Popular Culture

Popular Culture

A User's Guide
International Edition

von: Imre Szeman, Susie O'Brien

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Verlag: Wiley-Blackwell
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 10.07.2017
ISBN/EAN: 9781119140375
Sprache: englisch
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Popular Culture: A User’s Guide, International Edition ventures beyond the history of pop culture to give readers the vocabulary and tools to address and analyze the contemporary cultural landscape that surrounds them. Moves beyond the history of pop culture to give students the vocabulary and tools to analyze popular culture suitable for the study of popular culture across a range of disciplines, from literary theory and cultural studies to philosophy and sociology Covers a broad range of important topics including the underlying socioeconomic structures that affect media, the politics of pop culture, the role of consumers, subcultures and countercultures, and the construction of social reality Examines the ways in which individuals and societies act as consumers and agents of popular culture Numerous learning features including case studies, real-life examples, suggested activities, boxed features, a glossary, and an instructor’s manual
Preface: A User’s Guide to Popular Culture: A User’s Guide ix Acknowledgments xiii 1 Introducing Popular Culture 1 Approaching Popular Culture 1 Defining Popular Culture 2 Popular Culture Invades the Classroom 12 The Americanization of Popular Culture 14 The Decolonization of Culture 15 Culture and Economics—The Postindustrial Revolution 17 Why This? Why Now? Why Me? A Couple of Final Arguments for the Importance of Studying Popular Culture 18 Coffee as Popular Culture 19 And It All Boils Down To…What Is in a Cup of Coffee? 27 Suggestions for Further Reading 28 2 The History of Popular Culture 29 Taking It from the Streets 29 Making the Streets Safe for Commerce 30 Popular Recreation before 1830 31 Capitalism and the Industrial Revolution 32 Popular Recreation and Resistance 38 The Production of Commercial Mass Culture—the Birth of the Culture Industry 43 Continuities and Changes 49 Suggestions for Further Reading 55 3 Representation and the Construction of Social Reality 57 Truth2Power 57 Constructing a Crisis—the Discourse of Violent Youth 58 Signification—the Production of Social Sense 59 Representing the Youth Crisis 63 Truth2Power: The Politics of Representation 75 Contexts of Representation 79 Representation in Contemporary Culture 86 Suggestions for Further Reading 89 4 The Production of Popular Culture 91 The Business of Culture 91 “Money Changes Everything”: The Pitfalls of Thinking about Production 93 The Culture Industry Thesis 96 Shifting Modes of Cultural Production 106 Cultural Production Today 112 Suggestions for Further Reading and Viewing 122 5 The Consuming Life 123 Back to “Normal” 123 A Brief History of Consumer Culture 126 Consumption as Distinction 135 Consumption, Desire, and Pleasure 140 The Politics of Consumption 142 Suggestions for Further Reading and Viewing 148 6 Identity and the Body 151 Identity—a Necessary Fiction? 151 The History of Identity—Some Different Theories 153 Hegemonic Masculinity, Postfeminism, and the Third-Wave 161 LGBTQ+ 168 Different Bodies, Different Selves? 172 Altered States 176 Suggestions for Further Reading 182 7 Identity, Community, Collectivity 183 Who Do You Want Me to Be? 183 “The People Who Are Ours” 187 Modern Identities: Nation, Empire, and Race 191 Nation and Empire 197 Postcolonial Identities 200 Postnational Identities: Melted, Frozen, Reconstituted 204 Community or Collectivity? 210 Suggestions for Further Reading 212 8 Subcultures and Countercultures 213 The Mainstream and Other Streams 213 Subcultures and Countercultures: What Is the Difference? 217 Popular Representations of Subcultures and Countercultures 221 The Politics of Subcultures 229 Suggestions for Further Reading 240 9 Space, Place, and Globalization 243 (Dis)Locations of Popular Culture 243 Private versus Public Space 246 Inside Out 255 The Big Picture: Globalization? 262 Is Globalization Real? 264 Globalization and Popular Culture 271 Globalization: What’s Next? 279 Suggestions for Further Reading 279 10 Popular Culture in the Twenty?]First Century 281 In with the New? 281 Many Popular Cultures? 283 New Technology and Its Discontents 287 Lost Generation? 301 What Is Next? 309 Suggestions for Further Reading and Viewing 310 Glossary 311 Works Cited 327 Index 345
Imre Szeman is Professor of Drama & Speech Communication, and English Language & Literture at the University of Waterloo, Canada.  He is the founder of the Canadian Association of Cultural Studies and a founding member of the US Cultural Studies Association. His main areas of research are in energy and environmental studies, social and political philosophy, and critical theory and cultural studies. He is the author or editor of more than 16 books, including Cultural Theory: An Anthology (Wiley Blackwell, 2010) and After Globalization (Wiley Blackwell, 2011). Susie O'Brien is Associate Professor in the Department of English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University, Canada. Her research and teaching focus on postcolonial and environmental cultural studies.  She has published on postcolonial literature, the slow and local food movements, scenario planning, and the temporality of globalization.  She is co-editor of Time, Globalization and Human Experience (forthcoming 2017) and is currently working on a monograph on the power and vulnerability of resilience stories.

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