Pellegrin
  33. A Companion to Nietzsche
    Edited by Keith Ansell Pearson
  34. A Companion to Socrates
    Edited by Sara Ahbel‐Rappe and Rachana Kamtekar
  35. A Companion to Phenomenology and Existentialism
    Edited by Hubert L. Dreyfus and Mark A. Wrathall
  36. A Companion to Kant
    Edited by Graham Bird
  37. A Companion to Plato
    Edited by Hugh H. Benson
  38. A Companion to Descartes
    Edited by Janet Broughton and John Carriero
  39. A Companion to the Philosophy of Biology
    Edited by Sahotra Sarkar and Anya Plutynski
  40. A Companion to Hume
    Edited by Elizabeth S. Radcliffe
  41. A Companion to the Philosophy of History and Historiography
    Edited by Aviezer Tucker
  42. A Companion to Aristotle
    Edited by Georgios Anagnostopoulos
  43. A Companion to the Philosophy of Technology
    Edited by Jan‐Kyrre Berg Olsen, Stig Andur Pedersen, and Vincent F. Hendricks
  44. A Companion to Latin American Philosophy
    Edited by Susana Nuccetelli, Ofelia Schutte, and Otávio Bueno
  45. A Companion to the Philosophy of Literature
    Edited by Garry L. Hagberg and Walter Jost
  46. A Companion to the Philosophy of Action
    Edited by Timothy O’Connor and Constantine Sandis
  47. A Companion to Relativism
    Edited by Steven D. Hales
  48. A Companion to Hegel
    Edited by Stephen Houlgate and Michael Baur
  49. A Companion to Schopenhauer
    Edited by Bart Vandenabeele
  50. A Companion to Buddhist Philosophy
    Edited by Steven M. Emmanuel
  51. A Companion to Foucault
    Edited by Christopher Falzon, Timothy O’Leary, and Jana Sawicki
  52. A Companion to the Philosophy of Time
    Edited by Heather Dyke and Adrian Bardon
  53. A Companion to Donald Davidson
    Edited by Ernest Lepore and Kirk Ludwig
  54. A Companion to Rawls
    Edited by Jon Mandle and David Reidy
  55. A Companion to W. V. O Quine
    Edited by Gilbert Harman and Ernest Lepore
  56. A Companion to Derrida
    Edited by Zeynep Direk and Leonard Lawlor
  57. A Companion to David Lewis
    Edited by Barry Loewer and Jonathan Schaffer
  58. A Companion to Kierkegaard
    Edited by Jon Stewart
  59. A Companion to Locke
    Edited by Matthew Stuart
  60. The Blackwell Companion to Hermeneutics
    Edited by Niall Keane and Chris Lawn
  61. A Companion to Ayn Rand
    Edited by Allan Gotthelf and Gregory Salmieri
  62. The Blackwell Companion to Naturalism
    Edited by Kelly James Clark
  63. A Companion to the Philosophy of Language (two‐volume set), Second Edition
    Edited by Bob Hale
  64. A Companion to Mill
    Edited by Christopher Macleod and Dale E. Miller
  65. A Concise Companion to Confucius
    Edited by Paul R. Goldin

A Concise Companion to Confucius

Edited by
Paul R. Goldin


Notes on Contributors

Alan K. L. Chan is Professor of Humanities and Dean of the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. With research interests in both Confucianism and Daoism, he is a founding editorial board member of Oxford Bibliographies: Chinese Studies. His MOOC, “Explorations in Confucian Philosophy,” will soon be launched on Coursera.

Erin M. Cline is Associate Professor of Comparative Ethics in the Department of Theology at Georgetown University, where she teaches Chinese and Comparative Philosophy and Religion. She is the author of Confucius, Rawls, and the Sense of Justice (2013) and Families of Virtue: Confucian and Western Views on Childhood Development (2015).

Scott Cook 顧史考 is Tan Chin Tuan Professor of Chinese Studies at Yale–NUS College in Singapore. His works include The Bamboo Texts of Guodian: A Study and Complete Translation (2012) and Guodian Chujian xian‐Qin rushu hongweiguan 郭店楚簡先秦儒書宏微觀 (2006), among others.

Paul R. Goldin is Professor of East Asian Languages & Civilizations at the University of Pennsylvania. He is the author of Rituals of the Way: The Philosophy of Xunzi (1999); The Culture of Sex in Ancient China (2002); After Confucius: Studies in Early Chinese Philosophy (2005); and Confucianism (2011). In addition, he has edited the revised edition of R.H. van Gulik's classic study, Sexual Life in Ancient China (2003), and has co‐edited three other books on Chinese culture and political philosophy.

Yong Huang is Professor of Philosophy at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is the editor of Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy and Dao Companions to Chinese Philosophy (a book series). His research interests include ethics, political philosophy, and Chinese and comparative philosophy.

Michael Hunter is an Assistant Professor of East Asian Languages and Literatures at Yale University. He received his PhD from Princeton University’s Department of East Asian Studies.

Anne Behnke Kinney is Professor of Chinese in the Department of East Asian Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at the University of Virginia. Her publications include Representations of Childhood and Youth in Early China and Exemplary Women of Early China: The Lienü zhuan of Liu Xiang.

Miaw‐fen Lu is a Research Fellow in the Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica. Her major research interests lie in intellectual and cultural history in late imperial China. She is the author of The Wang Yangming School during the Ming Dynasty and Ruling All under Heaven with Filial Piety (both in Chinese).

Zhao Lu is Research Fellow on the project “Fate, Freedom, and Prognostication: Strategies for Coping with the Future in East Asia and Europe” at the International Consortium for Research in the Humanities, Friedrich‐Alexander‐University, Erlangen‐Nuremberg, Germany. His research focuses on the images of Confucius and classicism in early imperial China.

Julia K. Murray is Professor Emerita of Art History, East Asian Studies, and Religious Studies at the University of Wisconsin and is affiliated with the Fairbank Center at Harvard University. She has published extensively on visual and material culture associated with the worship of Confucius and on Chinese narrative illustration.

On‐cho Ng is Professor of History, Asian Studies, and Philosophy at Pennsylvania State

University, where he also heads the Department of Asian Studies. His many publications address a variety of topics, including late imperial Chinese intellectual history, and Confucian historiography, hermeneutics, religiousness, and ethics.

Yuri Pines, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, focuses on early Chinese political thought and traditional Chinese political culture. Among his publications are Foundations of Confucian Thought (2002), Envisioning Eternal Empire (2009), The Everlasting Empire (2012), and translation and study of The Book of Lord Shang (2017).

Sarah A. Queen is Professor of History at Connecticut College. She is the author of From Chronicle to Canon, co‐translator with John S. Major, of Luxuriant Gems of the Spring and Autumn, and co‐editor with Paul van Els, of Between History and Philosophy: Anecdotes in Early China.

Thomas Radice is Associate Professor of History at Southern Connecticut State University, specializing in early Chinese intellectual history. He has published articles and book reviews in Asian Philosophy, Dao, and Sino‐Platonic Papers, and is currently working on a book manuscript about ritual performance in early Chinese thought.

Kwong‐loi Shun teaches philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley. His main research interests are moral psychology and Confucian thought. He has been working on a multivolume work on Confucian thought, and the first volume, Mencius and Early Chinese Thought, was published in 1997. He has been Professor of Philosophy and a university administrator at the University of California Berkeley, University of Toronto, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

John A. Tucker is Professor of History at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. His research focuses on Tokugawa Confucianism, as well as ways in which Tokugawa Confucianism and its philosophical byproducts surfaced in later Japanese history. Tucker is the author of a translation study of Itō Jinsai’s Gomō jigi (1998) and Ogyū Sorai’s Bendō and Benmei (2006). He edited Critical Readings on Japanese Confucianism (2012); and co‐edited, with Chun‐chieh Huang, Dao Companion to Japanese Confucian Philosophy (2014).

Q. Edward Wang is Professor of History at Rowan University and Changjiang Professor at Peking University (2007–present). Among his publications are Inventing China through History: the May Fourth Approach to Historiography and Chopsticks: A Cultural and Culinary History. He also serves as editor of Chinese Studies in History.

Oliver Weingarten, PhD (Cantab), is Research Fellow at the Oriental Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague. He has published on textual traditions and the intellectual history of the pre‐imperial era in the Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies, the Journal of the American Oriental Society, the Bulletin of the School or Oriental and African Studies, and the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society. His current research focuses on two topics: courage, confrontation and violence in early China, and textual structures, especially potential mnemonic features, of early Chinese writings.