Power Questions to Win the Sale

Power Questions to Win the Sale

Overcoming Nine Critical Sales Challenges
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von: Andrew Sobel

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Verlag: Wiley
Format: PDF
Veröffentl.: 16.04.2013
ISBN/EAN: 9781118651056
Sprache: englisch
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Use the power of questions to accelerate your sales process and gain client commitment. Skillfully build rapport. Establish your credibility. Uncover a client’s issues. Determine if your prospect is really ready to buy. Get commitment to a next step.  Power Questions to Win the Sale provides specific strategies and techniques to help you successfully manage the most common challenges in sales. For each step in the sales process, it gives you a series of thoughtful questions that will help you rapidly turn a contact into a client.   Drawing on the author’s bestselling Power Questions, this short e-book shows you how to: Sequence your agenda and use questions at the right moments in the sales process Establish yourself as an expert through credibility-building questions rather than slide presentations Draw out the client’s agenda of essential priorities and goals Position your proposal to win by meeting eight key preconditions before you submit it Unblock a sale that is stalled Power Questions to Win the Sale is a practical roadmap for balancing advocacy and inquiry during the sales process and winning new business more consistently and confidently. 
Chapter 1 You Can Build Big Relationships with Little Questions 1 Chapter 2 The Secret to Building Clients for Life 3 Chapter 3 Strategy One: Pick the Right Clients 5 Chapter 4 Strategy Two: Invest to Grow 9 Chapter 5 Strategy Three: Get to Know Your Clients as People 15 Chapter 6 Strategy Four: Build Relationships at the Top 17 Chapter 7 Strategy Five: Engage in Client Account Planning 21 Chapter 8 Strategy Six: Use a Crisis to Deepen Your Relationship 23 Chapter 9 Strategy Seven: Add More Value 27 Chapter 10 Strategy Eight: Multiply Your Relationships 31 Chapter 11 Strategy Nine: Assess Your Relationship Health 35 Chapter 12 Four Questions for You 39 Excerpt from Power Questions About the Author 41

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