Pay Attention!

Pay Attention!

How to Listen, Respond, and Profit from Customer Feedback
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von: Ann Thomas, Jill Applegate

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 15.04.2010
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Make customer feedback work for your business. Customers are speaking loud and clear through a miriad of mediums. Evidence shows that customers will no longer stand for the hurried and complacent service that has become the norm. They are looking for a positive, memorable experience. Organizations that provide that level of service will earn their loyalty. Customers base their decisions on nothing more than a positive or negative review of your product and/or service. Pay Attention! paves the way. Your company wins when you: Understand Customer Expectations Embrace and implement The RATER Factors Define who you are and what you offer Become E.T.D.B.W. (Easy To Do Business With) Connect with your audience in all mediums React appropriately and respond immediately to customer feedback Recover sincerely when things go wrong All you need is to Pay Attention!
Acknowledgments. Introduction. Chapter 1 Pay Attention to Today's Customers. The Power of Online Megaphones. A More Skeptical and Distrustful Customer. What Does This All Mean for Your Own Customer Service Strategy? Rising Global Service Expectations. The Customer Experience Grid. Speed as a Competitive Advantage. E-Mail Versus Phone: Which Is Speedier? More Educated Global Customers. Five Building Blocks of Service Quality. Reliability. Assurance. Tangibles. Empathy. Responsiveness. Chapter 2 Pay Attention to Your Marketing Message. Participating versus Observing. Fundamentals Are Still Key. Pay Attention to Who You Are. Pay Attention to Who Your Audience Is. The Power of Customer Stories. Pay Attention to Engaging Your Customers. Pay Attention to Walking Your Marketing Talk. Chapter 3 Pay Attention to Preparation. The Power of Vision and Purpose. Theory to Action: Creating Standards and Norms. Hiring Tactics: Select for Attitude, Train for Skill. Modeling Star Performers. Training and Coaching. Internal Social Networks: Cost-Effective Learning Tools. Pay Attention to What’s Rewarded and Measured. Chapter 4 Pay Attention to the Customer Experience. Make It Personal. Social Media Plays a Role at Comcast. Taking Problems Seriously. Be ETDBW: Easy to Do Business With. Being ETDBW Means Considering All Audiences. Payoffs of Being ETDBW. Responsiveness and Reliability: Keys to the Customer Experience. Chapter 5 Pay Attention to New Feedback Channels. Eleven Ways to Listen to Customers. Pay Attention to the Ways Customers Speak. Evaluating Feedback. Taking a Closer Look: Glossary of Terms. Business Analytics Are Vital. Managing the Moments of Truth. Ten Action Steps. Make Your Web Site ETDBW. Weighing the Pros and Cons. Chapter 6 Pay Attention to Your Reaction. Ignore at Your Peril. Tracking What They’re Saying. To Engage or Not to Engage? Creating Integrated Response Systems. Traditional Listening Posts. Three Types of Listening. Reacting to Product vs. Service Feedback. Chapter 7 Pay Attention to Your Response. All Eyes on You. Creating Digital Embassies. Dell Computer: Engaging via Social Media Is "Everyone's Job". Rules of Engagement. Responding to Customer Reviews. Responding to Negative Reviews. Responding to Positive Reviews. Responding in Public versus Private. Responding to Customer Suggestions and Ideas. Customers Helping Other Customers. Chapter 8 Pay Attention to Recovery. The Dollar Impact of Service Breakdown. An Implied Covenant. What Is Service Recovery? Five Axioms of Effective Service Recovery. Axiom 1: Customers Have Recovery Expectations. Axiom 2: Successful Recovery Is Psychological as Well as Physical: Fix the Person, Then the Problem. Axiom 3: Work in a Spirit of Partnership. Axiom 4: Customers React More Strongly to "Fairness" Failures Than to "Honest Mistakes". Axiom 5: Effective Recovery Is a Planned Process. Seeing Complaints as a Gift. Fix the Process to Reduce Recovery Needs. Service Recovery Process. Acknowledge That the Customer Has Been Inconvenienced and Apologize for It. Listen, Empathize, and Ask Open-Ended Questions. Offer a Fair Fix to the Problem. Offer Some Value-Added Atonement for the Inconvenience or Injury. Keep Your Promises. Follow-Up. Key Service Recovery Skills. Notes. About the Authors. Index.
Ann Thomas is coauthor of 101 Activities for Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service and the senior consultant and lead facilitator with Performance Research Associates (PRA) since 1999. Her work focuses on improving service quality, diversity awareness, generational differences, sales, performance management, and professional development. Ann brings nearly thirty years' experience in consulting and training to each of her clients, including Marriott ExecuStay, Accenture, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and many others. Ann is also a member of the faculty for the American Management Association and is a regular presenter for Progressive Business Conferences. Jill Applegate is project manager and client coordinator with Performance Research Associates. She served as right hand to the late Ron Zemke for nearly fifteen years and takes seriously the responsibility of wowing customers. Jill works closely with PRA clients to ensure that their efforts hit the mark. She is also a coauthor of 101 Activities for Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service.
Your customers are talking about you. Are you listening? Whether they use social networks, online tools, or a myriad of other media, your customers are reviewing you, rating you, and ranting about you to friends, peers, and perfect strangers. Disappoint your customers with poor service, and they won't take it quietly. Give them a great experience, and they will become powerful and loyal advocates, pointing others your way. Customer interaction today is a whole new ballgame; are you prepared to play and win? Pay Attention! enables you to successfully navigate today's customer feedback landscape and turn that feedback into your competitive edge. By outlining the complete Pay Attention system, this up-to-the-minute guide gives you a practical, step-by-step toolbox you can use immediately to achieve top-notch customer interactions. Get the keys to create winning customer experiences as you: Learn the demands of today's customer Connect with your audience by various online and social media Shape your marketing messages and clearly identify your customer Apply the RATER factors to your business (Reliability, Assurance, Tangibles, Empathy, and Responsiveness) Hire and train excellent customer-contact people Respond effectively to customer reviews and feedback Explore ways to "make it right" when something goes wrong The fundamental customer-business relationship is changing. The companies that understand and adapt to the new rules will beat the competition and gain market share. Pay Attention! offers a proven system you can use to revitalize the way you approach your customers and customer service while gaining major business insights in the process. The next level of customer interaction, acquisition, and retention awaits you; all you need is to Pay Attention!
Praise for Pay Attention! "Pay Attention! offers a comprehensive resource for businesses looking to utilize every aspect of customer feedback. A must-read!" -Patrick Leahy, Creative Director, International Marketing, Best Buy "As believers in the Knock Your Socks Off Service concepts, Pay Attention! adds a dimension we have just begun to tap into. It's a great read with ideas that can be applied at all levels of an organization. Thomas and Applegate have hit another home run!" -Kathy Cohn, Vice President, Business Process, NuCompass Mobility Services Inc. "Pay Attention! takes readers from start to finish in an easy-to-read, navigable format. This is a real hands-on tool for all types of businesses. Loads of tips, suggestions, and reminders enable organizations in all industries to get the most out of customer interaction and feedback." -Dan Jasper, Director of Public Relations, Mall of America "Pay Attention! moves customer service well into the twenty-first century. From marketing to recovery, it's a complete read." -Michael Della Penna, Participative Marketing Network and Conversa Marketing "As social media takes on an ever increasing role in customer service, it's important to listen, no matter what communications channel your customer uses. This new book is a terrific resource designed to enlighten organizations of the power and impact of the customer voice." -Frank Eliason, Senior Director, National Customer Service, Comcast

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