Movement Equations 4

Movement Equations 4

Equilibriums and Small Movements
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von: Michel Borel, Georges Venizelos

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An important instance of the application of unbuckled solid mechanics is that of its stability and small movements from this situation. The problem expressing goes through the linearization of the movement equations set up in the 3rd volume of this treaty, by their limited development. This book gives and develops the process which leads to the differential linear equations expressing this kind of movement and allowing the study of the equilibrium and the stability of an unbuckled solid.
Chapter 1 - Vector equations of free solid dynamics Chapter 2 - Oscillation equations of a solid Chapter 3 – Energy equations of equilibrium and of oscillations of a solid Chapter 4 – Study of a single oscillator Chapter 5 – Study of a stationary movement Chapter 6 - Complementary mathematics Chapter 7 – Example: Foucault’s pendulum Chapter 8 – Exercises wording

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