Postpartum Depression For Dummies

Postpartum Depression For Dummies

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von: Shoshana S. Bennett, Mary Jo Codey

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Verlag: For Dummies
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Veröffentl.: 16.04.2007
ISBN/EAN: 9780470131831
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It's a great blessing when a new mom with postpartum depression (PPD) is fortunate enough to be diagnosed early by a knowledgeable medical practitioner or therapist. But without guidance, it isn't always clear where the boundary between normal baby blues and PPD lies. As with any other illness, the quicker that PPD is identified and treated, the faster the woman will recover. Postpartum Depression For Dummies can help you begin the process of determining what’s going on with you and give you a better idea of where you fall so that you can get yourself into proper treatment right away. The book covers all aspects of PPD, from its history and its origins to its effects on women and their families to the wide variety of treatments available—including conventional Western medicine, psychological therapy, alternative medical treatments, and self-care measures. Postpartum Depression For Dummies reveals: Why some doctors may be hush-hush about PPD How to distinguish between pregnancy hormone changes, "baby blues," and PPD The difficulties of getting a proper diagnosis The role and importance of a therapist The benefits of medication for depression Alternative treatments with  a successful track record How to find the right balance of psychological, medical, and alternative treatment Ways you can help foster recovery The nutrition you need to care for yourself properly How to help your partner help you Postpartum Depression For Dummies also provides the additional resources you need—web sites, organizations, and further reading—to help avoid the unnecessary suffering caused by undiagnosed and untreated PPD and survive and thrive as a new mom.
Foreword. Introduction. Part I: Bringing Postpartum Depression into the Light: What It’s All About. Chapter 1: The Big Adjustment:Welcome to Motherhood. Chapter 2: These Ain’t No Baby Blues: PPD, Up Close and Personal. Chapter 3: You Mean There’s More? Five Related Postpartum Disorders. Part II: The Three Little Letters: PPD and You. Chapter 4: Looking Within: Is PPD Your Big Bad Wolf? Chapter 5: A Professional Assessment: What’s Huffing and Puffing at Your Mind’s Door? Chapter 6: Seeking Out a Therapist to Keep Your Proverbial House Standing. Part III: Diagnosis Confirmed: Looking at the Treatment Options for PPD. Chapter 7: Venting Your Mind and Heart: Psychological Treatment. Chapter 8: Counteracting a Chemical Cause: Medical Treatments. Chapter 9: All Things Natural: Alternative Treatments. Chapter 10: Creating a Comprehensive Treatment Plan. Part IV: Traveling the Road to Recovery. Chapter 11: Getting the Most Out of Your Treatment. Chapter 12: Setting the Supermom Cape Aside: Caring For Yourself. Chapter 13: Coping with Your Feelings. Chapter 14: Finding Somebod(ies) to Lean On. Chapter 15: Helping Your Partner Help You. Chapter 16: Helping the One You Love: A Chapter for Family, Friends, and Partners. Part V: Moving Beyond PPD. Chapter 17: Delight at the End of the Tunnel: Emerging with a New Sense of Self. Chapter 18: Deciding Whether to Have Another Baby. Part VI: The Part of Tens. Chapter 19: Ten Common Fantasies about Motherhood. Chapter 20: Ten Thoughts to Focus on Throughout the Day. Appendix: Resources. Index.
Shoshana S. Bennett, PhD, is a noted guest lecturer who has been featured on national television shows including ABC's 20/20. She is also host of the online talk show "Health Matters" at
Covers psychological, medical, and alternative treatments Identify PPD symptoms, get help, and get your life back Worried that you — or someone you love — are suffering from postpartum depression? This understanding, authoritative guide explains this sensitive disorder and how it differs from the "baby blues." You'll see how to find the right doctors, evaluate the various treatments — from medication to therapy to self-help groups — and create a comprehensive plan for recovery. Discover how to Get an accurate diagnosis Find the proper treatments Break the cycle of negative thoughts Speed up the recovery process Get support from family and friends Plan for another baby after PPD

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