Mutual Fund Investing For Canadians For Dummies

Mutual Fund Investing For Canadians For Dummies

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von: Andrew Bell, Matthew Elder

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Verlag: For Dummies
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Veröffentl.: 02.09.2009
ISBN/EAN: 9780470157992
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Mutual funds offer investors a diverse portfolio in a single investment, which is critical in an uncertain economy. Although ideal for buyers who don’t want to tackle the stock market alone, mutual funds can still be intimidating, with a bewildering array of options. And now that foreign content regulations for RRSPs have been lifted, Canadians have even more choices. Mutual Fund Investing For Canadians For Dummies explains it all, from the basics -- what is a mutual fund? -- to the not-so-basic -- are index funds better than managed funds? Is my MER cutting into my ROI? With information on how mutual funds can be a vital and profitable component of everyone’s retirement plans and how they can help readers build their wealth inside their tax-free savings account, this friendly guide offers the principles Canadians need to know in order to be informed and successful mutual fund investors. “This book is easy and even fun to read. … Mutual Fund Investing For Canadians For Dummies is worth the investment if you are looking to build a fund portfolio that suits your needs and will give you healthy, long-term returns.” Jeff Dupuis,
Andrew Bell is a host on the Business News Network. Previously, he worked as an investment reporter and editor with The Globe and Mail, where he compiled "Stars & Dogs," a humorous roundup of hot and damp stocks. Matthew Elder was vice-president, content and editorial, of Morningstar Canada, and is now a writer and communications consultant.
Learn to: Understand your fund options, from equities to indexes to bonds Select funds with low expenses and high returns Build a fund portfolio that suits your personal investment style Protect your money through diversification Build your wealth through mutual funds with this fun and friendly guide! Mutual funds offer you the easiest way to diversify your investments, but the range of options can be bewildering. This jargon-free, friendly guide makes mutual fund investing simple — and profitable. Valuable recommendations on the best funds available and sample portfolios show you exactly how to accomplish your financial goals. Knowing how and where to buy — get the scoop on how to avoid costly commissions that eat into your returns Understanding your options — explore equity funds, bond funds, and specialty funds Investigating indexes — discover how index and exchange-traded funds can take the work out of investing Building a portfolio — determine your personal investment style and find out how to choose funds that will meet your financial goals Sorting the stars from the dogs — steer clear of investing hype and choose consistently profitable funds Diversifying your investments — build a portfolio that will stand up to even the most volatile market Keeping track of your investments — understand how to evaluate your funds' performance Planning for retirement — learn how to select the most dependable funds for your RRSP so you can enjoy your golden years in style Open the book and find: The ABCs to picking a profitable fund How to decipher mutual fund prospectuses What return to expect from your funds What types of funds you should avoid The funds everyone should own Tax-efficient ways to invest Key questions to ask any prospective financial adviser Reliable online sources of mutual fund information

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