Passing the PRINCE2 Exams For Dummies

Passing the PRINCE2 Exams For Dummies

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von: Nick Graham

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Everything you need to prepare for—and pass—the exams Does the thought of sitting your PRINCE2 exams bring you out in a cold sweat? Fear not. Passing the PRINCE2 Exams For Dummies is your complete guide to preparing for—and passing—the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exams. It's packed with everything you need to learn from both syllabi, plus good advice on revision techniques. You'll also find example exam questions that enable you to practice, practice, practice. Chapters devoted to revising each of the PRINCE2 Processes (e.g. initiating a project) and Themes (e.g. change) Revision checklists for both Foundation and Practitioner exams tell you exactly what you need to learn in preparation for the exams Extra clarification and plain-English explanations of the more tricky concepts Spot tests to check your understanding as you go Sample Foundation and Practitioner exam questions for each Theme and Process Relax and shake off those exams flashbacks of yesteryear—with this guide, you've got it covered.
Introduction 1 Part I: Explaining the Exams 5 Chapter 1: Understanding the PRINCE2 Exams 7 Chapter 2: Revising and Preparing for the Exams 21 Chapter 3: Dealing with Disappointment 45 Part II: Revising the Processes 53 Chapter 4: Starting Up a Project 55 Chapter 5: Directing a Project 71 Chapter 6: Initiating a Project 87 Chapter 7: Controlling a Stage 101 Chapter 8: Managing Product Delivery 117 Chapter 9: Managing a Stage Boundary 133 Chapter 10: Closing a Project 147 Part III: Revising the Themes 161 Chapter 11: Business Case 163 Chapter 12: Organization 179 Chapter 13: Quality 195 Chapter 14: Plans 209 Chapter 15: Risk 227 Chapter 16: Change 243 Chapter 17: Progress 259 Part IV: Revising the Method as a Whole 271 Chapter 18: Revising the Management Products 273 Chapter 19: Knowing How PRINCE2 Fits Together 289 Part V: The Part of Tens 305 Chapter 20: Ten Things for Your Revision 307 Chapter 21: Ten Things to Remember Before Taking an Exam 311 Chapter 22: Ten Points To Be Clear About On Products 315 Index 323
Nick Graham is a director and founder of Inspirandum Ltd, delivering highly practical project management and PRINCE2 training to all types of organisations. He is also a member of the Association for Project Management and of the Institute of Directors. Nick's other books include PRINCE2 For Dummies and Project Management For Dummies.
Learn to: Get ready for the PRINCE2 Foundation AND Practitioner exams Revise each PRINCE2 Theme and Process and grasp the key concepts for each Practise and build confidence with example questions and spot-check mini tests Prepare fully with exam and revision strategies Helping you prepare for and pass the PRINCE2® exams! Chances are that whatever your background you feel a bit nervous about the PRINCE2 exams and in need of all the help you can get. Passing the PRINCE2 Exams For Dummies is based on many years of experience with the exams and gives you that help. Here you'll find good practical advice on revising, clear pointers on exam strategy and lots of questions in the exam formats that you can practise with. When the exams are approaching, the best way to maximise your chances of success is with thorough preparation and well-structured revision. Passing the PRINCE2 Exams For Dummies was written for you, and with exactly that in mind. Know what you're in for – get the lowdown on how the tests work, what the examiners are really looking for and the various question formats used Process your processes and nail down your themes – fine-tune your mastery of the PRINCE2 processes and themes with in-depth revision points Practise with questions – lots of specially written questions for both exams so you can cement your knowledge and practise your exam technique Keep calm and crack on – didn't pass on your first attempt? No problem. You can find out where you went wrong and what to do to guarantee success on your next go around Open the book and find: Revision tips and practice questions subject-by-subject Extensive cross-references to the official manual and PRINCE2 For Dummies Extra explanations of areas that are often misunderstood Syllabus-based checklists to help plan your revision Spot quizzes to check and fine-tune your understanding Specially written practice questions Practical exam strategy hints and tips

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